To Cleanse, Clear and Honour

June 19, 2020

Over the past few months, our political, social and emotional climate has been unsettling, explosive and intense to say the least.

It may feel, in many respects, that society has been straying from a sense of normalcy and that is in fact true. From a spiritual understanding and astrological perspective, these seemingly chaotic and uncertain times are actually a grand awakening.

We are currently in the process of unveiling the many shadow aspects of our human psyche so that we may know and heal them, as we move into a more unified reality and what some are referring to as Unity Consciousness, the 5D and beyond - read more about what that ascended state of being feels like here.

June, like the many months that came before it, continues to beckon us into our power so that we may defend our rights as sovereign beings that make up a collective human race. We’re being invited, more than ever to take a stand for something greater that our personal gain and to speak our truth in the face of public and political shaming, on a journey of embodiment.

Now more than ever, we must be the change that we wish to see.

Knowing this can make all the difference in the world. Resistance is futile and will only cause more pain, grounding us in a timeline and reality that no longer serves our higher self or the greatest good for all.

Surrender to the wave of all that is taking place within and around you, and remain fixed on the vision. We are bearing witness to and participating in an evolutionary shift like no other.

The Full Moon Lunar eclipse that took place on June 5th opened a portal for release, ascension and alignment with the greater truth, asserting that the past is indeed behind us and that it’s time to write a new story, engage with new belief systems and seize a new collective reality.

Yesterday, Mercury stationed retrograde in Cancer, making space for the planning that’s required to step into our new timeline.

This particular Mercury retrograde is inviting us to stop and listen, and also to feel into our communications. By feeling into our words, we’re given the opportunity to align our hearts with our minds and keep only that which serves both.

On June 21st, we reach the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, and bear witness to yet another big agent of cosmic change.

Eclipses are pivot points that serve to motion us forward. They propel us into action and shift our direction as if by divine will.

The New Moon and the Sun, together in Cancer, point to a time where we become more in tune with the watery depths of our emotions and that which brings us a sense of belonging and inner peace.

Creativity is a focal point of this Solar Eclipse, urging us to actively express the rainbow of emotions inside of us, and to alchemize them. Now is a great opportunity to cleanse, clear and honour our physical, mental and emotional bodies through dance, writing, painting, drawing, making music and any other form of expression that calls forth.

The New Moon this Sunday amplifies these energies tenfold.

As June comes to a wind, Venus stations direct in Gemini and Mars moves into Aries, offering us a spark of momentum for creative projects and an energetic shift in atmosphere. Our energy levels will balance out and so too will our ability to socialize, communicate, connect and collaborate with others.


Contributed by Astrologer and Transformational Life Coach Lauren Mulhern! Book your Natal Chart reading with her here!


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