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Shungite Pyramid

  • Polished Shungite Pyramid. 

    Crystal Pyramids are symbolic of our eternal wholeness. The base represents mother earth, the three sides represent our journey on this plane, and the fixed point is symbolic of the spirit realm. Work with them to store, amplify and direct your greatest intentions.

    Shungite is a powerfully protective stone that is at least two billion years old and may have been instrumental at creating life on earth.  It contains all the minerals in the periodic table and is composed of the antioxidant fullerenes. Work with it for cleansing and protection.

    Shungite supports clearing out old mental and emotional programs that no longer support you, making way for new and beneficial ways of being. It encourages applying the wisdom of the past to the present, in the creation of a new future. Work with it to manifest more of what you want for yourself and the collective.

    On a physical level, Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to our health, including free radicals, bacteria and pesticides alongside vibrational emissions and electromagnetic frequencies. Work with it to boost physical well-being and defend the immune system.

  • Made with AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

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    Each piece is unique, just like you. We pick yours with intention!

    All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping. 

    Please note that due to its high carbon content, Shungite may leave a black residue on your skin, clothing and surfaces.  After being wiped down several times, this will eventually stop happening.

    Shungite Pyramids are used as a form of spiritual therapy in the form of personal, in-home treatment. They help to neutralize negative energy and cleanse all chakras.

    Research studies have shown that Shungite Pyramids can be used to purify water, reduce anxiety levels, attract prosperity, eliminate bad energies and strengthen spiritual energy levels.

    Around the home, they can be used to eliminate bad energy and create a more peaceful atmosphere. Shungite is an extremely powerful stone with many benefits, and only the best materials have been used during the creation of our Shungite Pyramids.

    Metaphysics of the Pyramid

    Shungite Pyramids were built to harness and direct the earth's subtle energies. Just as a conventional pyramid focuses light into a laser beam, so too can it focus energy from any source toward a specific outcome.

    Despite this understanding throughout the centuries, only recently have we been able to glimpse at its true potential. Based on Tesla's discoveries as well as those of other brilliant minds, today we know that the shungite pyramid shape is ideally suited to collect and distribute energy. The resonant frequency of its crystalline structure causes it to absorb and emit subtle energies.

    Ancient pyramids harnessed cosmic energy for healing purposes, while modern-day pyramids - both small and large - are used to enhance the energy of food, water, and, yes, even human beings.

    Why do I need Shungite?

    Shungite Pyramids are an ideal way for you to cleanse yourself of tons of negative energy that accumulates throughout the day, thus creating space in your energy field for new experiences.

    Just having a Shungite Pyramid in your personal space focuses the energy of the pyramid on you, amplifying and enhancing that energy.

    Shungite Pyramids also help to focus positive energy for manifestation and protection.

    Practical applications

    In addition to the powerful metaphysical qualities of Shungite, each pyramid can be used for a specific purpose.

    Shungite Pyramids work well when placed on top of the water for purification purposes or in front of a fan to help cleanse the air.

    They are particularly helpful to keep in areas where there is a lot of electromagnetic radiation, such as near cell phones and computers.

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