Full Moon Ritual for Transformation

November 13, 2016

We have a Full Moon "Super, Blood Full Moon" Eclipse Jan. 30 in the fire sign of Leo. This intense Full Moon brings opportunities to release old patterns and as with all eclipses will bring endings to put us on our souls path. Embrace this new energy, let go of resistance, and ground yourself with our Full Moon ritual below.

Working with the cycles of the moon is an extremely powerful way to co-create your Highest Vision for your Life. Our ancestors knew the power of living in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature. New moons are a time for setting intentions and goals, a time for new beginnings. The moon is the most powerful at its fullest, and the full moon signifies a culmination, bringing illumination to the cycle that started at the New Moon.

“As above, so below.” The full moon’s energy can be harnessed into propelling our intentions forward by releasing, purging, and letting go of what no longer serves us. The best way to work with this transformational energy is with a full moon ritual.

Many of us notice an intense energy around the time of the full moon. People are tense, weird, and often seem like they’re going crazy. During the last full moon I was at the bank and a man came in yelling and screaming at the cashiers. In my nursing career, I have experienced odd behavior around the full moon for years.

What I have learned is that this chaotic energy needs to be grounded and we need to release that which we no longer need in our lives. We need a way to get this amplified energy out of us. When you learn to work with the energy through ritual, not only will you feel more balanced, you’ll also see rapid growth and expansion in your life!

Here is my full moon ritual:

1) Create a sacred space. Light candles, burn incense, and play relaxing music.

2) Ground yourself to the earth by feeling or visualizing energy leaving your root chakra (at the base of your spine) and connecting to the earth, then bring the energy back up and through your crown chakra (at the top of your head) and connect to your Higher Self.

3) Ask your Higher Self for guidance. Call in any helping spirits that you work with.

4) Bring out your favorite gemstones, crystals, oracle cards, and any other tools you use.

5) Smudge yourself and the space with sage. For info on how to smudge, read (here).

6) If you work with divination cards, you can ask questions about what your next steps are or whatever you feel called to ask.

7) Take out your journal and write about anything that you want to release that no longer serves you. This can be on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels. For example: “I release all my fear.” You can burn this list by having a fire ceremony, burying it in the ground, tearing it up, speaking it out loud, or whatever calls to you.

8) You can also write out any intentions you have.

9) Give thanks.

All this being said, do what feels right for you. There was a time during a full moon in Cancer (which is a water sign) when I felt the urge to do my releasing in a freezing cold river. I sat on the rocks at the edge of the river, called to the spirits of the land, the four directions, the four elements, and did my ceremony. Then, I cleansed myself by jumping in the water. There are also times when I feel like doing a walk in nature or having a salt bath.

There is no right or wrong way to do ritual, in my opinion; it is the intention that is important. Do what feels right for you.

Don’t forget to put your crystals and gemstones out under the full moon light to charge and cleanse them. I also recommend wearing black tourmaline jewelry for protection during the full moon. It will protect you from all negative energies and help to keep you grounded. Check out our black tourmaline jewelry (here) and save 20% on our entire shop with the code: FULLMOON20

I would love to hear what kinds of full moon rituals you have.


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December 04, 2017

I’ve been reading about all the mischievous energy around this full moon and being a very sensative Gemini, I’ve been feeling all crazy. Mercury retrograde and a Super Full moon in Gemini… yikes! I was looking to find a way to get myself centered and grounded again. Many thanks for the wonderful post :) Namaste♡♡♡


July 08, 2017

OH MY GOODNESS! Totally have been looking for tourmaline jewelry high and low! I was completely guided to your great blog by some spirit helpers who send forward their compliments. :) Thanks for creating such a great space for knowledge and good vibes!

Peace, Love, and New Moon Possibilities!

Eithe Danu


June 10, 2017

I Love the ritual you did for cancer. If I lived near water That what I would do. Although I have a fear of water. I love the female energy of the water spirit, the spirit of the rocks, trees, and moon. So very calming to me to just sit near the water and absorb her energy, listening to the movement of the water


May 29, 2017

Thank u..so much


March 12, 2017

I’m new to all this but it feels right and need some guidance.

laurel keating
laurel keating

January 12, 2017


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