Crystals for Grounding & Why Grounding is One of the Most Important Spiritual Practices

February 06, 2020

If you are having trouble focusing, completing tasks, or staying in the present moment, it may be time to get grounded.


What is Grounding?

Grounding is mainly about two things, bringing your awareness to your body and physical reality, and connecting with the earth and nature. When you are grounded you are fully present in your body, and in the current moment. When we spend a lot of time engaged with technology or performing activities that use a lot of brain power – OR if we often engage the higher chakras in spiritual practices, than we can get too in our heads. Or in other words, used to being in a reality away from the physical. Once you are done working on the computer, or journeying to connect with spirit, you may find yourself a little spaced out. Grounding is the process of restoring equilibrium by connecting with your current physical environment, and the earth.

Who needs grounding?

EVERYONE can benefit from grounding! But especially if you are someone who is sensitive to energy, you may require it even more so. If you work in a profession where you are directly involved with a lot of other people, if you spend many hours on the computer, or if you do any type of energy work, implementing grounding routines into your everyday life could really improve your wellbeing for the better. 

How to tell if YOU are in need of grounding

If you encounter a combination of at least three or more of the following experiences, you may really benefit from grounding.

  • Over thinking
  • Not being present (always thinking about the future or past)
  • Being in constant communication with SPIRIT
  • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or having headaches
  • Not relating to other people, or feeling a separation between you and humanity
  • Feeling more tapped into the collective consciousness than into your own personal identity and life experience
  • Feeling confused, overwhelmed, or unsure why you are having negative emotions
  • Spending a significant portion of your day engaged with technology (cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.)
  • Unable to carry on a normal conversation or losing track of what you are saying
  • Feeling overstimulated
  • Feeling spaced out or having trouble focusing
  • Experiencing inflammation, poor sleep, chronic pain, anxiety, or fatigue


Why is Grounding One of the Most Important Spiritual Practices?

It is easy to understand why being on your computer or cell phone for most of the day can cause you to become ungrounded. You are paying attention to the virtual world, not the physical world. Plus, we now know that harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) radiate from 5G wireless technologies, which have adverse effects on us. But why is grounding important for people who engage in spiritual practices?

 Anytime we are doing spiritual work we are raising energy. When we are grounding, we are sending that energy back down into the earth. When we raise energy, we open ourselves up to the multidimensional realities of SPIRIT. If you do not ground afterwards, or frequently enough, then you may find yourself staying open and connected to these realms all of the time. Sounds fun right? But it isn’t very practical or wise for living life here on earth. Although there is much beauty and wisdom to be channeled to us from SPIRIT, in order for us to actualize this information we must ground and re-center.

 If you are on the spiritual path you likely enjoy and even love connecting with SPIRIT. Why wouldn’t you? It allows you to feel all the oneness and connectedness in the world, providing you with solutions to many problems in your life. But here’s the thing, think of connecting with SPIRIT and receiving guidance as step one of several steps to really making the most of your spiritual journey. Step two is about grounding and returning to this earthly reality. Step three is about processing and understanding that guidance, learning how to integrate it into your framework and life. If you do not preform step two, then yes, you will continue to receive many downloads and channel from other realms, however you will find it very difficult to actually integrate any of this into your own life, or to be of service to others with all of the knowledge and wisdom you have obtained. We are still existing in human bodies and our physical brains and bodies need time to process and make sense of new discoveries and truths.

How to Ground Yourself

There are many ways to get grounded, generally the rule of thumb is that if it brings you into the present moment, or gets you out of your thinking mind, and into your body it is a grounding activity. More specifically there is something called earthing, which is when you make direct contact with the surface of the earth so as to obtain a charge of energy that quickly alleviates any negative symptoms you may be experiencing.


Here are some ways that you can practice grounding:

  • Walking barefoot on the earth
  • Swimming in natural waters
  • Gardening or spending time in nature
  • Eating nutritious hearty meals, or foods that grow in the earth i.e., beets
  • Exercising, dancing, yoga, biking, movement of any kind
  • Listing things you presently take in from your environment with your physical senses i.e., I see a red truck, I smell pine trees, I feel my wool socks on my feet
  • Placing your hands (which are extensions of your heart chakra) onto a tree
  • Meditations and visualizations for sending your energy into the earth
  • Wearing or working with grounding crystals


Crystals for Grounding


Shungite is a miraculous and rare stone that has innumerable benefits. It is a matte black to semi-metallic mineraloid that contains high amounts of carbon, and intense healing properties. This super stone is two billion years old and takes millions of years to form, possibly even billions, meaning that it began forming way before people populated planet earth. Talk about being grounded and connected to earth! Shungite contains a powerful antioxidant called fullerenes. Fullerenes is also known as one of the antioxidants with the longest lasting healthy effects for humans. Use Shungite pieces to help mitigate the harmful EMF’s that radiate from technology, or to charge your water with balance restoring antioxidants.

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 Black tourmaline can be polished, with a noticeably smoother and shinier surface, or in its raw form appears rougher with vertical striations. It is known as the empath’s stone for its ability to protect one’s energy. Black Tourmaline releases fear bringing you into the present moment. It protects from energy vampires, EMF’s, and connects you to your root chakra helping you to feel safe in this reality, and to build secure foundations.

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Hematite is the most powerful grounding stone. Made up of around 70% iron, what could pull you down to earth quicker than the weight of iron? Like an anchor, Hematite brings you back into your physical reality, quieting the internal chatter of the mind, and helping you to be in your body.

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Obsidian is volcanic glass that forms when lava cools. Obsidian grounds negativity and excess energy, removing it from your auric field. It is an earth connection stone that aids you in focusing and re-centering. It will ground you and protecting your energy.

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Smokey Quartz is a darker coloured quartz crystal and can be anywhere from light grey to black in colour. It is highly grounding as it pulls unwanted, excessive, and negative energies out of you sending them down into the earth to be transmuted.

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When choosing a crystal to help you with grounding it can be beneficial to hold one stone in your hand at a time, and to notice which one interacts best with your personal energy field. People who are sensitive to changes in their body may feel a wave wash over them that slightly heightens their physically senses into this reality, helping them to feel more grounded. Try different grounding techniques and see what works best for you. You will know they worked.

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