Depth and Reception through May's Astrological Forecast

May 06, 2020

Welcome to Taurus season! This month has the potential to be very influential, with dramatic transformations on the horizon.

May is an ideal month for diving deeply into our shadow, for the purpose of gaining clarity and discovering strength of purpose.

It’s also a time where we find our experiences infused with much softness, creativity and romantic energy, thereby inspiring greater heart awakening and intimacy in our connections.

But what stands out most about this May, are the four planets that enter retrograde by mid-month, the Lunar Nodes changing signs and the Full Moon in Scorpio!

May 2020, the Month of Retrogrades

When a planet retrogrades, it’s a grand optical illusion that reverberates a tremendous amount of energy.

The term retrograde is derived from a term called Retrogradus in Latin, literally meaning “backward step.”  Planets do not actually move backwards, but based on the differences in orbit between the Earth and other planets, they sometimes appear to be moving in that direction. 

In astrology, when a planet goes retrograde it’s symbolic of a period of slowing down.  This offers us a great opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate our ideals, values and goals, in relation to the planet retrograding. 

It can feel, though, like external progress is slowing down or coming to a halt.

When we take advantage of the reflections afforded us through retrogrades, we typically emerge from them with a  greater level of awareness, and a deeper connection to our values and intentions

Retrograde #1: Pluto Stationed Retrograde on April 25th  in Capricorn

Pluto began its retrograde in April and will remain in retrograde until October 4th, 2020.

With its incredibly concentrated force and intensity, Pluto’s retrograde will unearth what we’ve been ignoring. Taking greater accountability for our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and choices, and having the courage to do the shadow work required to move through old patterns that no longer serve us, is very important here.

Later on in the month, Jupiter will retrograde in Capricorn (read more about that below) as well, thereby influencing Pluto’s retrograde energies.

Jupiter’s role is to plant seeds for the future, while Pluto’s is to make certain that what’s planted is in alignment with your highest self and soul’s purpose.

This makes mid-may the ideal time to visualize in accordance with your highest self and the highest good in mind.  Anything motivated or driven by lower vibrations of the ego will meet a wall.

Retrograde #2: Saturn Stations Retrograde on May 10th in Aquarius

Saturn spends a good portion of the year in retrograde, thereby affecting us more on a subconscious level.

Saturn moved into Aquarius on March 21st, and will be retrograding back into the sign of Capricorn on May 10th, giving us one more opportunity to reflect on the themes and lessons we found ourselves facing around the end of March; isolation, self-preservation, a challenged sense of security and the introduction of physical distancing.

This retrograde comes to an end on December 17th, at which point Sagittarius will make its way forward into Aquarius, after spending two and half years in Capricorn.

Retrograde #3: Venus Stations Retrograde on May 13th  in Gemini

Venus retrogrades occur every year and a half. 

Its retrograde is an event that has lasting impacts on our values and interpersonal relationships, including our romantic lives.

Venus is retrograde until June 25th  and during this time makes two squares with Neptune, once on May 3rd and another time on May 20th. 

Venus squares Neptune again on July 27th when it is stationed direct.

The overarching themes that will be observed during these transits relate to our perception of love.

Neptune rules spirituality and mysticism.  Venus square Neptune inspires a more sacred and openhearted approach to other people.

We must be careful not to idealize and get lost in fantasy though.  Rose-colored glasses are beautiful but sweeping problems under the rug serves no-one. There is tremendous warmth, intimacy and artistic flair that’s born from the Venus in retrograde square Neptune transit, but we must pay close attention to any red flags that come up in our relationships.

Any relationships birthed during this time will require clear and conscious communication. Gemini is a chatty sign, and Venus in retrograde in Gemini tells us that listening is going to essential for getting on the same page with our romantic partners.

Retrograde #4: Jupiter Stations Retrograde on May 14th in Capricorn

Earlier, we touched base on how the Jupiter and Pluto retrogrades influence one another. Here’s a bit more about how Jupiters retrograde will affect us outside of its relation to Pluto.

Jupiter will have us reflecting a lot on our financial situation. It may even feel as though our ability to manifest abundance is on pause, but this is simply not the case.  Jupiter is turning us inwards to re-direct and align us with more inspired ways of making a living.

Circumstances and jobs that support us financially, but do nothing to nourish our soul, are beginning to be questioned by mass. Jupiter in retrograde is opening us up to a bigger picture of success and if we can learn to cultivate our intuition, we can receive great insights into where to go from here.

This is an ideal time to seed visions for the future, and for uncovering our soul purpose in relation to our careers.

People are already beginning their own businesses and using their personal gifts and the internet to make their living. We will see an even greater wave of new entrepreneurs emerging with confidence and passion. Acting and creating from a place of inspiration, integrity and love will yield the best results here.

Jupiter goes direct again on September 13th 2020.

North Node Moves into Gemini / South Node into Sagittarius

The Nodal Axis is not a planet but a mathematical point in the sky, exactly between the Sun and the Moon. It is indicative of individual and collective soul lessons.

The North Node represents where we are going and the qualities we are looking to develop, while the South Node is the foundation that we are building upon.

With the North Node moving into Gemini and South Node into Sagittarius, we will find ourselves participating in discussions around free speech and the right to express our own individual truths.

Accepting differing beliefs is a collective theme right now. Allowing people to have their own opinions while still feeling free to express ours, is a major theme here.  Any restrictions on these human rights will be challenged passionately.

All in the comfort of Taurus

The Serenity of the Sun in Taurus nurtures us during this potent and reflective month. 

Amidst the psychological, spiritual and tangible changes we’re experiencing, Taurus affords us the opportunity to cultivate inner peace with patience. Commit to a daily practice where you can quiet your mind without distraction, even if only for 10 minutes.

Make time for simple pleasures that heighten your senses, such as cooking, getting out into nature, dancing or whatever sparks your joy.

On May 21st , the Sun will enter Gemini, where we’ll feel even more inspired to start new projects and enter new collaborations. It is key though, to be very detail oriented during this time and to clearly express and listen to our potential partners before entering any agreements.  We may be prone to idealization at this time, and should be careful to only build on a foundation of trust and integrity.

This month, my advice is simple. Have the courage to awaken to all sides of yourself. Don’t shy away from what feels uncomfortable. Non-resistance is the key to getting into alignment. Flow with the changes and be honest with yourself. Communicate clearly with others and listen deeply to what people have to say. Honour their journey and admire your own. You are growing and it is beautiful.

Contributed by Astrologer and Intuitive Lauren Mulhern

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