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Crystals for Car Protection: 5 Reasons Why You Need them + 15 Crystals to Use

November 18, 2019

Placing healing crystals in your car for protection can completely uplift your driving experience making it soothing, fun, and hassle free.

Whether you love or hate driving, it’s something that most of us do almost every single day. Although road trips can certainly be fun, we all know how stressful the commute to work and back can be. Between mind numbing traffic, road rage, and keeping up with directions, I’m sure we would all appreciate it if everyone stayed in their own lane! Driving can be aggravating, if not downright dangerous at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Placing healing crystals in your car for protection can completely uplift your driving experience making it soothing, fun, and hassle free. Crystals can also help you to stay safe and focused on the road. Here are 5 reasons why you need crystals in your car, and 15 crystals for safe car travel:



    We all know how easy it is to be distracted while driving. You know your route, so your attention drifts to your phone, your to-do list, or even the attractive pedestrian crossing the street. But focus and concentration are integral for safe driving. We recommend the following stones to help you improve your focus and concentration while driving:


    • Helps you to maintain sobriety
    • Protects you from geopathic and environmental stress
    • Enhances your memory for direction, and clarity of thought for decision making

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    • Best crystal to keep in your car for mental focus, allowing your brain to quickly figure out what to do in abrupt and stressful situations
    • Enhances fast and clear decision making
    • Radiates gentle calming vibrations that will help you to feel at ease in traffic

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    • A powerful car protection stone that creates a vigilant shield around you
    • It pulls mental tension and stress right out of you
    • Encourages you to possess a strong sense of self control at all times, which is needed for those who are tempted to check their phones

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      A lot of people first come into the crystal world looking for protection, and that never changes along the spiritual path. Protecting yourself and your vehicle could potentially save you from coming into contact with negative energy, people, and situations. These are the best crystals for car protection:

      Black Tourmaline

      • Absorbs and transmutes negative energy, whether it’s coming from you, your passenger, or the surrounding cars
      • Sends any negative energy directed at you right back to the original sender, this is perfect for anyone yelling at you or flashing rude hand gestures in their fury of road rage
      • Wonderful stress reliever

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      • Cleanses you and the energy in your car to raise the overall vibration
      • Purifies all surrounding stones and crystals to keep them clean and cleared of any negative energy
      • Promotes a peaceful environment and strengthens your auric field

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      Lapis Lazuli

      • Protects you from evil eye and psychic attack
      • Boosts your intuition and clarity which can help with directions, and deciding when the best time to change lanes is
      • Goodluck talisman

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        This is the part where driving becomes fun! When we are driving, we are travelling, and when we are travelling, we are getting from one place to another. This can also translate into embracing change and opening yourself up to serendipitous pit stops, and to enjoy the view along the way. Dictionary.com defines serendipity as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Here are the stones we recommend to invite divinely guided travel and miraculous synchronicities to occur: 


        • Supportive companion through change, banishing fears and sustaining your trust in the universe, useful for those who may have worry or fears around driving
        • Brings balance and protects your aura
        • Attracts synchronicities and serendipity

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        • Gently opens your heart chakra up to being okay with new experiences, would be a beneficial stone for a road trip
        • Stabilizes your mood and neutralizes negative energy
        • Releases fears of travelling whether it be driving, flying etc.

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        • One of the highly recommended crystals for driving as it protects from injuries and bodily harm
        • Protects against any and all evil
        • Assists with any form of travel

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          Not only do we often travel with other people in the car, but we are also in a constant relationship with other drivers as we change lanes, let other pass us, or even when we signal right or left. Maintaining harmony and emotional balance in the car is one of the best ways to stay safe and high vibrational. Not to mention the amount of times people have arguments with each other in the car! Luckily there are healing crystals that aid our emotions and relationships. Here is what we recommend:

          Rose Quartz

          • Raises all surrounding energy to a higher vibration
          • Protects you from the selfishness or carelessness of other people
          • Attracts positive and loving energies

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          Smokey Quartz

          • Releases ongoing contradictions, confusion, and negative energy
          • Relieves you of a busy mind, helping you to focus on the present moment and perform well
          • Channels all negative energy into the earth to be repurposed into positive energy 

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          • Boosts your self-confidence, silencing those back-seat drivers
          • Provides emotional balance, helping whoever is near not to overreact
          • Helps you to keep your cool around emergencies and danger

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          Being grounded enables us to take in cues from our present physical environment, which essentially the main thing we do when we drive. Driving is active rather than passive, so we should be focused on the road at all times. Our root or base chakra is the energy center that helps us to stay firmly grounded and present in our current environment, with a secure sense of stability to act from. Here are the stones we recommend to keep you grounded while driving:


          • Protects you from radiation and harmful EMFs that emanate from technology
          • Grounds your energy, bringing you into the present moment
          • Balances the energies of the right and left sides of your body

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          • Boosts stability and grounding as it has a strong connection to the earth
          • Enables you to be conscious of your environment, bringing you out of your intellectual mind and into your body
          • Helps with those who are afraid to drive alone, reminding them that we are all connected and that no one is really ever alone

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          • Clears confusion and mental fog, narrowing your thought process in one direction, helping you to remain focused on the road
          • Relieves pain, allowing your attention to remain on the task at hand
          • Balances your chakras, allowing you to feel more centred and stable

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          These are the best crystals to keep in your car and using any of them will help you to stay safe while driving. Even if you don’t drive yourself, you always want to stay protected as a passenger and we recommend the above crystals for safe car travel. You can hang rear-view mirror crystal accessories in the car, use a crystal keychain on your keys, or even place a large stone under your seat or in your glove compartment. Happy and safe driving everyone!