How to Manifest with Crystals and Gemstones

February 26, 2015

Crystals and Gemstones are not just beautiful, shiny objects - they have incredible healing properties and have the ability to store and amplify energy. They can be programmed with specific intentions, thus, supercharging your manifesting success. Once the crystal is programmed or charged, it will continue to emit the intention until it is cleared and reprogrammed.

Crystals and Gemstones can be programmed with up to five intentions, examples of intentions are: spiritual growth, harmony in relationships, being more grounded to the earth, protection, and prosperity.

Amplifying your crystal for manifesting:

1) Cleanse your crystal - I recommend smudging it with sage, leaving it over night in a bowl of salt (with no water), or rinsing it in clean water from a stream.

2) Express your intention - make sure it is clear. It helps to have your intentions in alignment with the healing properties of the stone you are using, for example:  Rose Quartz is the stone of love, your intention could be: Unconditional love is flowing into my life.

3) Sit quietly with your crystal and state your intention several times, either in your head or out loud. You will intuitively know when your crystal is charged, you might feel a vibration coming from it, or you might just know it is complete.

4) Finish by saying the intention, followed by, "and so it is."

Wearing crystals and gemstones will raise your vibration and further attract your intentions to you, the best way to wear crystals is with jewelry because the gemstones will be touching your skin.

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Wishing you an Abundance of Positivity and Joy!


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