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Healing Benefits of Auralite 23 High Frequency Gemstone

October 17, 2018

Among a sea of precious gemstones comes a unique crystal that goes by the name of Auralite 23. This beautiful crystal has diverse properties and is known to bring about harmony, balance and wellbeing to the mind, body and soul.

Auralite 23 is a super charged, high vibrational stone—one of our top must-have crystals.

What is Auralite 23?

Auralite has been discovered to be one of the universe’s powerful treasures. Explored in the year 2007, Auralite 23 can only be found in Canada, close to the Lake Superior region. Commonly referred to as the master healer as well as the modern age stone, Auralite has been known to arise at a time of dire need and crisis to help human nature undergo the process of healing.

The Auralite 23 gemstone is one of the rarest kinds of amethyst, comprising of a mixture of minerals, 23 to be exact and yes that’s where the name Auralite 23 comes from.


How did the Auralite 23 come into existence?

Estimated to be around 1.2 billion years old, the crystal may have developed at an era when comets were impacting the planet earth. The end result would be the perfect amalgamation of all the minerals as well as elements that together create the Auralite 23 stone we have today.


What are the 23 minerals and elements that make up the Auralite 23 crystal’s composition?

Each mineral/element present in this mega healing stone plays a useful function, together which unite to give us the unlimited benefits of the Auralite 23 crystal today.

Auralite23 Gemstone
  1.  Titanite
  2. Pyrite
  3. Limonite
  4. Cacoxenite
  5. Goethite
  6. Sphalerite
  7. Gialite
  8. Pyrolusite
  9. Covelite
  10. Gold
  11. Copper
  12. Bornite
  13. Rutile
  14. Epidote
  15. Nickel
  16. Magnetite
  17. Ajoite
  18. Hematite
  19. Chalcopyrite
  20. Silver
  21. Lepidocrosite
  22. Platinum
  23. Iron


What are the spiritual benefits that can be gained from Auralite 23?


Unlocks Angelic Realms

Due to the vast array of elements and minerals present inside this crystal, Auralite 23 functions as a bridge towards the divine. It may be referred to as a crystal that possesses an open gateway towards the Angelic Realms.

The stone works as a simple means of connecting you with the guides as well as the Angels. This in turns works to instill calmness into one’s life, something that perhaps was never felt before in the past.


Calms Mind and Soul

Auralite 23 stone has been renowned with its ability to tone down tempers, providing effective control over an individual’s anger. To simply state, the stone manages to instill the user with the ability to think before acting and speaking, therefore avoiding possible means of misconduct and miscommunication.


A Complete Character Development and Life Healing

Auralite 23 crystals have been proven to specifically work over the upper chakras of the body, overall producing a healing effect in all chakras. Once it has been held, the crystal manages to begin the process of healing, development of personal character and the strengthening of intuition into a person’s life.


Boosts Wisdom and Mental Health

The high frequency crystal gives the empowerment of knowledge, wisdom and a true sense of inspiration. The ability for human beings to begin to realize what their shortfalls may be and what abilities they currently possess is a true phenomenon in itself, all courtesy of Auralite 23.


Amplifies Spiritual Healing

Auralite 23 is capable of bringing upon a likely means of obtaining spiritual healing. This includes the ability to undergo inner purification, greater psychic sensitivity, in depth knowledge of the truth, profound energetic shifts, accelerated growth, balanced emotions and awakenings and visions of possible future events,


Eliminates Bad Luck

This crystal is renowned for its ability to eliminate any form of hatred and prejudice from our lives. Auralite 23 can also make one remember his or her past as a means of glancing back at the associated karma and then begin the release of the associated karmic patterns.


Creates the most powerful Positive Energy Realms

There is no better way of getting a deep sense of meditation than by using the Auralite 23 as your facilitator. We are able to bring about an inner focus that helps us delve into the greatest of realms through the assistance of this stone. Even spending time alone with the stone is enough to allow it to bestow upon you the immense spiritual wellness of its greatness and a powerful stride of positive energy.



What are the physical benefits to be obtained from Auralite 23?


Heals Different Strains in Body

What better means of undergoing physical stress healing than through the power of Auralite 23 crystal? This gemstone works to rid the body of stress, providing extreme relaxation every step of the way. This includes removal of muscle spasms, backaches, eye strains, tension headaches and any other muscle discomfort too.


Better Cardio Vascular Health

Auralite 23 has the capability of restoring vascular health to new heights, including enhanced function and greater processes of healing.


Improves Vital functions of Body

The high frequency crystal manages to instill a balance within the ongoing physical processes of the body. Whether it’s the heart center or the crown center, any chronic problems are eliminated and proper vital functions are restored.


Enhances Cell Rejuvenation Process

The body’s cell regeneration and cell rejuvenation processes are given a boost alongside the activation of the body’s 7 chakra systems. This means individuals can benefit from a complete health transformation from head to toe as kundalini energies are awakened and opened for purposeful benefit.


The real essence behind the Auralite 23 crystal

The high frequency crystal we call as Auralite 23 is a true gift for human beings to take full advantage of. The true essence behind holding and possessing this gemstone is the recognition and understanding of the blessings bestowed upon each individual’s life.

Every moment, challenge, space and time you incur should always be done with a positive sense of energy and as a means of blessing the world with your love, care and motivational support.

The core of Auralite 23 crystal’s nature is based upon the art of giving and blessing others with your sense of wellbeing and enlightening persona. And above all, to become awakened by a new and brighter sense of living and sharing our gifts and Higher Purpose.

One of the best ways to receive the benefits of Auralite 23 is by wearing it on the body with jewelry that ranges from beautiful rings, pendants and bracelets to captivating necklaces and earrings.

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