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What are starseeds and are you one? | Four signs that indicate you are a starseed

November 09, 2021

Have you ever felt out of this world and that you don’t belong here? 

Maybe you are a starseed. 

A what? 

I know what you may be thinking (or maybe I don't). 

That sounds weird. 

But If you are reading this, it's clear that you may be at least a little weird. 

If you are curious about what a starseed is and how to tell you are one, keep reading this article to find out. 

Are you ready? 

Let's jump right in!  

What is a starseed?

A starseed is a soul that incarnates on earth but is from a different star system. 

Yes, reincarnation can also take place between planets and galaxies. 

And because everything past, present and future is all happening simultaneously, many of the starseeds here on Earth at this time have come from the future. Coming from the future really just means, coming from a higher frequency.  

As a result, they may feel lonely, confused or like earth is not their home. However, this is a part of their journey and they will eventually realize their mission. 

Starseeds have an important mission here on earth. Their purpose is to help to raise the frequency of the planet, to guide humanity in their ascension process and to restore sovereignty and freedom to the people. 

We came here to help humanity to reclaim their Angelic Human heritage which is a 12-24 DNA strand diamond sun body. We are here to restore the Christ Consciousness which is really our inner embodiment of the true Christ back to this planet — many starseeds are remembering their sacred purpose during this time.  

The concept of starseeds comes from those who are remembering previous lives in other star systems and those who can connect with their multi-dimensional nature.  

Types of starseeds 

There are many different types of starseeds and most starseeds come from many different star systems but typically have spent the most of their lives in one or two. Here are some of the star systems you might be from: 

Sirian starseeds 

Sirian starseeds are those that come from Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. 

People attribute some characteristics to Sirian starseeds. For instance: 

Sirian starseeds are very connected to nature. They love Mother Nature, plants and animals.  

Sirian starseeds embody the divine masculine energy: They are doers, innovators, very creative people. 

This type of starseeds have a great imagination and they are very optimistic. 

Pleiadian starseeds 

This is one of the most popular types of starseeds. Pleiadian starseeds are those that come from the Pleiades.  

The Pleiades are a star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters by astronomers. 

According to spiritual researchers, pleiadian starseeds are very family-oriented and loving. They are connected with divine feminine energy. They are healers and very compassionate. For that reason, they spread love very easily. 

Arcturian starseeds 

Originally from Arcturus, this type of starseed is very special. Their race is highly advanced.  

Arcturus is the fourth-brightest star in the night sky and the brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere. 

Arcturian starseeds have a very strong personality. They are natural leaders and they are very connected to the divine masculine energy. That makes them doers rather than feelers. 

They're brilliant at practical chores, but they also have incredible psychic and spiritual abilities. They have the ability to bring harmony and balance to any circumstance. 

Allowing Arcturians to get closer to other individuals and build long-term relationships is one of the most difficult challenges they confront. They may unintentionally push away members of their soul family. 

Andromedan starseeds 

The Andromeda Galaxy is the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way. It has around one trillion stars. 

Andromedan souls seek peace and freedom above all. They are very smart, compassionate, and kind starseeds who vibrate at a very high frequency. 

Andromedans take the longest to acclimatize to Earth of all the starseed varieties. Andromedans find it difficult to match Earth's heavy and dense frequency. That’s because, according to certain beliefs, they naturally live in forms up to the 12th dimension. 

They are the less common starseeds here on earth. Some say that there are only around 800,000 andromedan starseeds incarnated here on earth. 

How do I know If I am a starseed? 

Typically you will have the inner knowing and as your consciousness raises you could start to remember. Also, because the eyes are the gateway to your Soul, often a starseed can be recognized by sparkly eyes and most starseeds have an unconventional way too them. The only way is to connect with your multi-dimensional reality or akashic records and ask your Highest Self to give you information about your simultaneous (past) lives. 

But, yes! There seem to be some indicators. 

Channelers and researchers say that there are different traits that all starseeds have.  

Check the next list to see If you can be a starseed. 

You always felt like you don’t belong 

Have you ever felt like earth is not your home? Maybe when you were little you found it very hard to connect with others. And even now as an adult, you feel like you don’t fit. 

This is one of the main traits that people attribute to starseeds. 

That’s because starseeds come from different traditions, customs, philosophies, and even dimensions. The dynamics of planet earth may confuse them. 

You are very attracted to spirituality 

The purpose of starseeds is to help others in their ascension process. Of course, that would make them very connected to mysticism and spirituality. 

Starseeds come from different star systems with very advanced societies. In their previous cultures, people have a strong connection to their higher selves and they live in peace and harmony. 

Spirituality can come in different forms. Maybe you are very attracted to crystal healing, shamanism, or magic. Whatever it is, make the most of it so it can help you in your soul path. 

You always felt a strong attraction to the outer space 

Maybe as a child you were obsessed with outer space or aliens. Maybe you see the stars every day and hope that there is someone out there. 

Starseeds have a special connection to the stars because they know, deep inside, that that’s where they belong. 

You have psychic abilities and healing gifts 

Of course, their long path as souls make starseeds more connected with their spiritual faculties. 

We all have psychic abilities, but they are more or less dormant depending on the person. 

Starseeds, for that reason, may have been born with psychic abilities.  

Maybe you are very clairvoyant or intuitive. Perhaps you can remember your past lives, or you have telepathy. 

Many starseeds are gridworkers and energy healers. Starseeds are here with unique codes and abilities to channel different star languages, also known as light language. The codes that starseeds carry assist to expand consciousness.  

Whatever it is, it is an indicator that you had a long journey as a spiritual seeker. It can also mean that you are a starseed. 

Do I need to be a starseed? 

Channelers, seers and researchers tell us some signs that distinguish a starseed, but the only way to know is to do our own research and access your own gifts and remembering.  

Starseeds come to this planet with a lot of trauma from the loss of memory who they truly are and if they don’t heal the trauma they may not have an idea who they are. 

We can intend to remember by healing shadow aspects and trauma and through devotion to truth, prayer and meditation.  

Don’t obsess over the idea of being a starseed, since that would not make you better than anyone else.  

There are even starseeds that use their powers for evil purposes. 

So, it does matter if you are a starseed. If you are very connected to your spirituality, know that you are a very special soul. Maybe you have thousands of years here on earth helping to guide humanity in their ascension process. 

Deep inside, you have pure light. What matters the most is what you do with that light. 

So,  work every day to get closer to that light, and to share your love with those around you. 

The most meaningful thing about the concept of starseeds, is that it allows us to question our beliefs and preconceptions about the universe, reincarnation, and our own origins. 

Crystals for Starseed Activation

If you intuitively feel that you are a Starseed, there are crystals that can awaken your stellar memories and gifts–helping you execute your mission on earth.

1. Andara

Genuine Andara crystals are Master Crystals with powerful healing properties.

They increase your vibration and awareness of universal truths.

True and genuine Andaras have been around since the times of the crystal temples in Atlantis and Lemuria, and are thought to be the Highest Vibrational Crystals on the planet at this time.

Work with these magical Crystals to open up your psychic gifts, activate your DNA, and accelerate your process of spiritual development.

Each Andara vibrates at it’s own frequency, offering you something unique but always magical and transformative.

Check out our Andara collection here!

2. Azurite

Azurite is an intuitive development stone that urges the soul towards enlightenment. It works with the third eye to attune you to spiritual guidance and raises your consciousness to higher levels. Work with it for greater control over your spiritual unfoldment. 

Azurite is also a powerful healing stone that facilitates a deep understanding of how the mind and emotions effect the body. It releases blocks and helps you to let go programmed beliefs that no longer serve your reality. 

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3. Lemurian Seed Quartz

Lemurian Seed Quartz reminds us of our evolution and helps us to facilitate the same for others.

Lemurians hold the blessing of unconditional love for the earth as we enter into a profound vibrational shift, and this stone is infused with those blessings. It offers us the power to access inner and multidimensional states of being, thereby teaching us of our multidimensional existence.

It reminds us that healing is the remembrance of self as non-separate and helps us to move beyond time into All That Is. It helps us to connect with the angelic realms, for calling forth ancient wisdom into the present.

Work with Lemurian Seed Quartz to clear and balance the chakras, for removing karmic debris and to activate the higher resonances of each chakra for integration with your light body. Work with it to facilitate deep communication between physical and subtle levels of being and to ground vibrational shifts into the physical plane.

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself During Ascension Times

August 06, 2020


Three Questions to Ask Yourself During Ascension Times

We are living in ascension times, amidst a global awakening, and we are evolving.

We are evolving as a human collective, by way of evolving as individuated aspects of that collective.

We are shifting out of denser frequencies into light bodies, in a natural process that is beyond our control.

All we need to do is clear the path for the light to come in. Something these three questions are designed to help you do.


Question #1: Where am I on my ascension journey?

Whether you’ve been actively participating in it or not, you’ve been ascending as you move through life and the experiences herein.

That’s because you were designed to ascend.

As a light being, your purpose is to move closer towards the truest expression of your highest self - to unify as one with your higher purpose. This is the process of ascension.

As you move through life, experiences emerge as stepping stones on your path towards authenticity and enlightenment.

These experiences serve as lessons from which you may learn more about yourself, your current state of being and the next step.

How you embrace these lessons - with openness or resistance - is a sign of where you are on your ascension journey.

Ask yourself;

  • Am I open to the lessons offered up in the experiences I find myself facing?
  • Am I resistant to experiences that don’t bring me instant gratification? And if so, is this enabling me from receiving the lessons intended for me through these experiences?


Question #2: What belief systems got me here?

When you embrace life’s lessons with openness, you move more freely towards alignment with your greatest self. When you embrace them with resistance, you move in opposition to that which will be.

In both instances, you continue to move forward and onwards. In the former, you do so with ease and in the latter you do so in struggle.

The ride is always moving in the same direction, your free will merely determine how you experience the bumps in the road.

Your free will is directly impacted by your beliefs, and those beliefs are directly impacting your perceptions - and therefore your actions.

Essentially, you move in unison with what you believe to be truth, making choices and honouring perceptions that align with those beliefs.

In this way, your beliefs fuel your ability to either open up to or resist life’s lessons. This is why questioning your beliefs is important.

Ask yourself;

  • What do I believe to be true, that impedes my ability to open up to all of life’s experiences, with the same enthusiasm?
  • How would shifting those beliefs better serve me?
  • What do I believe to be true, that encourages my ability to open up to all of life’s experiences, with the same enthusiasm?
  • What do I believe to be true about life?
  • What do I believe to be true about my life?
  • What do I believe to be true about healing?
  • What do I believe to be true about suffering?
  • What do I believe to be true about joy?
  • What do I believe to be true about my capabilities?
  • What do I believe to be true about the world?
  • What do I believe to be true about humanity?


Question #3: What belief systems did I release to get to where I am?

If you find that some of your beliefs are the cause of a journey embarked in struggle, and you decide to amplify joy in your life, you may choose to shift or release those beliefs.

Most of our belief systems are hand-me-downs from our parents, teachers, schoolmates and the media (including music, movies, the news and so much more).

Like sponges, we absorbed beliefs from all around us as we moved from infancy to adulthood.

Along the way, we released some belief systems to make way for others. Whether it was releasing our parents beliefs to make way for those of our peers, or releasing the beliefs of our peers to make room for those of our partners, and so on, we’ve been swapping out beliefs for beliefs our entire life.

When you consider it, you’ve probably released and accumulated many beliefs over the course of your life - some that serve your flourishing and others that impede it.

The beliefs that you are able to release over the course of your life serve as a testament to your self-sovereignty. The process of being able to release beliefs is a reminder that you have dominion over them.

This process also serves as a reminder of what you are capable of. If you were able to release beliefs in the past, then surely you’re able to do so again should you need to.

And if you can release beliefs at will, then you can adopt them in this same manner as well.

Ask yourself;

  • What beliefs have I released to get to where I am on my ascension journey?
  • Why did I release that/those belief(s)?
  • How did I release that/those belief(s)?
  • How has the release of that/those belief(s) served me on my ascension journey?
  • What belief(s) took root where that/those belief(s) once resided?
  • Which of those two belief systems align better with my ascension goals?
  • Which of the two enable joy on my ascension journey?
  • Which of the two encourage suffering on my ascension journey?

In some instances, you may even find that you’ve buried a belief that serves your process well, and in its place you’ve adopted one that does not.

It’s never too late to change your mind!



Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, releasing/integrating beliefs is always an act of will - a choice.

Buried within the depths of your sub-conscious, there is a knowing that exists beyond belief.

This knowing is what pulls you forward on your ascension journey. It’s the divine part of you that knows there is no other destination.

Within the conscious mind, though, we adopt beliefs that have the power to either accelerate our process and infuse it with joy, or decelerate our progress and encourage suffering.

When we can authentically identify where we are on our ascension journey, alongside the beliefs that we released/integrated to get here, we gain sovereignty over those beliefs and our life journey.

In this way, we shift the ways in which we experience life, and eventually the life itself.


CRYSTAL PERSCRIPTION: Clearing away the old, in order to make room for the new, is a powerful practice that Selenite can support you with.

Selenite is a powerful stone with a tender nature, serving as a reminder of just how delicate strength can be.

A crown and upper chakra stone with a fine vibration, this magical crystal instills deep peace within and all around us with its clearing properties.

From this place of bliss and enhanced clarity, we are granted access to enhanced telepathy, angelic consciousness, higher guidance and our light body.

Selenite carries within it the imprint of all that’s happened in the world, and is designed to bring to surface all that needs resolving in it. In this doing, it encourages us to make use of the divine guidance it links us with, in service of others.

You can work with Selenite to clear your home, body and other crystals. We keep a large piece alongside our Quartz Crystal Singing bowl, working with both to cleanse our space and every item that leaves our shop!

You can also work with it to tap into higher levels of consciousness - ie. meditate with a piece of Selenite resting on the top of your head or keep it nearby when assessing problems and solutions - and also for assessing old problems with newfound wisdom and inspiration. 

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