A Full Moon Ceremony For Release and Transformation

April 06, 2020

The Moon is most powerful when it’s full, shining its light in the sky and on all that we’ve experienced in the actualization of our intentions and goals.  Full Moon energies can be harnessed to propel our intentions forward through the release of what no longer serves us.

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SHUNGITE, A Stone of Transformation Unlike Any Other

April 05, 2020

Shungite is the stone of superpowers and alchemy.  Its incredible healing and protection properties include purifying the body, boosting energy and immune system health, balancing the mind and emotions, and protecting from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s), amongst so much more.

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The Epic Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

April 03, 2020

What appears to be “devastation”, is actually an opening, a grand opportunity to illumine and reform our perspectives, and to physically anchor in new structures that represent tangible spiritual progress for humankind.  The Pluto-Saturn conjunction is helping us to realize, now more than ever, just how vital we are to one another.  The truth of interconnectedness is emerging - not only is our wealth dependent on others, but so to is our health.

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6 Stones to Get You Through Mercury Retrograde

February 29, 2020

Mercury Retrograde can be chaotic but there are ways to move through this period with grace and come out wiser and stronger on the other side.


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Retrograde is when a planet moves in the opposite direction than it normally does around the sun. Mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, so it moves in retrograde more frequently than the other planets do. Astrologically, Mercury is the ruler of analytical thinking, communication, information organization, and idea expression. So, when it retrogrades these skills can be shaken up and challenged. Mercury moves in retrograde around 3-4 times per year for around 3-4 weeks, including the pre and post shadow periods. 

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect You?

When Mercury goes retrograde you may notice that your relationships seem less harmonious than usual. What used to be a simple dialogue between you and your partner, coworkers, or friends, can suddenly seem like a frustrating string of miscommunications and misunderstandings. Not to mention mishaps with postal delivery, text messages, e-mails, and business dealings.

During Mercury Retrograde periods you may experience:

  • Lost Packages
  • Quibbles, qualms, and arguments
  • Misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • The feeling of going against the flow
  • Past unresolved experiences may be brought up for healing
  • Fall throughs with projects, contracts, and proposals

The Positive Side of Mercury Retrograde

The extraordinary thing about Mercury Rx is that you always seem to come out stronger and wiser on the other side. When Mercury goes direct again people tend to feel even better than they did going into Retro season. Similar to any tough period in our lives, there is always a silver lining – and for us spiritual folk we know that the destruction of one thing often leads to the birth of something even better than we could have imagined. So it is important to implement bigger picture thinking during this time, and to be patient with yourself and others. Although it can seem like a disaster, Mercury Rx provides us an exceptional time to tune into our emotional awareness and clear out old narratives that are no longer serving us. 

Mercury Retrograde Journal Prompts

  • What astrological sign is the current retrograde moving through? How will this affect my experience?
  • How does the fast-paced lifestyle that I am used to living being currently challenged?
  • How can I hold space for myself and others right now?

Stones to Help You Through Mercury Retrograde

1.) Angelite 

Angelite is a soft blue stone that helps you to make sense of what you are feeling and put it into words. It is an excellent communication stone that opens you up to receiving messages from angels and spirit guides. It has a serene energy and can help you to understand and translate symbols that appear in your dreams and visions. It is an excellent stone for developing clairvoyance, establishing peace, and stepping into benevolence. Keep calm this Mercury Rx and find a way to release that which no longer serves you with Angelite.


2.) Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a high vibrational purifier that will clear energy blockages and amplify the energy of other stones surrounding it. It is also a wonderful amplifier of personal intentions, whether for prosperity, health, or love. It can be a helpful crystal to work with for expanding your consciousness and opening your chakras. Clear Quartz heals the emotional body which anyone going through the heavy feels of Mercury Rx will be grateful for.


3.) Kyanite

Kyanite is a high vibrational stone that creates very rapid transfers of energy, opening up psychic channels to activate the mind center. Luckily for those having trouble processing information during Retro season, Kyanite accentuates your mental capacity. AND WAIT FOR IT, helps with telepathic communication, especially if both parties are wearing it – HELLO every partnership needs kyanite through retro season!


4.) Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a cooling stone, helping to relieve stress, tension, and anger. It brings our awareness to whatever emotions we are feeling and helps us to express them clearly. Aquamarine activates your throat chakra, helping you to communicate from your most authentic self. It is a SOURCE connection stone, keeping you in rightful alignment with SPIRIT.


5.) Shungite

Shungite works vibrationally on the molecules and atoms in your body to free them from their bondage to negative patterns and energies. It is a conduit for spiritual light, safeguarding your aura, and protecting you from the psychic attack of your nay-sayers. During Retro season we can get down on ourselves for not performing at the same level of speed and efficiency that we are used to. Shungite aids in releasing feelings of doubt and self-sabotage, dispelling all forms of negativity. It rids us of unwanted emotions such as guilt, fear, and shame.


6.) Selenite

Selenite is the best stone to use for clearing your auric field of dirty energy. It cleanses away stagnant or stuck energy from your physical and etheric bodies. Selenite aligns your chakras and opens you up to guidance from higher realms, working to purify the upper chakras. It harmonizes well with other stones and is excellent for keeping anything near it clean energetically.



We know that it can be difficult to carry crystals with you all the time so we have created a bracelet including Kyanite, Angelite, Selenite, Shungite, Clear Quartz, and Aquamarine! Imagine the beautiful energy of these stones combined. This bracelet was specifically designed to help you move through the chaotic and heavy energies of Mercury Retrograde with grace and light. It brings in the benefits of emotional healing, clear communication, SOURCE connection, and staying true to one’s most authentic self. Cleanse, clear, and purify yourself with this powerful cooling, calming, and stress reliving bracelet. Believe it when you feel it, this bracelet is a dynamic healer and cleanser, excellent for clearing away psychic debris, grounding your energy, and finding your calm through life’s changes and challenges.


Crystals for Grounding & Why Grounding is One of the Most Important Spiritual Practices

February 06, 2020

If you are having trouble focusing, completing tasks, or staying in the present moment, it may be time to get grounded.


What is Grounding?

Grounding is mainly about two things, bringing your awareness to your body and physical reality, and connecting with the earth and nature. When you are grounded you are fully present in your body, and in the current moment. When we spend a lot of time engaged with technology or performing activities that use a lot of brain power – OR if we often engage the higher chakras in spiritual practices, than we can get too in our heads. Or in other words, used to being in a reality away from the physical. Once you are done working on the computer, or journeying to connect with spirit, you may find yourself a little spaced out. Grounding is the process of restoring equilibrium by connecting with your current physical environment, and the earth.

Who needs grounding?

EVERYONE can benefit from grounding! But especially if you are someone who is sensitive to energy, you may require it even more so. If you work in a profession where you are directly involved with a lot of other people, if you spend many hours on the computer, or if you do any type of energy work, implementing grounding routines into your everyday life could really improve your wellbeing for the better. 

How to tell if YOU are in need of grounding

If you encounter a combination of at least three or more of the following experiences, you may really benefit from grounding.

  • Over thinking
  • Not being present (always thinking about the future or past)
  • Being in constant communication with SPIRIT
  • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or having headaches
  • Not relating to other people, or feeling a separation between you and humanity
  • Feeling more tapped into the collective consciousness than into your own personal identity and life experience
  • Feeling confused, overwhelmed, or unsure why you are having negative emotions
  • Spending a significant portion of your day engaged with technology (cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.)
  • Unable to carry on a normal conversation or losing track of what you are saying
  • Feeling overstimulated
  • Feeling spaced out or having trouble focusing
  • Experiencing inflammation, poor sleep, chronic pain, anxiety, or fatigue


Why is Grounding One of the Most Important Spiritual Practices?

It is easy to understand why being on your computer or cell phone for most of the day can cause you to become ungrounded. You are paying attention to the virtual world, not the physical world. Plus, we now know that harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) radiate from 5G wireless technologies, which have adverse effects on us. But why is grounding important for people who engage in spiritual practices?

 Anytime we are doing spiritual work we are raising energy. When we are grounding, we are sending that energy back down into the earth. When we raise energy, we open ourselves up to the multidimensional realities of SPIRIT. If you do not ground afterwards, or frequently enough, then you may find yourself staying open and connected to these realms all of the time. Sounds fun right? But it isn’t very practical or wise for living life here on earth. Although there is much beauty and wisdom to be channeled to us from SPIRIT, in order for us to actualize this information we must ground and re-center.

 If you are on the spiritual path you likely enjoy and even love connecting with SPIRIT. Why wouldn’t you? It allows you to feel all the oneness and connectedness in the world, providing you with solutions to many problems in your life. But here’s the thing, think of connecting with SPIRIT and receiving guidance as step one of several steps to really making the most of your spiritual journey. Step two is about grounding and returning to this earthly reality. Step three is about processing and understanding that guidance, learning how to integrate it into your framework and life. If you do not preform step two, then yes, you will continue to receive many downloads and channel from other realms, however you will find it very difficult to actually integrate any of this into your own life, or to be of service to others with all of the knowledge and wisdom you have obtained. We are still existing in human bodies and our physical brains and bodies need time to process and make sense of new discoveries and truths.

How to Ground Yourself

There are many ways to get grounded, generally the rule of thumb is that if it brings you into the present moment, or gets you out of your thinking mind, and into your body it is a grounding activity. More specifically there is something called earthing, which is when you make direct contact with the surface of the earth so as to obtain a charge of energy that quickly alleviates any negative symptoms you may be experiencing.


Here are some ways that you can practice grounding:

  • Walking barefoot on the earth
  • Swimming in natural waters
  • Gardening or spending time in nature
  • Eating nutritious hearty meals, or foods that grow in the earth i.e., beets
  • Exercising, dancing, yoga, biking, movement of any kind
  • Listing things you presently take in from your environment with your physical senses i.e., I see a red truck, I smell pine trees, I feel my wool socks on my feet
  • Placing your hands (which are extensions of your heart chakra) onto a tree
  • Meditations and visualizations for sending your energy into the earth
  • Wearing or working with grounding crystals


Crystals for Grounding


Shungite is a miraculous and rare stone that has innumerable benefits. It is a matte black to semi-metallic mineraloid that contains high amounts of carbon, and intense healing properties. This super stone is two billion years old and takes millions of years to form, possibly even billions, meaning that it began forming way before people populated planet earth. Talk about being grounded and connected to earth! Shungite contains a powerful antioxidant called fullerenes. Fullerenes is also known as one of the antioxidants with the longest lasting healthy effects for humans. Use Shungite pieces to help mitigate the harmful EMF’s that radiate from technology, or to charge your water with balance restoring antioxidants.

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 Black tourmaline can be polished, with a noticeably smoother and shinier surface, or in its raw form appears rougher with vertical striations. It is known as the empath’s stone for its ability to protect one’s energy. Black Tourmaline releases fear bringing you into the present moment. It protects from energy vampires, EMF’s, and connects you to your root chakra helping you to feel safe in this reality, and to build secure foundations.

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Hematite is the most powerful grounding stone. Made up of around 70% iron, what could pull you down to earth quicker than the weight of iron? Like an anchor, Hematite brings you back into your physical reality, quieting the internal chatter of the mind, and helping you to be in your body.

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Obsidian is volcanic glass that forms when lava cools. Obsidian grounds negativity and excess energy, removing it from your auric field. It is an earth connection stone that aids you in focusing and re-centering. It will ground you and protecting your energy.

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Smokey Quartz is a darker coloured quartz crystal and can be anywhere from light grey to black in colour. It is highly grounding as it pulls unwanted, excessive, and negative energies out of you sending them down into the earth to be transmuted.

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When choosing a crystal to help you with grounding it can be beneficial to hold one stone in your hand at a time, and to notice which one interacts best with your personal energy field. People who are sensitive to changes in their body may feel a wave wash over them that slightly heightens their physically senses into this reality, helping them to feel more grounded. Try different grounding techniques and see what works best for you. You will know they worked.

8 Steps to Creating Your Own New Moon Ceremony

January 02, 2020

Doing a monthly New Moon Ceremony can help you manifest what you desire into your life and support you in creating a dedicated spiritual practice.

What is a New Moon?

The New Moon is a phase of the Lunar Cycle when the moon appears as a small crescent in the night sky. The Moon cycles through five main phases, and each phase produces its own particular energy. Each phase is an opportune time energetically to do specific ritual work with regards to manifesting and honoring your spirituality.

The Full Moon, which is when all of the moon is visible from earth, and the moon appears as one large circle.

 How to Honour:

The Full Moon is the optimal phase to celebrate all that you have accomplished, and to give thanks to the universe for all of the blessings you have received. It also has potent energy for any type of spiritual work. Dance, play, commune, and celebrate at this time. 

The Waning Moon, which is when the moon becomes less visible from earth each day that passes. It appears as if the moon is slowly shrinking day by day, and this moon can look like anything from a half moon to a quarter moon.

 How to Honour:

The Waning Moon is when we are focusing on releasing things out of our lives. This energy will help you to let go of what is no longer serving your highest good. Honour it by cutting energetic cords that are no longer in alignment, and releasing your past.

The Dark Moon, which is when the moon is not visible from earth at all, and the sky looks totally dark, save for the stars.

 How to Honour:

The Dark Moon is a time for inner reflection and divination. Honour it by becoming aware of the visions and signs that arise during meditation and in your dreams.

The New Moon, which is when the moon becomes visible once again from earth, and often appears as a slender crescent moon.

 How to Honour:

The New Moon is when the moon is reborn. During this phase we focus on renewal and the new energies that we wish to manifest into our lives. 

The Waxing Moon, which is when the moon appears to be growing in size day by day, and often appears as a quarter or half-moon from earth. It is on its way to becoming full again.

 How to Honour:

The Waxing Moon is when we continue to focus on, and take action towards what it is we are manifesting, or what is growing in our lives.

What is a New Moon Ceremony?

The New Moon energy is very powerful and it can be harnessed through ritual to manifest our intentions. Performing a ceremony is a beautiful way to connect symbolically to your Higher Self, and to set clear intentions of what you want to bring into your life. Part of co-creating your world is in connecting with the energy of the natural ebb and flow of our universe and utilizing this energy to bring forth what we desire. Some people do New Moon rituals for abundance, and others take a New Moon ritual bath.

How to do a New Moon Ceremony...


Bring in any tools or power objects that are meaningful to you and that will help you shift your awareness into a slightly altered state. You are preparing to communicate with the universe, so you want to make it special. Stimulate your senses: you can light incense and candles, bring your crystals and gemstones into your space, and make sure you have the privacy you need to concentrate. Call upon your helping spirits and guardian angels to protect you and be with you during the ceremony.

  • PS…Using crystals and gemstones are a way to supercharge your desires even further as they magnify your intentions when they are programmed. See how to program your crystals here


You can smudge yourself and your space by burning dried sage and wafting the smoke around yourself and the room, with the intention in mind to cleanse and purify. Open the window or door and let the smoke and any negative energy be released outside and back into the earth to be repurposed. 


Express gratitude to your helping spirits and guardian angels for always guiding, loving, and supporting you. Be thankful for your life and all of the blessings and miracles that happen to you every single day. Always begin any spiritual practice with gratitude and watch how your life improves. Say it from your heart.


Write down your intentions/ what you wish to manifest into your life on a piece of paper. You can write down ‘New Moon Intentions’ and then write out what you intend to happen. MAKE SURE to write down what you want in the present tense. So instead of saying I wish to make friends with people who have similar interests as me, instead write, I am meeting like-minded people on a daily basis. Setting clear, specific intentions tells the universe exactly what you want to be charged into motion. Try to focus on one or a few things each New Moon rather than listing everything you want all at once.


Once you are done writing out your intentions, begin to read them aloud or in your head one by one. As you do so visualize in your mind what your wish looks like. This is a mind, body, spirit match up, so make sure to focus and imagine your wish with all your senses. Feel it, see it, smell it, and touch it.


This is an extra step you can perform to enhance your ceremony. Use either an appropriate crystal or candle for what you desire. Each crystal has a specific energetic benefit, and each color candle is symbolic of what you wish. So either light a candle as you visualize your intentions and let it burn through on its own until it is completely done, OR program your crystal for your intention and wear it on you until the Full Moon as a reminder of your intention. 

Candle & Crystal Color Associations

Red – Root Chakra, Grounding, Stability, Strength, Action.

Crystals: Jasper, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian etc.


Orange – Sacral Chakra, Passion, Creativity, Courage, Vitality.

Crystals: Orange Calcite, Tangerine Quartz etc.


Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra, Willpower, Intelligence, Learning, Confidence.

Crystals: Pyrite, Citrine, Yellow Calcite etc.


Green – Heart Chakra, Love, Balance, Boundaries, Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth.

Crystals: Jade, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Kunzite etc.


Blue – Throat Chakra, Communication, Authenticity, Peace, Serenity.

Crystals: Aquamarine, Larimar, Turquoise, Blue Lace Agate etc.


Indigo – Third Eye Chakra, Wisdom, Awareness, Intuition, Imagination.

Crystals: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Tanzanite, Labradorite etc.


Purple – Crown Chakra, Spirituality, Divine Connection, Higher Consciousness

Crystals: Amethyst, Purple Agate, Cacoxenite, etc.


White – All Chakras, Protection & Spirituality. A white candle can be substituted for any other color candle.

Crystals: Selenite, Angel Aura Quartz, Moonstone.  



Once again it is time to express gratitude for all of the love, support, and guidance you have received from your helping spirits and the universe – and to thank them for helping you to manifest all that you desire.


Trust that the Universe has heard your prayers and that the energy you wish to align with is coming into your life. Be open to opportunities that come your way even if you don’t feel ready. No one GREAT ever waited until they were ready to do something, they jumped in and figured it out along the way.

Remember to make this ceremony your own, feel free to improvise and do what aligns and feels right for you. There is no right or wrong way to do a New Moon Shamanic Ceremony. Let us know in the comments how you do your New Moon Ceremony and what works for you.

How to Become a Confident Leader with These 8 Crystals

December 18, 2019

 No matter how much you have struggled to take initiative and step into your personal power, you can shift your energy and build your confidence. 

I want to share a story with you to illustrate the importance of shifting your energy in order to attain a desired outcome. This past summer I went through a period where I realized that I no longer spent time with many friends. Between work and my favourite past time, which is reading, I wasn’t getting out much. I decided that I wanted to mix and mingle, meet new people, and make new friends. So I began attending events centered around my interests in the hopes of meeting likeminded people. But I always left just as lonely as I had arrived. It wasn’t until I began doing deep inner work that I realized that although I had the right intentions and was taking the appropriate actions to making new friends, my energy was not aligned! It was stuck in my old narrative of being a loner, warning people to stay away and leave me undisturbed. Once I began to actually shift my energy with the help of crystals, I radiated confidence and became an open vessel for receiving exactly what I was looking for.

Courage is elusive, just as soon as you have it something that someone says or does can suddenly make it all disappear. Which is why it is so important to build confidence that comes from within instead of having it be contingent upon the approval of others. Easier said than done, I know. But let’s dive deeper.

For anybody who needs to hear this right now, EVERYONE goes through insecure periods where their just not feeling themselves. It’s totally normal to have spells of doubt and disbelief in yourself. The secret advantage to this is that the challenges you face are indicative of the growth you will reap.

Those who possess genuine courage and confidence that is resolute in the face of the many challenges that life throws our way, have all likely accepted one thing. Repeat after me…

I am willing to accept and even embrace the unknown.

So much of our confidence is lost to our inner critic. Often times insecure people are not only highly critical of themselves, but also of others. This is our ego, our defense mechanism, and it certainly has its function which is to protect us. But you do not need to be on the defense all of the time, this is your one-way ticket to becoming fearful, bitter, and jaded. Thanks, but no thanks.

So how do we become the confident, courageous leaders that we aspire to be? Spiritual and emotional growth occurs in cycles. The cycle of inspired growth usually begins with letting go and releasing what is no longer serving you. Once you have purged those pesky old habits and belief systems, it’s time to ground your new way of being by building stable foundations. Once you have a secure base to build off of, you can begin saying YES to life and attracting desirable opportunities for yourself.


Phase 1: Crystals for Releasing Shame, Guilt, Fear, and Silencing Your Inner Critic

Unless you are willing to become self-aware and realize where your insecurities are stemming from, and be willing to release those old narratives that you have been carrying along your journey, it’s going to be pretty difficult to really say YES to life and become the most confident version of yourself. It’s time to let go. The following crystals are powerful energetic supporters for releasing fear and old, stuck energy.

 Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is a magical iridescent crystal with a high vibrational auric field. This stone will motivate you to be the most authentic version of yourself, shedding layers of guilt, shame, and self-doubt.

 Spirit Quartz Benefits

  • Brings spiritual alignment
  • Inspires playfulness and creativity, letting go of that grouchy inner critic
  • Helps you discover your spiritual center
  • Facilitates bonding with others
  • Encourages you to put aside your ego and align with the highest good for yourself and all

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Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz pulls negative energy and grounds it into the earth to be repurposed. Working with Smokey Quartz will help you to become less self-conscious.

 Smokey Quartz Benefits

  • Dissolves worries and apprehensions
  • Transmutes negative energy
  • Lifts depression and anxiety
  • Detoxifies
  • Releases what is no longer serving you

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Phase 2: Crystals for Building Autonomy, Independence, and Leadership

If you are someone who is co-dependent and is overly reliant on others for support, know that you can be independent and build the strong foundation you need to support yourself. Whether it is financial, emotional, or energetic autonomy that you require, it is available to you and these crystals can support you along your journey to Independence.


A Bloodstone crystal is a powerful action stone that will help you to stay grounded in the present moment. It’s strong healing energy assists with birthing new ways of being.

Bloodstone Benefits

  • Helps to release the echoes of bullies and naysayers
  • Encourages one to be strategic and flexible in their decision making
  • Increases endurance to withstand challenges
  • Boosts motivation
  • Builds confidence, courage, and self-worth

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Carnelian is a magnificent gemstone for courage and confidence. It helps you to build stable and strong foundations in your life.

 Carnelian Benefits

  • Helps you to trust yourself
  • Boosts your zest for life
  • Increases practicality
  • Bolsters courage to face difficulties and overcome them
  • Stimulate stamina and inner power

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Jasper is a deeply nourishing stone that will support you in staying calm and grounded during stressful periods of time.

 Jasper Benefits

  • Inspires you to be honest with yourself
  • Motivates you to act on your ideas
  • Alleviates stress and calms nerves
  • Strengthens your aura
  • Dispels fear 

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Phase 3: Crystals for Stepping into Your Personal Power and Being Confident

A lot of the time we hide behind a mask in order to fit in, please others, or for fear that we may lose something if we show our true faces. Don’t be afraid to let your authentic self be known. If you are someone who often wants to escape reality, or who avoids taking responsibility and being a key player in your own life, it might be time to start building your personal power and saying YES to life.


Sunstone is the perfect stone to use if you are looking to activate your personal power. It can help you to enforce boundaries, build self-discipline, and will leave you radiating confidence.

 Sunstone Benefits

  • Welcomes good luck and good fortune into your life
  • Raises self-empowerment
  • Boosts vitality
  • Creates potential for success and promotion
  • Promotes independence

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Citrine is a master abundance crystal attracting wealth, prosperity, and confidence.

 Citrine Benefits

  • Attracts joy and happiness
  • Manifests wealth
  • Boosts confidence
  • Motivates one to stay strong and persevere through tough situations
  • Increases creativity and personal power

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In terms of crystals for leadership, Pyrite is the choice par excellence. It encourages you to use your power, talents, and abilities to generate wealth and abundance for yourself.

  Pyrite Benefits

  • Eradicates power imbalances
  • Energizes and strengthens the auric field
  • Dissipates negative thought patterns
  • Tunes one into a wealth mindset
  • Warrior stone

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Any of these crystals are sure to align your energy with your most confident self and inspire you to take on a leadership role. If you are looking for a promotion at work, to become more assertive, or even just to build your own personal power these are the best crystals to work with.

Manifesting with These 4 Crystals

December 11, 2019

Manifesting is all about aligning your personal energy and frequency with what you desire. Like attracts like. Which is why it is crucial to clear your chakras and aura of dirty energy, and keep your vibration high. You can do this with the help of crystals because their healing works on an energetic level.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers

November 29, 2019

Although the holiday season is a time to rejoice with those we care about, it can also leave us feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and unbalanced. Support your loved ones and show them you care with the timeless gift of healing crystals.

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Breaking Down What It Truly Means to Love and 5 Crystals that Will Help to Improve Your Love Life

November 27, 2019

Although falling in love is an amazing feeling, L O V E is about so much more than just romance. It’s about choosing compassion instead of judgement, it’s about doing the right thing even when it’s hard. A lot of the time love is about living in alignment with your highest self and acting from a place of integrity. As the old adage says, you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself first!

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