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Playful Journey Kids Bracelet

  • This kids bracelet was designed with Apatite, Tiger's Eye and Jade, to open the heart for subtle healing and amplified joy.

    Designed by intentional jeweler Jen, with the kids in mind!

    "The Playful Journey bracelet is inspired by the innocence and playfulness I witness in both children and animals. It's bright colours are to encourage the colourful expression of self." Jen

    Apatite is a stone of inspiration that promotes a humanitarian attitude. It's attuned to the future and also connects to past lives. Work with it to better understand where you came from for the purpose of visualizing where you'd like to go.

    Apatite aids in the development of psychic gifts and increases spiritual attunement. It also increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. Work with it to access information to be used for personal and the collective good, and also to stimulate creativity and intellect in the pursuit of those goals. 

    Apatite works with the base chakra to clear away dense energies like frustration, anger and sorrow. Work with it to overcome emotional exhaustion and for drawing healing energy up through the earth.

    Tiger's Eye combines the energies of Earth and Sun to create a high vibrational state that grounds your spiritual presence onto Earth. Work with it to differentiate needs from desires and to enhance practical perceptions.

    Traditionally carried to guard against ill wishing and curses, Tiger's Eye is a protective stone that balances the lower chakras, therby giving rise to kundalini energy. It brings out integrity, promotes clarity of intention and shows you how to use your power for the benefit of all. Work with it to aid in healing issues around depression and self-worth, and for removing blockages around your creativity.

    Burmese Jade symbolizes peace and reflection, and is the stone of slow and steady progress. Work with it to accept that which is not in your control, for the purpose of aligning with inner serenity.

  • Made with AAA Grade Natural Gemstones 

    BEAD SIZE:  6mm

    LENGTH: Choose between XS-4.5", S-5" and M-5.5".  Measure your child's wrist and add 1/2 - 1" for comfort and depending on how fitted you want it. 

    All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping.

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