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Protecting your space energetically with black tourmaline and selenite

October 06, 2021

Did you know that black tourmaline and selenite have an immense cleansing and protecting power?

Of course, you knew about the healing properties of crystals. They are amazing tools in our spiritual work and practices. They help us to heal inside out.

But today, you’ll read about the power of black tourmaline and selenite. By the end of the article, you will know how to protect your space energetically with these two powerful stones.

Why you should protect your space energetically

You may have heard that we all have auras.

The aura is your electromagnetic field. It’s the sum of all of the energy that surrounds you.

Our aura changes its color depending on our vibration.

Our frequency depends on our inner state.

For instance, when we are joyful and full of peace and harmony, we are vibrating high.

When we are sad, frustrated, anxious, or angry, we are vibrating low.

But did you know that your house has its aura too?

Isn’t that amazing?

The electromagnetic field of your house depends on the energy you bring to it. If there are a lot of discussions, your house aura gets affected.

When you come home after a long day, you may bring home negative astral beings from the places you’ve been throughout the day.

That’s why it’s so, so important to cleanse and protect your house energetically.

Black tourmaline and selenite work GREAT for that purpose. Keep reading to find out how you can harness their power!

What is black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a stone from the tourmaline family. It is a type of silicate crystal, and you can find it easily at specialist stores.

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for grounding and protection. It has many healing properties, and it helps you to rebalance energetically.

This crystal has tremendous energy, and it is excellent to protect against any negative energy. That includes psychic attacks and negative astral beings. 

How to protect your space energetically with black tourmaline

There are many ways to protect your space energetically with this powerful tool.

Place black tourmaline around your house

The first way to protect your house energetically with black tourmaline is placing it where you consider that needs it the most.

This practice asks you to be very intuitive. Where and when do I need to use black tourmaline?

For instance, If you live with your relatives or roommates, and there is a discussion, it generates negative energy. You can put black tourmaline in the room to dissipate negativity from the environment.

Whenever you feel that the energy of the place is very dense, bring your black tourmaline to the place you think that needs it the most.

You can also place it at the center of your living space to protect the whole space.

Of course, the bigger, the better. A bigger black tourmaline will radiate more energy.

Crystal experts recommend black tourmaline pyramids to transmute negativity.

Black tourmaline and EMF protection

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. Some people also refer to them as EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

It refers to the electromagnetic fields created by electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, TVs, etc.

This energy affects you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It also affects the aura of your space. Excessive exposure to these radiations can cause electromagnetic stress.

Black tourmaline is a great tool to neutralize the effect of these electromagnetic fields, especially if you are always around technology.

Place it around your office or the room with more electronic devices in the home. You can also put a black tourmaline crystal around you while you are working with your laptop.

Place black tourmaline in the four corners of your house

Crystal experts recommend placing black tourmaline crystals in each corner of your home.

Doing this will keep your space protected against negative energy or dense astral beings. It can also protect you against black magic.

Black tourmaline can absorb, transmute and dissipate negative energy. With this trick, your space will be super protected!

Black Tourmaline wands

Wands are great healing tools. Shamans and holistic healers use them to amplify and direct energy from its tip.

Crystal wands are especially great for amplifying energy.

If you want to use a wand, grab it with your hand and imagine how the energy flows from your heart, through your arms and hands, and how it finally reaches the wand.

Then, project that energy to the place that you want.

Healers use it to detach negativity from the body. You can use it to detach negativity from your space too. Black tourmaline helps to rebalance the energy of a space.

Draw a protective circle around your house. Grab your black tourmaline wand, imagine the energy moving, and direct it around your house, creating a circle. It will protect you against any negativity.

What is selenite?

Selenite is a beautiful, translucent, generally white crystal. It has a very pure energy, and it is easy to find. Selenite works wonders to cleanse your space.

Selenite has amazing healing and spiritual properties. It is a unique ally in your spiritual practice.

This crystal can help you to communicate with angelic realms and to connect with your light body.

How to protect your space energetically with selenite

Selenite has a very soft, feminine energy. It works great for cleansing.

Create a protective grid with selenite or place it around your house

Similar to black tourmaline, you can create a protective grid with selenite.

To create it, put different selenite crystals in the corners of your house.

You can also use a large piece of selenite and place it in the center of your house. This ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite wands

Crystal healers use selenite wands to detach entities from the aura. They also use it to prevent the influence of negative energy.

You can use selenite wands to amplify and direct energy. Use it to radiate positive energy to the places of your home that need cleansing.

Similar to black tourmaline, you can use it to draw a protective circle around your house.

Place selenite under your pillow

Before going to bed, place a selenite crystal or a selenite wand under your pillow. This practice will protect you and your bedroom during your sleep from any negativity.

Combine black tourmaline and selenite to protect your space energetically

Have you ever heard about crystal pairings?

Some crystals work great with others. And black tourmaline and selenite are a great pair!

Together, they work to protect and cleanse the space from negativity. Since black tourmaline absorbs negativity to transmute it, it needs regular cleansing. But selenite can cleanse other crystals when you place them close to it.

As a result, these two crystals amplify their energy and help you to cleanse the atmosphere of your space. Put them together in a strategic place of your space and your home will feel peaceful and lighter!

Final thoughts | Protecting your space energetically with black tourmaline and selenite

Crystals are friends. They help you heal physically and energetically, they are great allies in your spiritual practice, and what is more, they protect you from any external negativity.

Crystals have a very high vibration. When you surround yourself with crystals, they help you to align yourself with that frequency. They help you to heal and to feel calm.

Black tourmaline and selenite are particularly good at cleansing and protecting a living space. You can use them in your room, your house, or your apartment.

Keep them around your space, and it will feel like a temple!

That’s it for today! Now you know how to cleanse and protect your space with black tourmaline and selenite.

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!

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Setting Sacred Space with an Altar

September 19, 2021

Shamans begin every ceremony and healing practice by setting sacred space. The veil that obstructs your view of the spirit world is thinner in sacred space, giving potency to your intentions and prayers. When you open up sacred space, you are directing your energy into the present moment and calling in your spirit helpers to assist in protecting your container for your intentions and prayers. Whether you speak them aloud or hold them within your heart, you call in and command the unseen energies into your sacred space.

Sacred space may be created anywhere—indoors or in nature—and it may be any size—big or small. Sacred space may even be a space within—a state of being that you carry with you everywhere.

Setting up sacred space can involve a simple process of saying a prayer and setting intentions just before your ceremonial or healing work; when the work is complete, the sacred space is then closed. Creating a sacred space can also involve setting up a sacred altar that serves as a physical place to say prayers, anchor and amplify intentions, create beauty, bring protection, and raise the vibration of the space. Altars can be left in a place in the home or can be used for a specific ceremony and taken down when the ceremony is finished.

Building an Altar for your Sacred Space

Setting up a sacred altar is an ancient practice of creating sacred space in your home or wherever you are. An altar is a gateway to the divine that brings beauty and spiritual energy, it can be used for ceremony, ritual, and healing. There is no right or wrong way to set up your sacred altar, as long as you are operating from the heart and with your highest good in mind.

The items required to set up your sacred altar include:

  • An altar cloth: preferably cotton or silk
  • Crystals such as black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, amethyst, etc.
  • Sacred items: photos, animal figures, deities, etc.
  • Offerings: fruits, sweets, or flowers
  • Sacred herbs: white sage, palo santo, or sweetgrass
  • Candles: beeswax or another natural burning wax
  • Essential oils: protection spray, vetiver, etc.
  • Feathers and an abalone shell
  • Matches or a lighter

In my book, The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism” I provide you simple steps for setting up your sacred altar. I also share on how to call in the four directions into your sacred space and examples of what you can place on your altar to honour the four sacred directions. You can purchase a copy of the book here.

I have also made it really simple for you to begin your Altar journey with our new Altar kits! We have created 3 different sacred altar kits for you to explore. You can find more information about them here.

With Love and Reverence,


This blog was written with excerpts from my book “The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism” and can be purchased here.

Published by Quarto Knows⁠ in July 20, 2021⁠

Illustrations: Roberta Orpwoods of Soulbirdart 

Photos by Nikolina of Maiden Mother Photoart

Restore Your Organic DNA

August 11, 2021
What we must fully become conscious of is that we are eternal. Our society has programmed us on a deeper spiritual level and our DNA has been tampered with. This has caused the aging process. But I am calling out all of these inorganic narratives about who we are. View full article →

Activate Your Higher Heart: Sacred Tool Found Within

August 11, 2021
One of the most profound experiences I have had was about 5 years ago. I started to tap my Higher Heart — located at the top of the breastbone at the Thymus. While I was tapping that area, I repeated a command of something I was calling into my life.  View full article →

Let's Talk About Shadow Work

August 19, 2020

When we refuse to acknowledge our shadow at work, especially when particularly dense feelings and thoughts come to surface, we end up projecting those feelings and thoughts onto others - blaming them for the situations that we find ourselves in and for the ways in which we are fairing.

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself During Ascension Times

August 06, 2020


Three Questions to Ask Yourself During Ascension Times

We are living in ascension times, amidst a global awakening, and we are evolving.

We are evolving as a human collective, by way of evolving as individuated aspects of that collective.

We are shifting out of denser frequencies into light bodies, in a natural process that is beyond our control.

All we need to do is clear the path for the light to come in. Something these three questions are designed to help you do.


Question #1: Where am I on my ascension journey?

Whether you’ve been actively participating in it or not, you’ve been ascending as you move through life and the experiences herein.

That’s because you were designed to ascend.

As a light being, your purpose is to move closer towards the truest expression of your highest self - to unify as one with your higher purpose. This is the process of ascension.

As you move through life, experiences emerge as stepping stones on your path towards authenticity and enlightenment.

These experiences serve as lessons from which you may learn more about yourself, your current state of being and the next step.

How you embrace these lessons - with openness or resistance - is a sign of where you are on your ascension journey.

Ask yourself;

  • Am I open to the lessons offered up in the experiences I find myself facing?
  • Am I resistant to experiences that don’t bring me instant gratification? And if so, is this enabling me from receiving the lessons intended for me through these experiences?


Question #2: What belief systems got me here?

When you embrace life’s lessons with openness, you move more freely towards alignment with your greatest self. When you embrace them with resistance, you move in opposition to that which will be.

In both instances, you continue to move forward and onwards. In the former, you do so with ease and in the latter you do so in struggle.

The ride is always moving in the same direction, your free will merely determine how you experience the bumps in the road.

Your free will is directly impacted by your beliefs, and those beliefs are directly impacting your perceptions - and therefore your actions.

Essentially, you move in unison with what you believe to be truth, making choices and honouring perceptions that align with those beliefs.

In this way, your beliefs fuel your ability to either open up to or resist life’s lessons. This is why questioning your beliefs is important.

Ask yourself;

  • What do I believe to be true, that impedes my ability to open up to all of life’s experiences, with the same enthusiasm?
  • How would shifting those beliefs better serve me?
  • What do I believe to be true, that encourages my ability to open up to all of life’s experiences, with the same enthusiasm?
  • What do I believe to be true about life?
  • What do I believe to be true about my life?
  • What do I believe to be true about healing?
  • What do I believe to be true about suffering?
  • What do I believe to be true about joy?
  • What do I believe to be true about my capabilities?
  • What do I believe to be true about the world?
  • What do I believe to be true about humanity?


Question #3: What belief systems did I release to get to where I am?

If you find that some of your beliefs are the cause of a journey embarked in struggle, and you decide to amplify joy in your life, you may choose to shift or release those beliefs.

Most of our belief systems are hand-me-downs from our parents, teachers, schoolmates and the media (including music, movies, the news and so much more).

Like sponges, we absorbed beliefs from all around us as we moved from infancy to adulthood.

Along the way, we released some belief systems to make way for others. Whether it was releasing our parents beliefs to make way for those of our peers, or releasing the beliefs of our peers to make room for those of our partners, and so on, we’ve been swapping out beliefs for beliefs our entire life.

When you consider it, you’ve probably released and accumulated many beliefs over the course of your life - some that serve your flourishing and others that impede it.

The beliefs that you are able to release over the course of your life serve as a testament to your self-sovereignty. The process of being able to release beliefs is a reminder that you have dominion over them.

This process also serves as a reminder of what you are capable of. If you were able to release beliefs in the past, then surely you’re able to do so again should you need to.

And if you can release beliefs at will, then you can adopt them in this same manner as well.

Ask yourself;

  • What beliefs have I released to get to where I am on my ascension journey?
  • Why did I release that/those belief(s)?
  • How did I release that/those belief(s)?
  • How has the release of that/those belief(s) served me on my ascension journey?
  • What belief(s) took root where that/those belief(s) once resided?
  • Which of those two belief systems align better with my ascension goals?
  • Which of the two enable joy on my ascension journey?
  • Which of the two encourage suffering on my ascension journey?

In some instances, you may even find that you’ve buried a belief that serves your process well, and in its place you’ve adopted one that does not.

It’s never too late to change your mind!



Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, releasing/integrating beliefs is always an act of will - a choice.

Buried within the depths of your sub-conscious, there is a knowing that exists beyond belief.

This knowing is what pulls you forward on your ascension journey. It’s the divine part of you that knows there is no other destination.

Within the conscious mind, though, we adopt beliefs that have the power to either accelerate our process and infuse it with joy, or decelerate our progress and encourage suffering.

When we can authentically identify where we are on our ascension journey, alongside the beliefs that we released/integrated to get here, we gain sovereignty over those beliefs and our life journey.

In this way, we shift the ways in which we experience life, and eventually the life itself.


CRYSTAL PERSCRIPTION: Clearing away the old, in order to make room for the new, is a powerful practice that Selenite can support you with.

Selenite is a powerful stone with a tender nature, serving as a reminder of just how delicate strength can be.

A crown and upper chakra stone with a fine vibration, this magical crystal instills deep peace within and all around us with its clearing properties.

From this place of bliss and enhanced clarity, we are granted access to enhanced telepathy, angelic consciousness, higher guidance and our light body.

Selenite carries within it the imprint of all that’s happened in the world, and is designed to bring to surface all that needs resolving in it. In this doing, it encourages us to make use of the divine guidance it links us with, in service of others.

You can work with Selenite to clear your home, body and other crystals. We keep a large piece alongside our Quartz Crystal Singing bowl, working with both to cleanse our space and every item that leaves our shop!

You can also work with it to tap into higher levels of consciousness - ie. meditate with a piece of Selenite resting on the top of your head or keep it nearby when assessing problems and solutions - and also for assessing old problems with newfound wisdom and inspiration. 

Shop Selenite here!

The Power of Prayer

July 04, 2020


I grew up in a religious family. Prayer has been a part of my life from a young age, even when I didn’t understand it.  

The church felt like a box to me. As I got older, I stopped going and I also stopped praying. 

It wasn’t until I embarked on my Shamanic journey that prayer re-entered my life. That was when I finally starting understanding it and the power that it possesses. 

Prayer is infused into every aspect of Shamanism. 

As I began to learn about Shamanism and started to live a more Shamanistic way of life, I began to witness prayer from a different perspective than the one I grew up with, and my relationship with it began to deepen. 

I learned that through prayer we could accomplish so much more than we can through control. I learned that we are surrounded by Divine Assistance and that all we need to do is ask for that assistance, and also that prayer was one of the most powerful ways to do that.

Asking in this manner, for Divine Guidance and Support, is the true purpose of prayer.

I have experienced countless miracles in my life through the sacredness of prayer. I have received guidance and been supported through the magic of prayer.

Prayer is a truly powerful process that can serve to benefit each and all of us, personally and as a collective.

Now more than ever, prayer can serve to unite and support us, as we move away from the old ways of being and into New Earth.

The power of our prayers can shift our conscious reality at a molecular level.

Whether you're praying to a Higher Power, Creator, Universe or God, or to your Higher Self, Great Spirit, Mother Gaia or Father Sky, your prayers are needed.

Maybe your form of prayer is a meditative process in which you’re simply entering a state of presence and peace. Your prayers are also needed.

Perhaps your form of prayer is to a specific deity, or your practice is that of insightful devotion from which you draw a way of being. Your prayers too, are needed.

Regardless of who or what you’re praying to, the most important aspect of prayer is the intention behind it and the faith that you have in it.

When I was younger, prayer seemed robotic, or was used in a manner that served the ego of those I witnessed performing it. Used in this manner, it’s easy to understand why so many of us have turned our backs on it.

Without intention, the essence of prayer cannot be present in our lives, no matter the postures or words that we express. And without gratitude, we cannot receive what we are inviting through prayer.

When we pray from a place of need, it is an expression of lack. When we pray, knowing that our prayers will be heard and answered, it is an expression of abundance. Praying from a space of abundance is where the miracle begins.

Having faith that our prayers are also our will, we move into a state of gratitude and our call is heard.

Be in your heart when you pray. Feel the joy of having received the answer to the question you’re asking, of having received the outcome you're seeking. This is gratitude.

Today, I’m inviting you to join me in prayer. To set your intentions on collapsing lower vibrational timelines, separation programs, limiting thoughts, emotions and traumas that no longer serve you or us. Today, I’m inviting you to pray for the best possible outcome for the Highest Good of all.

Pray with me, for purification of the collective grief, shame and guilt that has plagued us for thousands of years. Pray for us to rise up.

Pray with me, for those who are fighting and perpetuating old and outdated paradigms. Pray for them to join in.

Pray and we shall receive.

I pray for the ascension of humanity. I pray for the abolishment of all separation programs, and for the unity of all beings. I ask for the dark forces to be exposed and I pray for all who are exposing them, for their protection and their safety. I send them love and strength.


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To Cleanse, Clear and Honour

June 19, 2020

Over the past few months, our political, social and emotional climate has been unsettling, explosive and intense to say the least.

It may feel, in many respects, that society has been straying from a sense of normalcy and that is in fact true. From a spiritual understanding and astrological perspective, these seemingly chaotic and uncertain times are actually a grand awakening.

We are currently in the process of unveiling the many shadow aspects of our human psyche so that we may know and heal them, as we move into a more unified reality and what some are referring to as Unity Consciousness, the 5D and beyond - read more about what that ascended state of being feels like here.

June, like the many months that came before it, continues to beckon us into our power so that we may defend our rights as sovereign beings that make up a collective human race. We’re being invited, more than ever to take a stand for something greater that our personal gain and to speak our truth in the face of public and political shaming, on a journey of embodiment.

Now more than ever, we must be the change that we wish to see.

Knowing this can make all the difference in the world. Resistance is futile and will only cause more pain, grounding us in a timeline and reality that no longer serves our higher self or the greatest good for all.

Surrender to the wave of all that is taking place within and around you, and remain fixed on the vision. We are bearing witness to and participating in an evolutionary shift like no other.

The Full Moon Lunar eclipse that took place on June 5th opened a portal for release, ascension and alignment with the greater truth, asserting that the past is indeed behind us and that it’s time to write a new story, engage with new belief systems and seize a new collective reality.

Yesterday, Mercury stationed retrograde in Cancer, making space for the planning that’s required to step into our new timeline.

This particular Mercury retrograde is inviting us to stop and listen, and also to feel into our communications. By feeling into our words, we’re given the opportunity to align our hearts with our minds and keep only that which serves both.

On June 21st, we reach the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, and bear witness to yet another big agent of cosmic change.

Eclipses are pivot points that serve to motion us forward. They propel us into action and shift our direction as if by divine will.

The New Moon and the Sun, together in Cancer, point to a time where we become more in tune with the watery depths of our emotions and that which brings us a sense of belonging and inner peace.

Creativity is a focal point of this Solar Eclipse, urging us to actively express the rainbow of emotions inside of us, and to alchemize them. Now is a great opportunity to cleanse, clear and honour our physical, mental and emotional bodies through dance, writing, painting, drawing, making music and any other form of expression that calls forth.

The New Moon this Sunday amplifies these energies tenfold.

As June comes to a wind, Venus stations direct in Gemini and Mars moves into Aries, offering us a spark of momentum for creative projects and an energetic shift in atmosphere. Our energy levels will balance out and so too will our ability to socialize, communicate, connect and collaborate with others.


Contributed by Astrologer and Transformational Life Coach Lauren Mulhern! Book your Natal Chart reading with her here!


Shaman Sisters is an online store offering Ethically Sourced High Quality Crystals and Gemstones, Intentional Jewelry and other Energy Tools for the purpose of raising your Consciousness and Vibrational State of Being.  View our full collection here.

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Unity Consciousness, Moving Into 5D And Beyond

June 10, 2020

We have been suppressed and oppressed for thousands of years.

There is generations and generations of ancestral trauma that many of us are healing from right now. These are old programs and in order to ascend them and the timelines they belong to, the ego which is 3D needs to dissolve. The 3D reality is based on polarity, separation and fear.

We are all moving through this process, in varying ways, until we reach the Fifth Dimension. Once we reach and move beyond 5D, we are strong and also strong enough to hold and bring the vibration up for the collective.

As we hold the frequency of 5D and beyond, we raise the frequency of those around us through The Law of Resonance and we activate higher dimension codes in them. The Law of Resonance states that two things in close proximity will begin to resonate at the highest level of frequency amongst the two.

If the souls around you are not ready to rise, for whatever reason, they will shift out of our life.

In 5D-12D we are awakened to our multi-dimensional self. Everything is in Divine Love and Flow and we are operating from our Highest Aspect of Self. In the 5D-12D world we are in alignment with the Divine aspect within us all. Choices are not made based on wounds and traumas, because wounds and traumas have all dissolved.

In the 5D-12D reality, you are not acting out of habit or operating in a pattern, you are acting and operating from FREE WILL.

The keys to ascension are held within the Heart Chakra. This is what the Shamanic path teaches us - how to heal in order to  release separation and leave division consciousness behind, so that we may come into True Unity and Divine Love.

THAT IS WHY they want us all fighting, judging and blaming. When we are divided, we are closed off in our Heart Chakras.

When you open up your Heart Chakra, you will purify and heal all the wounds of the past through the power of forgiveness. You will heal and ascend your ancestral lineage, you will release the 3D agreements from all of your life times and you will wake up to and know the manipulation and darkness that fell on the planet for thousands of years.

Through the power of compassion and understanding, and from a higher perspective, you will release judgement and attachment to the outcomes in your life and you will surrender to the ever-changing and great unfolding of the now.

Through the power of the open and activated Heart Chakra, you will stand in your power and speak your truth. You will be sovereign and know that you are the creator of your experience. 

In 5D-12D, all of your DNA strands are fully activated and you are living your Divine Blueprint. The lessons you learn exist in higher levels of knowledge, art, dance and music, and so that you may express your unique gifts with the world.

In 5D-12D, you are free to experience life in its fullest expression. 

Trust in the Divine unfolding of your path and in the journey that you have chosen. Focus only on the outcome that you want.

Be grateful to all the teachers and remember that everyone in your life is serving a purpose towards your souls growth and evolution.

Be patient with yourself, and stand in and speak your truth.

Those who stay with you are meant to travel with you. Trust that what or whoever falls away from your life, does so in service to your Highest Self and the Highest Good of all.


Shaman Sisters is an online store offering Ethically Sourced High Quality Crystals and Gemstone, Intentional Jewelry and other Energy Tools for the purpose of raising your Consciousness and Vibrational State of Being.   

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Rose Quartz and The Power of Love

April 09, 2020

Rose Quartz is a mothering stone.  Its energies calm the mind, cleanse the aura and support the health of the heart.

As a result, this beautiful translucent pink stone helps us release our anxieties and clear away negative emotions so that we may invoke our power to Love.

Rose Quartz Heart | Shaman Sisters Designs

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