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Detox Your Entire Life Using Shungite

November 12, 2019

Find out what’s so special about shungite, and why every home needs it

Shungite is a miraculous and rare stone that has innumerable benefits. It is a matte black to semi-metallic mineraloid that contains high amounts of carbon, and intense healing properties. This super stone is two billion years old and takes millions of years to form, possibly even billions, meaning that it began forming way before people populated planet earth. Why is this important? Because shungite has been acquiring information about the evolution of earth far longer than we have! Its archaic history is part of the reason why it is such a protective and healing stone.

In 1996 scientists made a huge discovery with respect to shungite, and even won the Nobel Peace Prize in chemistry for their work. What they discovered is that shungite contains a powerful antioxidant called fullerenes. Fullerenes is also known as one of the antioxidants with the longest lasting effects.

What is Shungite Used For?





What Does Shungite Help With?

Shungite will help you to:

- increase your energy levels

- dissolve stress and anxiety

- protect you from EMF (including from cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, TV, etc.)

- ground your energy

- stimulate your root chakra

- lessen insomnia

- balance the energies of the right and left sides of your body

- relieve muscle ache and tension

- balance your overall energy

- energetically shield your space

- receive powerful and purifying antioxidants

- detoxify your body, mind, and spirit

- purify your water

- protect you from radiation

How to Use Shungite

1. Adorn Yourself in Shungite Jewelry 

Wearing this stone on your body is a perfect way to absorb the shungite benefits. It will create a protective barrier between you and harmful EMF’s radiating from your computer, your cell phone, and even cell phone towers in your environment.

2. Shield Your Home and Workspace

Use a shungite pyramid, sphere, cube, or generator point near technology in your home, including microwaves, electric boxes, and televisions. This careful placement is sure to diminish EMF’s without interfering with the quality of your gadgets.

3.) Purify Your Drinking Water 

Place a shungite stone in your water, or better yet, drink straight from a shungite cup! This is shown to balance, purify, and charge your water, leaving you noticably replenished.

4.) Ground and Meditate

Feeling overpowered by your analytical mind? Can’t stop thinking, and turn your brain off at the end of your workday? Meditating with shungite is an amazing way to ground your energy, bringing your focus back to the present moment. It will restore balance to your chakras by dissipating overactivity of the higher chakras and stimulating the lower chakras.

5.) Protect Your Sacred Energy with a Cell Phone Plate

Our bodies and our energy are sacred. They are the home for our soul, and the vehicle for us to achieve our soul’s purpose. It is of the utmost importance that we stay high vibrational as often as we can. This becomes difficult when we constantly have our phones in hand, or even worse near our heads, leaving us vulnerable to adverse EMF’s. Shungite cell phone plates are a wonderful way to stay protected while scrolling or calling.

If the shungite properties mentioned above aren’t enough to keep you as obsessed with this stone as we are, we have one more discovery to share with you. There is a special type of shungite called elite shungite. Elite shungite often appears metallic, and possess the highest amount of carbon, with up to 99% retention. You guessed it: the more carbon, the more fullerenes, the more fullerenes, the more antioxidants! Do not leave yourself defenseless against radiation or harmful EMF’s any longer. Protect yourself with shungite and feel better.