Rutilated Shaman Quartz Touchstone

  • Carry this Shaman Quartz Touchstone on your person, or keep it nearby.

    Shaman Quartz, also known as Chlorite Shaman Quartz, is a clear crystal filled with stunning mineral inclusions, known for its ability to clear cellular memories and ancestral lines. Work with it to self-realize and release regret.

    It’s a shamanic journeying stone that supports communication with the spirit realm and has a strong connection to the earth. Work with it to induce multidimensional healing and ascension.

    Shaman Quartz is also a protective stone, absorbing negative energy on the physical and etheric planes. Work with it to remove energy implants and guard your subtle energy body.

    Shaman Quartz with Rutile is helpful for problem-solving or obtaining answers. Set out your problem in your mind, gaze into the stone and ask to journey to see the solution.

  • Tumbled from AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

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