Black Tourmaline for Protection

November 12, 2019


Why You Need Black Tourmaline 

An empath is someone who is very sensitive to the energies around them. 

To a degree, we're all empaths. Our brains and emotions are designed to pick up on one another's frequencies in order for us to relate and develop community more easily.

Some of us though, have a more defined ability to pick up on the energies around us.

While this can be a blessing, it often-times starts off as a challenge. 

If we're unaware of this ability to pick up on the energies around us, we may find ourselves fluctuating in mood and temperament based on our environment and those in it. 

Once we become aware of this ability to pick up on the thoughts and emotions of others, we may begin to shield our energy from them.

Protecting our energy in this way, allows us to connect more deeply with others, knowing that we may help them without taking on their trauma. 

And that's where black tourmaline can help. 


What is Black Tourmaline?

Black tourmaline is a powerfully protective stone that will help you create a shield between your own energies and those in your environment, specifically damaging energies like EMF, environmental smog and dense energies from unhealthy individuals. 

Black tourmaline forms a protective forcefield around you, your aura and your home or workspace, if you keep it there.

Black Tourmaline is also a grounding stone that increases physical vitality by way of grounding your base chakra with the energies of the earth.

In this way, black tourmaline helps you to maintain a self-sovereign state of being while you are entrenched in the world around you. 

No matter the energies amplified in your environment, working with black tourmaline can and will help you maintain energetic independence.


How to Work with Black Tourmaline?

The best way to work with black tourmaline is to wear or keep it on your body, and also to place it in your home and workspace. 

The larger the piece, the more protective the shield it will create for you. 

Because black tourmaline works so diligently at absorbing and transmuting unwanted energies, it's extremely important that you care for it regularly.

Cleansing, charging and programming your black tourmaline will ensure that it stays clean, activated and doing its highest quality protection work at all times.


Where to Place Black Tourmaline in Your Home and Work Space 

Alongside protecting your personal space, black tourmaline is an excellent energy neutralizer.

Ideally, you'll place it near a window or door in your home or workspace. Worked with in this manner, black tourmaline blocks negative energies from entering your space. 

You can place a piece at the main door, and also throughout the home/workspace, by additional doors and in front of windows, to amplify it's functionality.

Remember, the more of it you have, the further it's reach. 



As discussed earlier, we all pick up on one anothers frequencies quite naturally. 

Black tourmaline can work as a powerful ally for us, to ensure that as we continue to connect with others, we also continue to maintain our own unique state of being and energy signature. 

In this way, it's a powerful tool for ascension and self-sovereignty. 

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