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Many people don't know much about garnet earrings, but they are a great way to make a fashion statement. If you want to find out more about these earrings, keep reading. Here's what you need to know.

Garnets have been around for a very long time and come from all over the world. In Europe they come from Norway, Brazil or East Africa. The more common garnets are almandine and pyrope. They are the more affordable. 

Garnets can be found in many different colors like yellow, pink, purple, green and red; but their most common color is a deep red that is almost black. Sri Lanka has the most common red and green garnets. Most of the other colors can be found in Africa, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Garnets are durable stones that come in different colors and sizes. They can last a long time when they are not worn too often. It's important not to wear them in water because they will lose their color quickly.

The most common shapes for garnets are round, oval and square. Pears are also very popular. Garnet earrings can come in different styles like studs, clips or dangles.

If you're looking for a fun way to make your outfit stand out, try wearing these earrings! 

Garnet Crystal: 

Quartz is the most common mineral on earth, second only to feldspar. Most people think of it as a clear crystal "rock" that you might find in your backyard or at the beach, but quartz comes in many colors and can be found throughout the world. 

One of its most popular forms is known as garnet quartz. The crystal contains inclusions of red garnet that give it the sparkling look that has made it so popular, and why people often wear it as jewelry or display pieces in their homes. 

What benefits does this stone provide?

Quartz is just one of many different types of stones that can be used for healing purposes. Some are more well known than others, and each may provide different benefits for those who choose to use them. To learn more about quartz and what it can do for you, read on:

What is garnet quartz?

Garnet quartz (also sometimes referred to as "garnet stone") is a beautiful red quartz that has small inclusions of garnet crystals running through it. These inclusions give the stone its rich color and sparkle, and create a gorgeous contrast to the clear quartz that surrounds it. 

The best garnets for creating garnet quartz come from Brazil or Africa, but you can also find this stone in parts of Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Bolivia, Afghanistan and Myanmar. It is a fairly popular stone, and is used in jewelry designs as well as for metaphysical purposes or display pieces.

What are some of the garnet quartz benefits?

Like many stones, garnet quartz offers several different benefits that can improve your life. For example: 

Physical healing: Garnet quartz can be used to create amulets and other pieces that can be worn or used to help heal someone's body. It may be particularly good for healing the stomach, pancreas and intestines, as well as providing general protection from disease .

Emotional healing: When worn, garnet quartz can help enhance the wearer's emotional states and help them feel more balanced on a spiritual level. It may also be good for helping with conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Spiritual healing: Garnet quartz can provide a variety of benefits on the spiritual side, from enhancing your connection with nature spirits to helping you feel more positive about life in general. If you have been through a rough patch or are feeling down on yourself, it may be particularly beneficial for your mental health .

Business success: If you are trying to make a sale or achieve some other sort of business goal, wearing garnet quartz (or carrying it with you) can help you feel more powerful in whatever situation you find yourself in. It's especially good for people who work in sales, marketing or management .

Protection: Garnet quartz can be used to help ward off negative energy and promote a feeling of protection around you. It is not a very strong stone for this purpose, but it may work well in combination with other stones that have a stronger effect .