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5 Essential Healing Crystals for Beginners

October 23, 2019

Crystals are powerful allies for healing, and we know how overwhelming it can be to choose which one is right for you. Afterall, there are so many, each with their own healing properties and benefits.

The rule of thumb in the spiritual world is to choose the stone that calls to you. There are a couple of different ways that a gemstone may call to you. Firstly, you may be completely floored by its beauty and presence, YOU CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT IT! Secondly, you can hold it in your hand and notice what you feel. Sometimes a stone’s energy can be so strong that you immediately feel some type of relief or positive energy just by being in contact with it.

Of course, another valuable way to choose which stone to work with is to learn about it's meaning and healing properties. Here are five super stones that are potent energetic healers and are great to use no matter what level of understanding you have of crystals.


For optimal mental and emotional health, as well as to attune spiritually.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz and has many distinguishing properties. It usually ranges in colour from light violet to deep purple, and is sometimes layered with white quartz. When inspecting amethyst’s physical properties, you will notice that it appears in single terminations, geodes, and clusters.

Amethyst’s Meaning: Amethyst helps to promote spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, while releasing fear and strain. It also dissipates overindulgence and helps people to overcome addictions, and enhance memory.

Use Amethyst to help you:

  • achieve inner peace
  • guard against psychic attack
  • alleviate stress, anxiety, and mood swings
  • maintain sobriety
  • remember and understand dreams
  • relieve insomnia
  • ease headaches and release tension 
  • soothe the mind and emotions

What to look for: less scratches and nicks on your amethyst stone, and richer colour.


2) Citrine

To increase and maintain wealth and success

Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz that carries the power and vitality of the sun. It ranges from pale, golden, and honey yellow to light brown. Citrine’s properties include silicone dioxide, which is also found in the human body. This is why citrine’s vibration resonates with people so naturally.

Citrine’s Meaning: Citrine is a manifesting and abundance stone, energizing and stimulating new and prosperous beginnings. It transforms negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and grounds negative energy all over.

Use Citrine to help you:

  • build will power
  • transform your desires and dreams into reality
  • acquire and maintain wealth
  • spark creativity and imagination
  • keep up a positive mindset

What to look for: The less inclusions, the higher the quality of citrine.


3) Rose Quartz

The stone of universal love

Rose quartz is a quartz crystal found in varying shades of pink. They can range from a very light almost unnoticeable pink colour, all the way to a deeper pink. Rose quartz vibrates at an energetic frequency of 350Hz which promotes harmony and high vibrations.

Rose Quartz’s Meaning: Rose quartz helps to open your heart chakra, and promote healing. It inspires beauty and also supports the female reproductive system. Rose quartz is an aphrodisiac, reducing stress while bringing in peace and calm. It also dispels negative energy, keeping the vibes high and loving.

Use Rose Quartz to help you:

  • restore trust and harmony in relationships
  • promote comfort in times of grief
  • forgive yourself and others
  • boost feelings of self-worth
  • protect both mother and child during pregnancy
  • dispel jealousy, gossip, and resentment
  • achieve emotional support in times of crisis
  • reduce wrinkles, scars, and blemishes

What to look for: Rose quartz that it's ethically sourced.


4) Black Tourmaline

For ultimate protection

Black tourmaline also known as schorl, is a black stone usually appearing with vertical striations. Its properties stimulate an electrical charge when rubbed, causing it to attract or repel particles. Black tourmaline is a shamanic stone used for protection during rituals.

Black Tourmaline’s Meaning: Black tourmaline is used for protection in every possible form, including from malevolent spirits, radiation and environment pollutants, as well as from negative energy. It is a grounding stone, helping to align your chakras, and promote a sense of power and physical vitality.

Use Black Tourmaline to help you:

  • purify and neutralize your own negative thoughts
  • build confidence
  • face difficult circumstances or toxic work environments
  • protect against emotional vampires
  • soothe panic attacks
  • concentrate
  • to shield against electromagnetic smog, and radiation associated with cell phones, computers, and other electronic equipment

What to look for: To possess the highest quality black tourmaline look for an unaltered stone.


5) Shungite

The ultimate detox crystal

Shungite is an ancient non-crystalline mineraloid, that is purported to be around two billion years old. It is considered to be a purifier stone because its properties are composed of one single element, which is carbon. It’s colour ranges from semi-metallic to matte black. Shungite can withstand fire, and is scientifically proven to possess fullerenes, which is a molecule with powerful healing properties.

Shungite’s Meaning: Shungite is one of the strongest mineral healers, detoxifying and purifying. It also protects against harmful EMF, and relieves pain.

Use Shungite to help you:

  • purify your water
  • alleviate headaches, back pain, inflammation, and muscle pain
  • improve your immune system with antioxidants
  • relieve insomnia, stress, and anxiety
  • inhibit EMFs and radiation from cellphones, electrical grids, computers etc.

What to look for: There are two types of shungite, black shungite and elite shungite. Although all shungite contains high levels of carbon, elite shungite contains the highest carbon levels.


Whichever stone calls to you, make sure to visit crystal shops in Toronto that ethically source their gemstones and use the highest quality stones. If you are not located in the Toronto area, buy healing crystals online from reputable sources. Whether it’s amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, black tourmaline, or shungite, you are sure to dispel negativity and improve your life with any of these healing super stones.