Ceremonial Cacao

  • Choose from a variety of Ceremonial Cacao from all over the world.

    Ecstatic Ecuador 

    Holistic Cacao from Eco Cacao Cooperative

    Ecstatic late night singing and dancing may leave you wondering what happened after drinking this potent chocolate coming from regenerative farms on the Northwest Coast of Ecuador. We find this cacao to be excellent for focused energy and productivity - it has quickly become one of our favorite go-to weekday cacaos. 

    Flavor notes of chicory, molasses and pepper.

    MOOD: Blissful, Playful & Innocent 

    Tantric Rose Blossom

    Holistic Cacao from Tanzania. 

    Take yourself on a tantric date, slowing down to saver the full experience of this sensual cacao. Whole pink rose petals act in high frequency synergy withour pure cacao for embodied emotional support and nourishment for your heart. In the sublime joy of the present moment find your yes.

    Flavor notes of rose, lavender and bergamot.

    MOOD: Potent, Sensual & Heart Opening

    Glowing Guatemala

    Holistic Cacao from Guatemala. 

    Learn from the loving and wise energy graciously emanating from this Guatemalan cacao. This cacao is grown in a remote village of 125 families that make 90% of their income from cacao. They are disconnected from the rest of the world except for a footbridge crossing the raging Cahabon river, across which they carefully carry the 100lb sacks of cacao one by one. 

    Flavor notes of fig, tabacco and leather.  

    MOOD: Mothering, Loving & Wise 

    One bag per order. Choose your Flavour Above

    Ingredients: 100% Cacao 0% Sugar 

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