Meet The Practitioners

Meet the Practitioners, and learn more about the incredible Healers, Intuitives and Guides that we continue to collaborate with to offer you sacred practices for all of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs.

Rebecca Keating

Sound Healing and Shamanic Practitioner

Rebecca is a Shamanic and Kambo Practitioner, ecstatic dance facilitator and Quantum Energy Healer. She is also the author of, "The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism."

Rebecca is the Founder and Owner of Shaman Sisters® and of a sacred space, The Aura Room.

Rebecca is steward of crystalline beings here to assist in anchoring the crystalline frequencies and merging of ancient and future technologies for aligning with the highest timeline. She is ceremonialist who is in tune with collective energies, and she weaves Shamanic Practices with crystals, sound healing, dance, light language, breathwork, and plant medicines in her community service. 

Rebecca honors the Sacred Elements of creation with reverence for the Earth and all of her creatures, her waters, the fire, the air and Aether (spirit) in gratitude of co-creation in this realm. She loves writing, nature, creativity, prayer, celebration and the beauty of life. Her Medicine dog Zeus is usually with her bringing joy, laughter and connection to the inner child. 

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Jacqui Cunha

Quantum Healer

Jacqui uses sound alongside crystals with shamanic practices to hold space for you along with genuine heart to heart conversation with the ability to fully support and witness YOU.

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Madiha Butt

Madiha is an artist, and student of love. She has published two books ‘Shams: Expressions of Love and Healing’ and ‘Layla: the journey of a dot’. She believes in the healing power of the written word and intends to incorporate this into her offerings at the Aura Room.Having worked with children as a cognitive skills trainer, being trained in Montessori Education, and a mother to a curious 8 year old, Madiha understands the important role children play in society and is excited to be offering sessions for children too.Inspired by Rumi’s teachings and as an initiate in the Mevlevi Sufi Order, Madiha’s mission is to create opportunities that open hearts to deeper experiences of oneness, love and healing. 

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Cathy Starfire Woman

Indigenous Healer

Spiritual Medium, Ceremonialist, Indigenous Energy Practitioner, Ritual Artisan, Sacred Womb Keeper


Lauren Mulhern


Lauren Mulhern is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Transformational Coach and Astrologer. Lauren has been using her gifts of Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing, and Astrology for almost a decade.

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Melissa Maher

Generational Healing™

Melissa Maher is a certified Generational Healer™ & teacher of Generational Healing™. She started her healing business in July 2014 and has been helping women all over the world navigate their spiritual awakenings, clear ancestral trauma, and live a life filled of joy and peace.

Melissa met her mentor and founder of Generational Healing™, Deborah Skye King, in late 2016. This woman radically changed her life. Melissa underwent a 13-month apprenticeship with Skye to learn the profoundly impactful work of Generational Healing™. Melissa is now offering this ancient ancestral healing to her clients and is humbled to be working with the ancestors in releasing the traumatic and emotional densities that are stored within our generational lineages and on planet earth. This work is deeply personal and profound to Melissa, she is honoured to be supporting others on their healing journey.

Melissa has since gone on to become a teacher of Generational Healing™ and has completed the advanced training to be able to facilitate Generational Healing™ via distance. Sessions are available by appointment at The Aura Room and consultation calls are available to learn how to become a certified Generational Healer™.

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Kathryn Ruggiero

Certified Practitioner in Sound Therapy

Kathryn uses sound meditation to help navigate herself through her own personal mental health journey and loves to share this tool with others along their path too.She uses intuition, positive intentions + sound to provide a healing environment.

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