SELENITE—Healing Benefits and Cleansing Properties

April 13, 2019

Selenite is a crystal on our top must-have list to have in the home, also known as liquid light, Selenite is a form of gypsum crystal. Selenite is a soft but very powerful mineral which is capable of removing stagnant energies, bringing good luck, cleansing toxic energy, protection from psychic attack and clearing the home and body of negative energies etc.

Although, Selenite contains no significant Selenium in it but the similarity of names is just because , both are derived from the word Selena referring to the Greek Goddess of the Moon, and Lithos which means stone.

Some of the benefits of Selenite are discussed here:

High Vibrational Stone: Selenite crystal carries a high vibration, which can quickly move spiritual growth forward. Selenite is the stone of the third eye chakra, the soul star chakra and the crown chakra. Selenite crystal opens the crown chakra, allowing you to access the transpersonal chakra right from the eighth chakra to the fourteenth chakra. Similarly when this stone is used at the heart chakra or the third eye, the movement of energy can be felt through the crown chakra.

Clears Energy Blockages: Selenite is very helpful in removing all sorts energy blockages in the body. For example, if any part of your body is sore or tight, then place a wand of selenite on that part for 20 minutes and feel the difference. Selenite is also efficient at purifying and clearing both the jewellery and the environment. The healing properties of selenite hold the energy of light and makes you feel good.

Purifies Toxic Energies: This crystal is vastly used for correcting the imbalances that occur due to negative or erratic emotions and negative energies in your energetic field. Hence is a powerful tool for removal of negative energies from one’s aura.

Cleanses gemstones: Selenite has ability to charge and recharge all the crystals which come in its contact.

How to work with Selenite: Use Selenite during mediation by holding it in your hand or placing it on your body. Place Selenite anywhere on the body that is experiencing pain, tightness or discomfort. Run a Selenite wand throughout your Aura and body to cleanse and remove any negative attachments. Place a Selenite lamp in your bedroom or living room to cleanse the space and create a high vibration. Use a Selenite log to charge and cleanse your gemstone jewelry and crystals by placing them on top over night.

On top of all the cleansing and protective benefits keeping Selenite crystals in your home create a gorgeous ambiance that will create a positive and sacred space for you. 

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