Attune with the Spirit of the Universe Using Lapis Lazuli

October 22, 2019

Are you looking to gain clarity and perspective in life? To boost your intuition, and be protected all at the same time? Then Lapis Lazuli may be calling you.

With its cobalt blue beauty and shimmering gold pyrite flecks, not only is it a healing stone providing tonnes of spiritual and emotional benefits, but it’s absolutely beautiful! Lapis lazuli is an ancient stone that has been used to gain spiritual wisdom since as early as 4000 B.C. It is reminiscent of deep blue ocean waves, and combines three to four different types of minerals, including lazurite, sodalite, calcite, and pyrite.   

The Buddhists say it brings inner peace by releasing negative thinking, and we could not agree more! Lapis Lazuli is considered to be a wisdom stone because it helps us to sort out which information is important and which is not, boosting our intuition, and helping us to understand the deeper meaning behind occurrences.

Lapis Lazuli is considered both a wisdom stone as well as a healing stone. This is because it basically filters out all B.S.! No, but seriously there is a reason it is widely accepted as a highly protective talisman. Lapis Lazuli promotes morality and ethical behaviours and attitudes to those in contact with it, asking for honesty and deep truth at all times. It supports enlightenment by inspiring self-awareness in its possessors. By tuning into the answers within yourself, you receive the tools to open up to the spirit of the universe. 

Lapis Lazuli corresponds with the third eye and throat chakra’s, which gently guide you towards seeing things clearly and speaking your truth. This magnificent stone opens up intellectual ability, inspiring a desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding.

Use Lapis Lazuli to help you:

  • protect against evil eye
  • alleviate intrusive thoughts
  • deepen self-awareness
  • promote self-expression
  • guard against psychic attack
  • gain a keen sense of clarity and objectivity
  • speak your truth
  • boost intuition
  • connect with spirit
  • dispel negative thoughts
  • bolster good judgement
  • enhance intellectual ability
  • improve memory
  • deepen communication
  • relieve migraine headaches
  • diminish repressed anger

Work with Lapis Lazuli to help you cut through illusions and get to the truth of any matter. Although there are many healing stones with different crystal meanings, you can be sure that Lapis Lazuli is right for you if you are looking to boost protection, self-awareness, and good judgement. It is a gorgeous stone that compliments jewelry, and many people carry it on them as a protective amulet.

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