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Crystals and Intentional Jewelry

In Ancient Cultures Jewelry was not worn to accessorize, it was worn to intentionally enhance the energy field of the individual wearing it.

The Ancients understood the power that crystals possessed, thereby used them as tools for ascension and growth.  The Jewelry they wore was filled with gemstones and based on the intentions they sought to amplify.

At Shaman Sisters®, we too appreciate the power of Crystals and Ascension Jewelry. That's why Rebecca selects each crystal we sell by hand based on beauty and vibration, and also why our unique designs are crafted, created and programmed with intentions that serve your highest good.

We don’t just sell crystals, we create instruments and offer services, ceremony, trainings and retreats that serve your transcendence by helping you raise your vibration and enhance your frequency.

Which Crystal Do You Choose?

Each Crystal is unique, and offers different benefits. Read through our Crystal Guide to learn more about the crystals we carry, and to choose the right one for you.

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A Bit About Us...

Shaman Sisters was born out of Rebeca’s passion for Crystals and Shamanic Practices. From there, it grew into a Sisterhood united by a desire to connect to our highest self and be the co-creators of our lives and the collective reality.

We humans are powerful beings. When we operate for the highest good of all and with access to the right tools and resources, all things are possible.

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