ANDARA Master Crystal Healing Benefits

May 08, 2019

Andara Crystals are master crystals with powerful healing abilities for increasing vibration and awareness to access universal knowledge, open up psychic gifts, DNA activation. A healing crystal that balances and clears the 3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut). This crystal can accelerate the process of spiritual development and helps one to attract and manifest the path of their True Authentic self.

Authentic Andara Crystal comes from the high-energy vortex site in the High Sierra Nevada's of northern California on Mount Shasta, originally found by an Indian medicine woman in 1967 named Lady Nellie. Andaras have also been discovered in South Africa. Testing of the soil where they were found proved to be high in monatomic elements.

Monatonic nature of Andara Crystals: Andara Crystals are Monatomic in nature, which means monatomic metallic elements are single atom metal elements, which behave differently than normal metals. So, they have various confirmed properties which when heated to high temperature they transform to a glass like material. Andaras contain Prima Matra (Etherium which combines 70 minerals) which have a profound healing effects on our body, clear, protect and balance our subtle energy fields.

Andaras are high frequency crystals—they are not from this planet but from the star system beyond this earth. Andaras are full of limitless possibilities. They tend to enhance and raise our vibration, increase our intuition as well as telepathic abilities thus connecting us to our higher Divine-self, which in turn brings about the feeling of Joy, Harmony and Inner Peace.

My first experience with an Andara was very profound. I hadn’t heard of Andara Crystals before and one was placed in my hand, I instantly felt the energy travel from my hand to my heart and up through my crown chakra, I felt an energy that I haven’t felt before so I bought them. I still had not looked them up and that night I slept with it on my heart chakra and I had vivid dreams and traveled through multiple dimensions. Needless to say I went back to my trusted source and bought many Andara crystals the next day.

Andara crystals are controversial, some claim that it is nothing more than slag glass, however, given my own personal experience with genuine Andara crystals—I have no doubt they are one of the highest vibrational crystals on the planet at this time. It is said that you can bond with this stone only when you are to do so, as with any crystal it has to be a vibrational match.

Colors & Possibilities of Andara Crystal:There are variety colors in which Anadara is found but the interesting thing about Andara is that they pick you to bond with them. Some of the colors of Anadara are discussed below:

  1. Purple:It is a powerful stone and it can travel between the two worlds without any restrictions or restrains. It clears things that block intuitions, also clears central channel i.e. heart to crown. It also aligns the heart with the divine forces.
  2. Gold/ Green Andara:This stone promotes creativity, brings wisdom and connects to the Divine Source. Gold Andara is a pure wisdom stone which grounds you to zero, as it integrates the masculine and feminine polarities within the individual.
  1. Amber Andara:It is very powerful golden-brown stone. It provides direction to one’s decision, provides emotional and mental strength. It is a cosmic magical wand, inconceivably extended in vast and harmonious space or time. Clear/ white is considered as color of light, which can pervade all reality, transcend space and time, revealing our true nature.
  2. Electric yellow Andara:The yellow color of Anadara tends to bring back one’s life into its rhythm. It stimulates the connection of heart and soul.
  1. Electric Green:This stone tends to bring about a vibrant glow in the life of the individual. As the light passes through this stone it tends to open up the portals healing and transformation.
  1. Tara green:This stone tends to ignite magic of the heart. It has the purity of the heart felt prayers. It helps in energizing and unlocking one’s potential. 
  1. Merlin Blue:This stone holds the energy of magic and alchemy. It brings forth manifestation, vision and gives you access to many dimensions and connection with the celestial realms.
  1. Ocean Blue:This stone brings about the energy of ocean to your life and with it comes the clarity, tranquility and compassion for all living things.
  2. Cobalt Blue: These are intense deep blue stones, clear both etherically and physically, it tends to transcend the old paradigm to the next level of vibration.
  1. Ice blue:This stone clear with light to a very light bluish tint. They tend to restore peace, grace, acceptance, harmony and compassion. It brings about peaceful changes and channels divine energy. It also holds mother energy. 
  1. Seafoam:This stone carries all or most of the properties of All the Andara crystals. This stone works mainly on generational heritage – clears off the past life related issues from DNA. Renews cellular memory, cleanses body, mind and spirit. It immense amount of water and salt content which is very beneficial to rebuild the cellular memory and clear emotional calm and provides the stability to walk through the world in a powerful way. It also expands the state of awareness, increase access to universal knowledge, activates ability to challenge and accelerates the process of spiritual development.
  1. Elestial Sapphire Andara:This stone channel of pure “blue ray” as it is available from cobalt to light blue. The vibrations of this stone tend to bring limitless stream of joy. It also restores balance, grace, peace and harmony.
  1. Ethereal Mint Andara:These stone is found from pale to mild green colors. It brings about a sacred resonance of freedom, hospitality, kindness and joy. It also recognizes and embrace the spark present within each of us.
  1. Pink Andara:This stone brings about unconditional love, brings about the sweetness through the heart, connects you to your inner self, helps in restoring ones grace and creates a shield of love around you.
  1. Aqua Lemuria Andara:This stone allows you to speak from the heart, connects to the dolphin and whale energy allowing you to flow with the rhythms of the life. It provides the cool and calmness of the sea. Activates throat & high heart.
  1. Orange:This stone gives you the gratitude to see others without judgement.
  1. Blue Merlin:This stone brings about a powerful connection with great alchemy and celestial realms. It allows the movement of energy energetically in a spiritually uplifting way. 
  2. Akashic Oracle ClearWhite/clear is the color of Light, which permeates all reality, transcending time and space, revealing our true nature. Assists with channeling abilities and access to the Akashic records. Connects to Purity and Innocence.
  3. Emerald Green: This high-vibrational Andara connects your being directly to Gaia, the Nature Elementals, Abundance, Fertility, Compassion and Forgiveness. Emerald Green is Powerful healer as it works with the Emerald Ray. This crystal provides direct multi-dimensional access to sacred knowledge and wisdom.
  4. Lady Nellie Andara: This Andara carries the spiritual heart energies of Lady Nellie the Shaman who found the original Andara crystals. A divine will Andara representing the power of intent, cause, direction, centralization and unity. Brings power, strength, faith and protection. It is a crystal of transmutation and compassion and profound healing.

True and genuine Andaras have been around since the times of the crystal temples in Atlantis and Lemuria and are thought to be the Highest Vibrational Crystals on the planet at this time.

How to work with Andara Crystals: A genuine Andara crystal has an energetic radius of up to 500 feet and they can be kept on the bedside table. Sleep with your Andara Crystal on or near your body, we love placing them on the heart charka. They can be placed under your pillow, inside your pillow case, on any chakra or held in your hand. 

I have found that it takes a few days to week for my body to calibrate to a new Andara Crystal and the energy can keep me up at night, if this happens you can ease into it by not sleeping near it every night at first. Be prepared for some incredibly vivid and wild dreams, Andaras assist with multidimensional travel across time and space. 

Hold them in your hand during meditation or while lying down you can place them on your body. Andara Crystals love the sun and water so they can be charged every so often but they do not need to be cleared.

How to choose an Andara Crystal: Let your heart choose the Andara that is meant for you! Descriptions are great but you want to have a connection to your Andara and you will find that by looking at them and feeling for a response in your heart charka, there will be one that makes your heart sing. If you're deciding on a few different ones, the descriptions can help to narrow it down. 

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