Aura Cleanse Chrysocolla Bracelet

  • Chrysocolla Quantum-Quattro Silica is a rare mineral combination of royal blue Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, malachite, in Smoky Quartz. A powerful High Frequency combination of minerals that connects you with the Earth Star Chakra (12-18 inches below the soles of the feet)—aligning you to the magnetic core of the earth, connecting you with Mother Gaia, bringing—Healing, Communication, and protection.

    Chrysocolla Quantum-Quattro Silica -

    • Strong protective stone - protects and cleanses the aura
    • Protections from psychic attacks, EMFs, and negative energies
    • Heals emotional patterns and traumas
    • Good-luck stone - brings abundance and prosperity
    • Removes negative emotional states - fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger etc.
    • Connects to higher realms and wisdom of the universe
    • Enhances communication and personal power
    • Third eye, throat, heart, and earth star chakras

    Shungite -

    • Ancient healing stone - restores what is beneficial, eliminates was is not beneficial 
    • Psychic protection
    • Contains rejuvenating properties
    • Protects from harmful electromagnetic radiation and high frequency electromagnetic emissions
    • Brings growth and transformation
    • Powerful purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties
    • Beneficial for stress and anxiety
    • Root chakra

    Pyrite Skull 

    • Increases vitality
    • Enhances will power
    • Helps to overcome fears and anxiety
    • Stimulates creativity
    • Helps one to accomplish goals
    • Solar plexus chakra


    • Bead size: 8 mm round. AAA grade genuine natural gemstones.

      Length: The standard size bracelet is 7 inches. Measure your wrist for the perfect fit and select size. XS-6.5 inches, S-7 inches, M-7.5 inches, L-8 inches. (If your wrist measures 6 inches go up approx 1/2 - 1 inch depending on how tight you want it).

      Comes smudged with sage and charged with healing energy, learn more about this process (here).

      Includes silk pouch.

      Free ebook with purchase: Care and Cleaning Instructions.

      Shaman Sisters is passionate about women's empowerment and transformation, a percentage of every purchase is donated to women's shelters.



    • People are feeling the Love and Power of Shaman Sisters™ Protective Jewelry:

      "I recently bought the 'Abundance & Money' bracelet, 8.5", and let me say that this has had an effect on my business. I pretty much have doubled my weekly sales within the following week since purchasing and holding steady thus far" BW

      “My husband gave me my first bracelet set for Christmas, and I fell in love with it! I manage a hotel, and it made me much more compassionate with my guests ( and some are very challenging!!) I received another stack for valentine's day , and just loved the way they made me feel. We were planning our 25th wedding anniversary , and I thought it would be so very special to renew our vows with the very special bracelets. We renewed our vows at St Simons Island as the sun was coming up, and both of us were wearing our special bracelets from you, while we read the marriage blessing form the book of the Gentle Art of Blessing. I had bought a special dress and it was so cold, so I just wore my Yoga pants with a sweatshirt and it was so much more special than when I wore the very expensive gown 25 years ago. Right after we said our vows we found 2 feathers that were joined together, just like our bracelets. It was magical! Thank you for making our special occasion so special! Can't wait to get the next bracelet for the next special occasion!! Your jewelry is so very special!” Gabriele and Wes


      "I've ordered two (2) bracelets from you, and I have to say that I absolutely love them. They are beautiful and they really look high quality. I wanted to compliment you on your workmanship of these beautiful products." LC


      "Today, I was pleasantly surprised to come home to my 3rd bracelet from you. Your jewelry is so beautiful. When I wear your gemstones, I immediately notice a difference. It may be calming or a strong vibration that my body needs to adjust to its presence. (I really noticed this with the Black Tourmaline.) I look forward to purchasing more items from you. I love the Angelic Communication, so that one is on my list as well as the smudging kit. Kind regards" CG


      "I've been wearing my bracelets everyday and have noticed such a different! Patients and family members are extremely nice and many thank me for helping them or their family member. I'm so glad I found your company!!! -JE


      "I just wanted to tell you all that you are doing great work & I hope you keep it up. It's funny after I purchased my first bracelets from you all, I believe it was the men's amplify vibration protection bracelet I kept getting these free bracelet offers on Facebook, all I had to do is pay for shipping so I said what the hell & got one. When it came I could tell that it looked like something that was mass produced somewhere without any love put into it & didn't even come close to the quality of your products nor the love that I feel that you put into them. I can really tell you all love what you do & I don't even know you but I can feel you all have a very positive vibration & you can rest assure, you have a very satisfied customer for life. THANK YOU" - CO


      "I received my first order from you and it is lovely! I can tell that much attention to detail and care was put into my shipment (bracelets &a sage). Very nice! I work in luxury retail for the last 12 years and your customer service and product quality is on point. I'm very impressed and happy that I blindly ordered from you and your site." - DA

      "You guys are miracle workers. I went from feeling too much negativity around and inside me to a sense of calm and confidence in no time with my protection bracelet. I stopped stressing! Please know that your are truly helping people.May the Divine continue to bless you." -ADL


      "I just want to let you know that wearing your bracelets, I can feel the intention that I have set to it. I have other crystal bracelets from other sellers and I don't quite feel anything wearing them. Your bracelets are not only beautiful but also effective. Love the black tourmaline bracelet and I wear it everyday. Thank you so much for such an honest delivery of what your jewelry can do as long as we, your customers, set our intention and believe." - SA

      "I am so happy with my bracelets! They are so lovely and I can see they are really good quality stones and well made. You have great products with class and style. Great customer personalized service, too. Thank you for your patience for working with me in creating my bracelet and answering my questions and most of all, for your wonderful products!" - JC
      "I wish I had discovered these bracelets years ago!!! I am a Registered Nurse/Counselor and have been working in the mental health field for the past 25 years. I absolutely LOVE my black tourmaline bracelets and I own three of them. Not only are they beautiful, they are very protective and healing. I wear them every day and have noticed that I am more grounded and much less stressed at work. I can feel their healing energy in that my mind is more content and I seem immune to the negativity that is an inevitable part of my work. I dream very vividly now and can remember for journaling purposes. Thank you Shaman Sisters for these wonderful pieces!!! I will return for more beautiful bracelets in the future. I am one happy customer". -Lisa M 
      "I love my Abundance & Longevity Protection Bracelet! It gives me peace of mind as well as a sense of focus, well-being, and happiness. I feel great wearing it at home or when I'm working as a nurse in the operating room. I find that I don't get tired or drained like I used to throughout the work day. Where I work there are various negative energies as well as rumors of entities which is not uncommon for a hospital. One day I forgot to wear my bracelet and I felt a huge difference. I can absorb other people's energies like a sponge. When I wear the bracelet I feel protected and less susceptible to the energy of others". - Emily M


      "I love the Bracelets I ordered! I am an acute care psychiatric RN. Although work continues to be very stressful @ times, I feel that I have been less stressed & feel more calm & able to focus more easily during our hectic times." - Karla L
      "Since receiving (and wearing) my bracelets, my 5 baby chicks have started to act completely different! Even though they've been handled since they were days old, they were very skittish and only tolerated being held for a minute or two. Since I started wearing the bracelets, they flock to me (no pun intended) and want to be as close to me as possible. One spent an hour in my lap taking a nap, another flies up to my shoulder and hangs out up there. It's THE craziest thing ever!!!! Maybe my energy is different and they can sense it??? 
      I had to share because the babies were literally running away from me one day and running TO me the next day (the day I started wearing my bracelets)....I am new to the whole "energy" thing and bought the bracelets as a last resort of trying to restore the some peace in my life (my job is sucking the joy out of me and causing major anxiety). I was skeptical about their power but decided if they helped - even if it's all in my mind - it's better than nothing!
      Also if you notice in the last picture - that chick was the most timid of the five and very skittish. She's the smallest and very nervous - even around the other chicks. The day she jumped in my lap, she settled into the crook of my left arm and laid her head on my wrist where the bracelets are (you can see them peeking out under my jacket). She's an absolutely different little girl now - always following me and jumping up for snuggles!

      I was/am totally shocked and maybe even a little bit creeped out by their "magic". The chicken's behavior was a total surprise and a bonus! Even my cat is acting goofy - he loves to rub his face along my wrist, passing his cheeks over each bracelet!
      I have been wearing my bracelets to work and even though it's still a horrible place, I do feel a sense of peace in my heart and have left there in a better mood each day. I'd say that's a step in the right direction!" - SM
      "I just wanted to share my gratitude for the beautiful bracelet I received in the post today. I started a new job as a mental health therapist at a substance abuse center and I've been having a rough time. When I got home, the bracelet was on my table. It was like the universe knew I needed it on this particular day... Thank you so much for allowing me to have some peace of mind, knowing that when I wear my bracelet, something is looking out for me and my well being." - ST
      "I received the amethyst bracelet the other day, put it on my left wrist because the instructions say so... However, now since I have two... I have shoulder pain in my right shoulder that has worsened since December, I have not changed anything except placing my bracelet on my right arm one night and into the next day, I noticed that I no longer have that pain.... Now, I believe in the power of these bracelets, but this??? I have had terrible shoulder pain for years as both shoulders easily dislocate, have been putting off treatments for them, as I do not want shoulder surgery. I don’t take pain medications for the shoulder pain either. Just thought I'd drop you a note about this, wondering if you had any further insight. Today, I have my amethyst bracelet still on, no shoulder pain, it is simply amazing. First time since December the pain has lessened and I can even take deep breaths and not feel that pain." - MP
      "I ordered the Labradorite Protection Bracelet and have noticed a HUGE difference in my energy and outlook. I feel stronger and more confident. Happy. It's amazing! Thank you so much for providing such wonderful, healing jewelry... I've been working as a tech in the ICU while I went through nursing school and it got to the point that I really didn't want to go in to work because it was so draining and I had used to love it so much. Since I have been wearing my Labradorite Protection Bracelet, I look forward to going to work. I have compassion and passion for the work and the patients again. I remember why I wanted to become a nurse. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to get my new pieces from you!" - RC
      "I have to say, I love your bracelets! My mom and I are nurses (she's been for 20+ years, I grad in May!!), and we never take them off. I did my psych rotation last semester and it was HARD. I walked out of the facility every day feeling like my life force was drained out of me. I'm back on a med-surg floor, but I have yet to leave the hospital feeling that way since I found your bracelets. Thank you!!" - Michelle K
      "I love my bracelets! I wear them everyday and every night. My sleep is better, I'm not waking up during the night any more and I am much more calm. Someone at work even asked me why I was so calm and asked what I was taking because they wanted what I was on. Thank you."  - AH
      "After receiving your bracelet I really felt more peaceful and content. For the first time I a year I remembered my dreams. I am serious. I wasn't expecting to feel so much positivity. I also met a great partner a month after having the bracelet. I don't take it off." - RC
      "I just wanted to let you know something about your amazing bracelets! Yesterday I was at my cranial osteopath appointment and she kept telling me that she was having a hard time reaching my physical body because I was being held in so tightly by my energetic body. She finally said, it's like there's a really intense, heavy force field around you and nothing can get in or out and she couldn't explain why? Finally, it dawned on me that I still had all three of your bracelets on. So I lifted my sleeves and said, "oh, could it be because of these?" and sure enough, it was your bracelets! AND even after I removed them, the veil was certainly lighter and she could go in and treat my physical body but she said there was still a strong presence of the stones around my energy field. WOWO, girl! Those are some mighty powerful bracelets! " - KT
      "I know the bracelets are working because my marriage is more peaceful. Working long Crazy hours without too much craziness and the craziness at work is not affecting me anymore! I am So grateful to have found your site. I feel much better physically,mentally,and spiritually. I just cannot Thank you enough. But then again I am long past the age of 25!. I tell my coworkers these bracelets are keeping all the bad juju away from me...that the negativity of work can No longer affect me...ESP certain coworkers.... I never going anywhere without them but the shower! Sleep with them on...never Want to leave them home! Everyone in the medical field needs a minimum of 1 bracelet....I never go without mine and just purchased 2 more. What a difference they have made in my life!" - MK
      "Just got my bracelets today and love them! The energy is apparent and the love in setting the intention before shipping them is wonderful. I wish you great success as you continue to share these with the world. Thank you." - Kristy (RN)
      "I love my two bracelets, and can't believe how well they work to keep my mind at peace." - Angie S
      "I'm wearing my Black Tourmaline powerful protective stone bracelet today!!! Feeling grounded, balanced and focused!! I can truly say that your jewelry has transformed my life for the ultimate good!!! I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful product that works to bring me super positive effects!!! Its AMAZING!!!!! Thank You so much." - Sara B
      "My second bracelet Shaman Sisters, I love it. I can't take them off. I Can feel the negative energy leaving!!" - Ronica H
      "I've been collecting crystals for about six years now and like you I was always skeptical. I was never sure if they totally worked, I just really liked the idea and the look of them. I bought a Shaman Sisters Black Tourmaline bracelet mostly because I thought it was pretty, but also because there was a chance that it would help me to feel balanced and protect me from negative energy - I was all for it because I was experiencing some health issues in my life.
      I have been wearing the bracelet for a month and right after I put it on for the first time, I noticed immediately. I felt more grounded and I had no anxiety. Every day that I wear it, I have energy and I feel good. Today, I went to work and forgot to wear it and I am feeling anxious, tired and drained.
      I am now totally convinced that this bracelet has healing capabilites and I believe it has something to do with the fact that they are made by a healer and that the gemstones she chooses are the highest quality protective gemstones. I would recommend trying her bracelets, pick the one that attracts you the most and you will notice the effects immediately. " - Mel W

    **This website is not intended to and does not provide medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this website is for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada*

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