8 Steps Out of a RUT and Into Alignment

October 30, 2014
We’ve all experienced something we could call being in a rut - we don’t like our jobs, our relationships, we want to be in better shape, eat better food, the list goes on and on. I have been stuck in several ruts in my life and I can usually recognize when I am in one very quickly. I have discovered that what being in a rut really means is that I am not in alignment with my Higher Self - my true self.

One of the first red flags that indicates you have driven off course from your Higher Self, is that you are simply just not happy - you feel like you are going through the motions every day and virtually sleep walking. Other clues are lack of inspiration, motivation, and a feeling of resistance. When you are not in the right place, doing the right thing, deep down your intuition knows this and if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t fool your intuition. Once you have recognized that you are in a rut the next step is taking ownership of the fact that 1) you created it and 2) you want out of it.

The problem is that often we get stuck in a situation that, at the time, seems impossible to escape from. For example, being in a job that you are unhappy in, an abusive—mentally or physically—relationship or perhaps you have bills to pay and you don’t have the money to pay them. All of these would make you feel trapped. Usually, you can’t just wave a magic wand, or rub a genies belly and voila, you are free from your rut. You created your current situation and it takes work on your part to bring in a new energy and create change.

Following are my 8 Steps to Getting Back on Track:

1) Start paying attention to your thoughts - consciously replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

2) Meditate - when you silence the chatter box, you can get in tune with your heart and your higher self, which will never lead you astray.

3) Make a conscious effort to feel good - you can’t attract or create anything new when you feel bad.

4) Journal about what you want to create - journal as if you have whatever it is you want already, use the words I am, rather than the words I want. Be specific!

5) Set realistic goals that will bring you out of your current situation - be clear and detailed, set dates.

6) Start feeling and living like you have achieved your goals - what would it feel like to be living your dreams, and feel that way now! This is very powerful because if you continue to feel and act like the old you, you will continue getting the same things you’ve always gotten!

7) Take action - yes, you have to do something, you have to make changes. Thinking and feeling alone will not get you there, you have to put things into action!

8) Change up your regular routine and get out of your comfort zone - meet some new friends, get a new job, do something different on your weekend - this helps shift the energy.

9) Read a new book- spiritual or personal growth, find something that resonates with you.

Ruts are not necessarily bad things, we all get off track now and again. Everything occurs in cycles and from the perspective that nothing is really good or bad - I like to think of ruts as opportunities for recognizing what you don’t want, as an opportunity to learn and grow, to connect with your Higher Self and intuition, and from that place, create what you really want. I would love to hear about your experiences and what has worked for you.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when creating them.” Albert Einstein

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