4 Simple and Practical Ways to Clear Your Space

November 06, 2019

Wondering how to clear your space of negative energy? 

When you enter a space, whether it be your own home, a friend’s place, or your workplace, your intuition and higher awareness immediately pick up on subtle energy shifts. Have you ever entered a room and realized that an argument just took place without actually witnessing it yourself? This is because you can literally feel the tension in the air.

Our psychic awareness is always providing us with information about the present energy of our environment. If you pay close attention and listen to cues from your body, your gut, and your heart, you can easily tune into the energy of a space. You may notice that a space feels light and airy, positive and comfortable, or stifled, dense, and heavy. Obviously, no one wants to exist in a space that informs the latter. You guessed it: when a space feels heavy, stifled or makes you feel anxious, restless, or uncomfortable, it is often times due to a buildup of negativity that has not been cleared.

Clearing the energy of your space is as important as cleaning the floors, disinfecting the countertops, and changing your bedsheets.

Doing this one simple act of clearing your space will do wonders to improve your relaxation, sleep, relationships, and can even help to improve the quality of your thoughts and emotions. There are four main ways to clear your space: crystals, smoke, protection spray, and sound.

1. Using Crystals in Space Clearing

We all know that crystals emanate positive and lovely vibrations, protecting what is in their vicinity, which is why we wear them in our jewellery and keep them in our pockets! But what about the protection of our space? Perhaps you want to keep the vibes high in your living room or common area, or maybe you are trying to create sacred space for ceremony. Either way, crystals are outstanding helpers when it comes to purifying and transmuting negative energy.

Must Have Crystals for Home:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Shungite
  • Rose Quartz

Black crystals tend to be very grounding and are terrific at transmuting and purifying negativity. Rose quartz emanates love and positivity, to keep the vibes high at all times.

How to Arrange Crystals in Your Home

Arranging crystals at home for the purpose of clearing your space is super simple. First make sure that any crystals you use are cleansed themselves (you can use any of the same methods that you are using to clear your space). Secondly, decide which room or area could use some clearing and protecting, and which crystals you prefer to use. Once you have chosen a space, you can either place medium sized crystals in the four corners of a room. Or you can use larger sized crystals to purify and protect the whole space. Basically, the larger or higher vibrational the crystal is, the more effective it’s going to be at protecting a bigger area. Crystal clusters and spheres are wonderful for radiating their high vibrations in all directions.

 2. Using Smoke in Space Clearing

Native American’s have been using dried herbs such as sage, cedar, and sweetgrass to cleanse their space for centuries. While other spiritual practices use a variety of herbs to cleanse such as dried lavender and rose petals. In order to clear your space using smoke you will need:

  • A large abalone shell (or any fireproof container)
  • Matches
  • Dried herb(s) of your choice
  • A feather or other sacred object used to fan

Take the abalone shell or fireproof container and place the dried herb(s) inside. Then light the herbs with a match, and after a couple of seconds gently blow out the flame. Smoke should begin spiraling outwards. Make sure to keep a positive intention in your mind, such as, “I use this smoke to cleanse and purify my space. Any unwanted or negative energies, BE GONE.” Use your feather to push the smoke towards all corners of the room, and wave it near any objects that need clearing, such as your pillow. Lastly be sure to open the window to release the negativity.


3. Using a Protection Spray in Space Clearing

Protection spray is an elixir made from stones, crystals, and/or essential oils, and flower essences, and are used to cleanse energy and protect wherever it is sprayed.

Our protection spray that we make at Shaman Sisters is a powerful tool for clearing your space, and includes a black tourmaline infusion, as well as:

Vetiver: grounding, relaxing.

Benzoin: helps with emotional exhaustion, allows for the nurturing of the self and others.

Lavender: relaxing, clarity, peace and tranquility. Stabilizes the physical, etheric and astral bodies.

Sage: cleanses space, clears negative energy, invites positive energy.

Benzoin: helps with emotional exhaustion, allows for the nurturing of the self and others.

Frankincense: centers and uplifts the mind and body, slows and deepens breath. Sacred oil for ritual and meditation.

Witch Hazel: Native Americans have long recognized the medicinal properties, astringent and clearing.

Walnut: for protection and constancy against outside influences during periods of major transition, e.g., breaking old/forming new relationships, changing jobs, etc.

Black Locust: protects against psychic attack.

Lichen: put us at ease in our surroundings.

Scarlett Pimpernel: frees us from the negative influences of others.

White Cherry: helps dissipate old energy patterns affecting our lives.

4. Using Sound in Space Clearing

You can clear your space with sounds, just as you would clear a crystal, using a singing bowl, a Tibetan bowl, a gong, or a sacred bell. The vibration from the sound is so positive, powerful, and high frequency that it attunes your space accordingly. When a singing bowl is played, the sides and rim vibrate to produce sound; characterized by a base frequency and usually two audible harmonic overtones. Shower your space with a healing sound bath to raise the frequency and purify and release any stagnant energy.

Remember: If you want to feel good, at ease, and sleep or rest like a baby, clear your space! You can do it when you feel called, or as often as you would like. Try all four methods and discover which is the best fit for you and your space.