Hemimorphite Aurichalcite Raw Stone

  • Raw Aurichalcite Hemimorphite Stone.

    Hemimorphite is a protective stone, particularly against malicious thoughts and manipulation. It helps with raising your vibration on the physical and subtle (the auric field) level. Work with it to open the gateways of communication with higher realms and multi-dimensions. 

    Not for the light-hearted, Hemimorphite promotes self-development in a swift motion, making it challenging on the bearer. It insists on personal accountability, link you to your higher self and teaches you the power you possess to create your reality. Work with it to release external influences that don't align with your soul plan. 

    Hemimorphite is also a stone of social responsibility. It helps you develop inner strength and facilitates excitement and commitment for following through on projects, to completion. Work with it to set and attain realistic goals for the greatest good of all, while also staying detached from the results.

    Aurichalcite is an encouraging stone that will aid you in letting go of negative thought patterns to achieve inner harmony and personal freedom. It connects and opens your Third Eye chakra which makes it a great tool for meditation. Work with Aurichalcite to help you find and walk your own path and leave behind the opinions of others.

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