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Wearing carnelian bracelet will help increase self-esteem, especially if you are an introvert, because it helps your inner confidence to blossom. We all know that celebrities use different tricks to help improve their image and luck, and wearing a carnelian bracelet is just one of the methods they chose. 

I do agree that it's beneficial for increasing self-esteem, but whether or not it works for you depends on your mindset. 

Carnelian is a member of the quartz family. It comes in brown, orange, red and yellow hues with wavy bands of color. Carnelian crystals are found natively in Brazil, Uruguay, India and California. Its name derives from an ancient Italian phrase which means "fleshlike." For this reason, carnelian is often worn as a gemstone to reconnect with nature.

Carnelian emits a very high-energy frequency, which stimulates the base chakra and helps dissipate fear. It energizes people who are shy or retiring and has historically been used to cure impotence.

The crystal resonates on an emotional level, allowing us to connect with our deepest desires. It is also believed to enhance one's creativity and passion. Carnelian helps us achieve our goals by giving us the courage to take risks and face challenges directly, rather than trying to avoid them. 

Carnelian may be used as a tool for divination or meditation. The stone enhances clairvoyance, astral travel and past-life regression. It also gives us the power to control our dreams.

Carnelian has a strong association with physical energy, sex drive and fertility. Ancient folklore claims that it enhances virility in men, increases sexual desire in women, encourages pregnancy and promotes safe childbirth.

It may also be used to strengthen the weak, increase physical stamina, heal ailments of the kidneys and lower back pain. Today carnelian is considered one of the birthstones for January.