Black Tourmaline: The Ultimate Protection Stone for Empaths

November 12, 2019

Black tourmaline is a phenomenal protective stone.

Are you someone who is very nurturing, and cares deeply about the well-being of others? Perhaps you even give too much to friends, family, or even strangers. Maybe you have a job in a caregiving profession such as a nurse, an early childhood educator, an EMS worker etc.

An empath is someone who is very sensitive to the energies surrounding them and can even at times get mixed up with what energies and emotions are theirs, and which are other people’s around them. Black tourmaline is a phenomenal protective stone for anyone who needs assistance creating firm impenetrable boundaries between themselves and their environment.

Being an empath is a wonderful gift, but we know how it can sometimes feel like a nuisance. This is because unfortunately some people are emotional vampires, sucking the energy right out of you! They may not even have the intention to do so, but their tendency to make you feel like you are in need of some serious alone time after being around them will be a helpful cue. We may have to deal with emotional vampires on a daily basis if they include someone in our extended family or workplace. But there is absolutely no reason to worry or fear, all you have to do is enforce some solid boundaries and protect your energy. Nobody can take something from you that you are not giving them!

We highly recommend black tourmaline as it is the ultimate protection stone, creating a protective forcefield around you, your aura, or even your home or workspace if you keep it there.

In terms of its physical properties black tourmaline can be polished, with a noticeably smoother and shinier surface. In its raw form it often appears rougher with vertical striations. Black tourmaline benefits us in so many significant ways. Use a black tourmaline stone to help you:

- Protect your energy

- Align your chakras and keep them balanced

- Cleanse your aura

- Dissipate negative thoughts

- Eliminate lower vibrations

- Protect from psychic attack

- Protect yourself from EMF’s emitting from your computer, cell phone etc.

- Ease anxiety

- Dissolve fears and phobias

- Protect yourself from energy vampires

- Stimulate your root chakra

- Build your sense of security

- Exchange chaos for calm

- Neutralize your space

How to Use Black Tourmaline

Because black tourmaline works so diligently absorbing and transmuting unwanted energies, it is so important that we take proper care of our black tourmaline stones and cleanse them often. Cleansing black tourmaline will ensure that it stays clean and able to do its highest quality protective work. You may cleanse your black tourmaline stone by smudging with sage, or other purifying herbs such as cedar, pine, or sweetgrass. Another way to cleanse is by placing black tourmaline in a bowl of salt, or directly on the earth’s surface, usually overnight or a least for a couple of hours. This will not only dispel any unwanted energies but will also recharge your stone.

Where to Place Black Tourmaline in the House

If you are a looking to protect your space, or simply to neutralize the energy, black tourmaline is an outstanding stone to use. We recommend placing black tourmaline anywhere where the energy feels heavy, negative, or stifled. For example, if you are not sleeping well in your bedroom or feel uneasy, place a chunk of black tourmaline in your room. If you are looking to protect your whole home, we recommend placing black tourmaline near windows and doors to prevent the entry of any undesirable energies.

Whether you are an empath in need of some serious TLC and grounding, or just someone who wants to protect your home, or yourself, the black tourmaline meaning is undeniable: it is a must have protection stone!


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