The Secret to Manifesting Your Intentions

February 19, 2015

Lately, I have been playing in the energy of attracting various things into my life – in other words, allowing things to come to me.

Normally, I am more of a doer, with a go, go, go energy, where I have to get everything done in-order-to have what I want. This, however is more of a forceful frenetically-derived energy, which can often create the opposite effect, energy resistance. Even though I do get results this way, it’s with a lot more struggle and less ease.

Looking back on my life, I realize everything that was meant to occur did! Often these events were completely unexpected, with little to no effort on my part. I believe these were not chance events and that they were definitely meant to occur. So in effect, perhaps there was more effort on my part than I realized, but the effort would have come more from who I was being, and the energy that I was putting out to the universe. 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a lazy, complacent energy, where I sit on the couch eating chips, watching TV, all the while expecting things to show up. There has to be intention. Intention is a powerful energy that can be tapped into any time. It’s an energy that allows you to co-create your reality.

When I put my intentions out to the universe, combined with the energy of trusting and allowing my Higher Self and the Universe to deliver what I desire in the perfect way and at the perfect time, it is incredible to witness how fast it shows up.

The key here is truly having full trust. Energetically this sets up a vibration of knowing that what you desire is on the way and you are allowing it to come to you. And don’t forget gratitude!! An attitude of gratitude for something on the way will raise your vibration and bring it right to you.

Whenever I come up against something that is not quite working out, if there are delays or things seem to be blocking it from occurring, I take it as a CLEAR sign that it is not meant to be. I have complete faith and trust that if something is not working out then it is not for my highest good.

This works the opposite way as well, when things are working out and literally falling into my lap, I KNOW that this is the right path and I go with it.

To sum this process up simply:

Intention + Trust + Gratitude = Intention manifested

Another way to raise your vibration and supercharge your manifesting success is with crystals and gemstones. Crystals and gemstones can be charged with specific intentions that will amplify what you desire, thus bringing it to you faster.

Shaman Sisters Designs are handcrafted with powerful healing gemstones that repel negative energies, keeping you positive and grounded. We charge all pieces with Reiki energy and also perform a Shamanic Intention Ceremony, this amplifies the powers of the gemstones. To see our designs click (here).

Wishing you Abundance and Blessings


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