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Shungite Sphere

  • This beautiful Shungite sphere with stand yields powerful protection properties.

    Crystal Spheres are designed to radiate the vibration of the stone it's made from, in all directions.

    Shungite is a powerfully protective stone that is at least two billion years old and may have been instrumental at creating life on earth.  It contains all the minerals in the periodic table and is composed of the antioxidant fullerenes. Work with it for cleansing and protection.

    Shungite supports clearing out old mental and emotional programs that no longer support you, making way for new and beneficial ways of being. It encourages applying the wisdom of the past to the present, in the creation of a new future. Work with it to manifest more of what you want for yourself and the collective.

    On a physical level, Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to our health, including free radicals, bacteria and pesticides alongside vibrational emissions and electromagnetic frequencies. Work with it to boost physical well-being and defend the immune system.

  • AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

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    Each piece is unique, just like you. We pick yours with intention!

    All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping. 

    Please note that due to its high carbon content, Shungite may leave a black residue on your skin, clothing and surfaces.  After being wiped down several times, this will eventually stop happening.

    Spheres represent an ancient human symbol of wholeness, integrity and unity.

    Shungite Spheres are used as natural powerful anti-stress agents for many people who suffer from neurotic tension, insomnia, poor memory, lack of concentration and emotional disorder.

    This beautiful Shungite Sphere (with stand) emits powerful protection properties. Made from a stone of the same name, this product radiates its vibrations in all possible directions to protect you, your space, and those around you.

    Protect your safe space

    Shungite Spheres serve as excellent providers of protection from negative energy in the home or office.

    The spherical shape is ideal for emitting energy in all directions. Place your Shungite Sphere where you feel negative energy or tension building up.

    This is the most powerful stone in the world. It can be used to protect yourself and others from negative energy, and it will constantly emit its protective properties into your aura. Set it and forget it!

    Decor at its best

    Shungites have been discovered in many places around the world, from Brazil to Russia to South Africa. This stone is only now becoming known for its mystical properties and is a great choice for decorating your home or office. It looks great as a stand-alone piece, or it can be placed with other decor.

    As powerful home cleansing tool, another way to use your Shungite Sphere is to leave it close to dirty laundry for an entire cycle of washing, so that the negative ions are released into the air. These ions attach themselves to dirt and debris in water, making it clean by process of elimination.


    Shungite Spheres radiate a powerful protection, which is especially beneficial in a home or office setting. Place your Shungites in various rooms to create an environment that promotes peace and tranquility.

    As one of Mother Earth's gifts, it is important to honor your Shungite Sphere by placing it in high energy environments.

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