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Manifesting with These 4 Crystals

December 11, 2019

Working with crystals is a sure-fire way to transform your energy and improve your life for the better. If you are looking to achieve a specific goal or have a new year’s resolution that you are burning to see through until the end, there are specific gemstones that can help you achieve your goals.


Manifesting is all about aligning your personal energy and frequency with what you desire. Like attracts like. Which is why it is crucial to clear your chakras and aura of dirty energy, and keep your vibration high. You can do this with the help of crystals because their healing works on an energetic level. When you use crystals to stay balanced you become a conduit for positive high frequency energy to flow easily into your life. 

Sometimes we have emotions or behaviours that we can’t seem to understand. We know that certain situations are bad for us but we don’t know how to change for the better. Often times this is due to past energy blockages that are not yet healed. When we bring crystals into our lives and actively work with them, they can help us release these old energy blockages, and align us with the energies we are truly desiring in our life, such as wealth, health, and joy.

In short, manifesting is transforming your energy to match your goals.



Amethyst is a high frequency crystal that is associated with the crown and third-eye chakras. Amethyst can help us to release fear, see things clearly, and connect us to our divine life purpose. When we are connected to the divine, we are readily able to let what is right for us flow into our lives, and what isn’t flow out. Amethyst is a gemstone that helps people walk in the direction that is best for them.

Amethyst Benefits:

  • Promotes expanded consciousness
  • Helps you to align with higher energies
  • Boosts intuition
  • Releases addictions and self-sabotage
  • Aligns you with the best version of yourself


Pyrite is one of the absolute top stones for manifesting. Not only does it welcome financial wealth in particular, but it goes beyond that to help you create what you need and desire. Pyrite is associated primarily with the solar plexus chakra which regulates our willpower. It is an action stone that pushes you to balance what you want with what you actually need to do to get there. 

Pyrite Benefits:

  • Encourages an earning and wealth mindset
  • Connects to solar energies which promote action
  • Builds confidence
  • Boosts motivation and ambition
  • Brings good fortune and good luck

 Angel Aura Quartz

Quartz is a master crystal for amplifying intentions, in combination with the aura coating of platinum and titanium, it is an extremely high vibrational crystal to use for manifesting. Angel Aura Quartz purifies your chakras which allows you to release old stagnant energies that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Angel Aura Quartz Benefits:

  • Connects you to your guardian angels and spirit guides
  • Integrates the light body into the physical realm
  • Provides access to higher dimensional realms and frequencies
  • Helps you to integrate lessons from past incarnations
  • Clears and purifies the aura and all chakras



Citrine is a stone of abundance and prosperity that will help you channel your energy towards what you are trying to manifest. Citrine is associated primarily with the solar plexus chakra which regulates self-esteem and motivation. Citrine is a master manifesting stone, encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Citrine Benefits:

  • Boosts wealth and prosperity
  • Amplifies intentions for manifesting
  • Reduces sensitivity to criticism
  • Heightens personal will power
  • Bolsters confidence


First figure out what it is that you desire, what’s your goal? Once you’ve established your goal, you must believe with ALL of your might that your dream will come true. Next, you want to align your E N E R G Y with what you desire, this is where crystals come in to support you. Program your crystals with your specific intention. Lastly, take action and steps in reality towards your wish. This combination is potent. But seriously, don’t skip the energy part for the most powerful results!

We always have you in mind when creating our beautiful crystal jewelry. Which is why we have created two bracelets specifically to help you manifest your goals and new year’s resolutions this year.

Each crystal in our Manifesting Bracelet Stack was carefully selected to help you amplify your intentions and manifest your goals. With a combination of Amethyst, Angel Aura Quartz, and Pyrite this piece is sure to attract what you wish for and turn your dreams into reality. Purchase the stack to further amplify your vibration, or buy your favourite bracelet individually.


Wear our Money and Abundance Bracelet stack to let the universe know that you are open to receiving wealth, and watch the opportunities for financial growth and expansion flood in. This combination of Pyrite, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, and Shungite will both align your energies with success and ground your wishes so that they manifest in your present reality.


Wearing crystal jewelry is the easiest way to reap crystal healing benefits because jewelry is kept directly on your body all day. Use any of these crystals for abundance and manifesting, or wear a combination of them to facilitate constant energy healing that will align you with your goals.