Shaman Sisters® has a passion for ethically sourcing the finest crystals, gemstones, and spiritual tools. Each piece is handcrafted with Love, infused with High Vibrations, and Blessed in Ceremony. Adorn yourself with our Sacred Healing Crystals—these ancient gifts from the Earth will uplift your spirit so you can live your most fulfilling life.

"You guys are miracle workers. I went from feeling too much negativity around and inside me to a sense of calm and confidence in no time with my protection bracelet. I stopped stressing! Please know that your are truly helping people.May the Divine continue to bless you."


"Today, I was pleasantly surprised to come home to my 3rd bracelet from you. Your jewelry is so beautiful. When I wear your gemstones, I immediately notice a difference. It may be calming or a strong vibration that my body needs to adjust to its presence. (I really noticed this with the Black Tourmaline.) I look forward to purchasing more items from you. I love the Angelic Communication, so that one is on my list as well as the smudging kit. Kind regards"


"I received my first order from you and it is lovely! I can tell that much attention to detail and care was put into my shipment (bracelets &a sage). Very nice! I work in luxury retail for the last 12 years and your customer service and product quality is on point. I'm very impressed and happy that I blindly ordered from you and your site."


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