8 Steps to Creating Your Own New Moon Ceremony

January 02, 2020

Doing a monthly New Moon Ceremony can help you manifest what you desire into your life and support you in creating a dedicated spiritual practice.

What is a New Moon?

The New Moon is a phase of the Lunar Cycle when the moon appears as a small crescent in the night sky. The Moon cycles through five main phases, and each phase produces its own particular energy. Each phase is an opportune time energetically to do specific ritual work with regards to manifesting and honoring your spirituality.

The Full Moon, which is when all of the moon is visible from earth, and the moon appears as one large circle.

 How to Honour:

The Full Moon is the optimal phase to celebrate all that you have accomplished, and to give thanks to the universe for all of the blessings you have received. It also has potent energy for any type of spiritual work. Dance, play, commune, and celebrate at this time. 

The Waning Moon, which is when the moon becomes less visible from earth each day that passes. It appears as if the moon is slowly shrinking day by day, and this moon can look like anything from a half moon to a quarter moon.

 How to Honour:

The Waning Moon is when we are focusing on releasing things out of our lives. This energy will help you to let go of what is no longer serving your highest good. Honour it by cutting energetic cords that are no longer in alignment, and releasing your past.

The Dark Moon, which is when the moon is not visible from earth at all, and the sky looks totally dark, save for the stars.

 How to Honour:

The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflection and divination. Honour it by becoming aware of the visions and signs that arise during meditation and in your dreams.

The New Moon, which is when the moon becomes visible once again from earth, and often appears as a slender crescent moon.

 How to Honour:

The New Moon is when the moon is reborn. During this phase we focus on renewal and the new energies that we wish to manifest into our lives. 

The Waxing Moon, which is when the moon appears to be growing in size day by day, and often appears as a quarter or half-moon from earth. It is on its way to becoming full again.

 How to Honour:

The Waxing Moon is when we continue to focus on, and take action towards what it is we are manifesting, or what is growing in our lives.

What is a New Moon Ceremony?

The New Moon energy is very powerful and it can be harnessed through ritual to manifest our intentions. Performing a ceremony is a beautiful way to connect symbolically to your Higher Self, and to set clear intentions of what you want to bring into your life. Part of co-creating your world is in connecting with the energy of the natural ebb and flow of our universe and utilizing this energy to bring forth what we desire. Some people do New Moon rituals for abundance, and others take a New Moon ritual bath.

How to do a New Moon Ceremony...


Bring in any tools or power objects that are meaningful to you and that will help you shift your awareness into a slightly altered state. You are preparing to communicate with the universe, so you want to make it special. Stimulate your senses: you can light incense and candles, bring your crystals and gemstones into your space, and make sure you have the privacy you need to concentrate. Call upon your helping spirits and guardian angels to protect you and be with you during the ceremony.

  • PS…Using crystals and gemstones are a way to supercharge your desires even further as they magnify your intentions when they are programmed. See how to program your crystals here


You can smudge yourself and your space by burning dried sage and wafting the smoke around yourself and the room, with the intention in mind to cleanse and purify. Open the window or door and let the smoke and any negative energy be released outside and back into the earth to be repurposed. 


Express gratitude to your helping spirits and guardian angels for always guiding, loving, and supporting you. Be thankful for your life and all of the blessings and miracles that happen to you every single day. Always begin any spiritual practice with gratitude and watch how your life improves. Say it from your heart.


Write down your intentions/ what you wish to manifest into your life on a piece of paper. You can write down ‘New Moon Intentions’ and then write out what you intend to happen. MAKE SURE to write down what you want in the present tense. So instead of saying I wish to make friends with people who have similar interests as me, instead write, I am meeting like-minded people on a daily basis. Setting clear, specific intentions tells the universe exactly what you want to be charged into motion. Try to focus on one or a few things each New Moon rather than listing everything you want all at once.


Once you are done writing out your intentions, begin to read them aloud or in your head one by one. As you do so visualize in your mind what your wish looks like. This is a mind, body, spirit match up, so make sure to focus and imagine your wish with all your senses. Feel it, see it, smell it, and touch it.


This is an extra step you can perform to enhance your ceremony. Use either an appropriate crystal or candle for what you desire. Each crystal has a specific energetic benefit, and each color candle is symbolic of what you wish. So either light a candle as you visualize your intentions and let it burn through on its own until it is completely done, OR program your crystal for your intention and wear it on you until the Full Moon as a reminder of your intention. 

Candle & Crystal Color Associations

Red – Root Chakra, Grounding, Stability, Strength, Action.

Crystals: Jasper, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian etc.


Orange – Sacral Chakra, Passion, Creativity, Courage, Vitality.

Crystals: Orange Calcite, Tangerine Quartz etc.


Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra, Willpower, Intelligence, Learning, Confidence.

Crystals: Pyrite, Citrine, Yellow Calcite etc.


Green – Heart Chakra, Love, Balance, Boundaries, Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth.

Crystals: Jade, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Kunzite etc.


Blue – Throat Chakra, Communication, Authenticity, Peace, Serenity.

Crystals: Aquamarine, Larimar, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate etc.


Indigo – Third Eye Chakra, Wisdom, Awareness, Intuition, Imagination.

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Tanzanite, Labradorite etc.


Purple – Crown Chakra, Spirituality, Divine Connection, Higher Consciousness

Crystals: Amethyst, Purple Agate, Cacoxenite, etc.


White – All Chakras, Protection & Spirituality. A white candle can be substituted for any other color candle.

Crystals: Selenite, Angel Aura Quartz, Moonstone.  


Once again it is time to express gratitude for all of the love, support, and guidance you have received from your helping spirits and the universe – and to thank them for helping you to manifest all that you desire.


Trust that the Universe has heard your prayers and that the energy you wish to align with is coming into your life. Be open to opportunities that come your way even if you don’t feel ready. No one GREAT ever waited until they were ready to do something, they jumped in and figured it out along the way.

Remember to make this ceremony your own, feel free to improvise and do what aligns and feels right for you. There is no right or wrong way to do a New Moon Shamanic Ceremony. Let us know in the comments how you do your New Moon Ceremony and what works for you.