Align With Your Soul Purpose Using Angel Aura

November 06, 2019

Have you ever wondered what your unique soul purpose is? Angel Aura Gemstones are powerful allies for aligning us with our souls purpose.

Angel Aura

We always have YOU in mind when creating both beautiful and high vibrational pieces here at Shaman Sisters. This means that the intentions behind the jewellery we create are just as important as their beauty and elegance.

Angel Aura is a gorgeous shimmering gemstone that carries a high vibration for connecting with your soul’s purpose. You will find that even just gazing at its milky iridescence is highly inspiring. It is prismatic, meaning you can manipulate it in the light to reveal any of the colours in the rainbow. However you will most often notice the colours purple, blue, and pink which correspond with the upper chakra system.

                        The Crown Chakra - connects you to the divine

                        The Throat Chakra – asks you to speak your truth

                        The Third Eye Chakra – clarifies and brings insight

                        The Heart Chakra – asks you to love, surrender, and accept

What does it mean to align with your soul’s purpose?

  • Feel like you are flowing with the current rather than against it
  • Living in authenticity with who you truly are on the inside
  • Using your natural gifts and talents that you were born with
  • Surrounding yourself with the people, career, and lifestyle that mesh perfectly with you
  • Remembering your past incarnations, and adapting the lessons to this current life

Aligning with your soul’s purpose allows you to turn your dreams into reality. Angel Aura gemstones have their own unique aura coating that is achieved through bonding a natural quartz stone with platinum and titanium. Anyone who is familiar with crystals and gemstones will know that quartz is the mother of all crystals, amplifying, storing, and transforming energy. It is even used in technology today in watches and cell phones, to do exactly that. While titanium provides the metallic sheen, platinum has the highest vibration of any metal.

   How to connect with your soul’s purpose using ANGEL AURA: 

You can meditate with it, wear it as jewelry, or even set specific intentions with your unique stone or piece. Setting any one of the following intentions can help you to align with your soul’s purpose. Ask Aura Angel to help you:

  • discover your deepest passion
  • expand your trust in the universe
  • connect with the beauty of nature
  • receive messages from spirit guides and guardian angels
  • strengthen your intuition
  • release fear and have it transformed into love
  • connect to light source energy
  • share your authentic voice