How to Bring Magic Into Your Life with Labradorite

April 09, 2015

Labradorite is a gemstone that I have been drawn to for years and it is one of my top must have stones. Also known as Spectrolite, this beautiful gemstone is a Felspar mineral and is usually shimmering iridescent green, blue, grey, black, or white in colour.

Gem of Magic

Labradorite is not only a magical looking stone, it truly is a stone of magical powers. This mystical stone works with the third eye and crown chakras and has the ability to raise consciousness and bring transformation into your life.

Bringing gifts of opening up psychic abilities, intuition, raising ones vibration, and thusbringing in synchronicity and serendipity into your life. I just love when synchronicity shows up and I can say since Labradorite has come into my life meaningful coincidence is occurring all the time.

Powerfully dispels worries and fears- this gem replaces them with self-confidence, adventure, and inspiration. You want this stone as an ally during times of change, as it imparts strength, will, and insight. 

Labradorite is a strong protective stone, repelling unwanted energies, removing psychic debris and negativity. If you work in the healing professions, negative or stressful environments Labradorite is a MUST have to cleanse  and balance your aura of the negative energies that you are picking up. For more info on negative energies read my blog post (here).

I sleep with a piece of Labradorite under my pillow and I like to have it on me at all times so I can reap the benefits of its remarkable powers. The best way to keep this incredible stone nearby is by wearing it with jewelry. 

I learned early in my nursing career that I needed to protect myself from the negative energies of others and the environment. I realized that so many other people out there are not protecting themselves and this is affecting them negatively. And so, I created a jewelry line, Shaman Sisters Designs that specializes in handcrafting the finest quality gemstone jewelry - designed for healing, transformation, and protection from negative energies of all kinds.

We have many designs with this transformational stone, check them out (here).


I'd love to here about your experiences with Labradorite or any other stones!

Many Blessings!

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August 13, 2017

I was in my local health store and I noticed a sphere on a shelf with other stones. But this sphere was calling to me so I held it. Later that day I felt so amazing. I went back to the store and asked what it was. She said it was labradorite and a clan mother put her energy in it and said “somebody special will come and feel the power and buy this stone”. That person was me. I took it home and it’s only been a couple days, I already feel the power of this sphere.


March 02, 2017

I love labradorite! One of the first metaphysical experiences I had was with a piece in each hand! Wonderful stone!


January 21, 2017

I’m attracted to this when I have gone into our local crystal & stones store. Now I understand why and think this is one I should add to my collection.

Terri Young
Terri Young

August 20, 2016

Love too have this…im a Gemini

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