Protecting your space energetically with black tourmaline and selenite

October 06, 2021

Did you know that black tourmaline and selenite have an immense cleansing and protecting power?

Of course, you knew about the healing properties of crystals. They are amazing tools in our spiritual work and practices. They help us to heal inside out.

But today, you’ll read about the power of black tourmaline and selenite. By the end of the article, you will know how to protect your space energetically with these two powerful stones.

Why you should protect your space energetically

You may have heard that we all have auras.

The aura is your electromagnetic field. It’s the sum of all of the energy that surrounds you.

Our aura changes its color depending on our vibration.

Our frequency depends on our inner state.

For instance, when we are joyful and full of peace and harmony, we are vibrating high.

When we are sad, frustrated, anxious, or angry, we are vibrating low.

But did you know that your house has its aura too?

Isn’t that amazing?

The electromagnetic field of your house depends on the energy you bring to it. If there are a lot of discussions, your house aura gets affected.

When you come home after a long day, you may bring home negative astral beings from the places you’ve been throughout the day.

That’s why it’s so, so important to cleanse and protect your house energetically.

Black tourmaline and selenite work GREAT for that purpose. Keep reading to find out how you can harness their power!

What is black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a stone from the tourmaline family. It is a type of silicate crystal, and you can find it easily at specialist stores.

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for grounding and protection. It has many healing properties, and it helps you to rebalance energetically.

This crystal has tremendous energy, and it is excellent to protect against any negative energy. That includes psychic attacks and negative astral beings. 

How to protect your space energetically with black tourmaline

There are many ways to protect your space energetically with this powerful tool.

Place black tourmaline around your house

The first way to protect your house energetically with black tourmaline is placing it where you consider that needs it the most.

This practice asks you to be very intuitive. Where and when do I need to use black tourmaline?

For instance, If you live with your relatives or roommates, and there is a discussion, it generates negative energy. You can put black tourmaline in the room to dissipate negativity from the environment.

Whenever you feel that the energy of the place is very dense, bring your black tourmaline to the place you think that needs it the most.

You can also place it at the center of your living space to protect the whole space.

Of course, the bigger, the better. A bigger black tourmaline will radiate more energy.

Crystal experts recommend black tourmaline pyramids to transmute negativity.

Black tourmaline and EMF protection

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. Some people also refer to them as EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

It refers to the electromagnetic fields created by electronic devices such as cellphones, laptops, TVs, etc.

This energy affects you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It also affects the aura of your space. Excessive exposure to these radiations can cause electromagnetic stress.

Black tourmaline is a great tool to neutralize the effect of these electromagnetic fields, especially if you are always around technology.

Place it around your office or the room with more electronic devices in the home. You can also put a black tourmaline crystal around you while you are working with your laptop.

Place black tourmaline in the four corners of your house

Crystal experts recommend placing black tourmaline crystals in each corner of your home.

Doing this will keep your space protected against negative energy or dense astral beings. It can also protect you against black magic.

Black tourmaline can absorb, transmute and dissipate negative energy. With this trick, your space will be super protected!

Black Tourmaline wands

Wands are great healing tools. Shamans and holistic healers use them to amplify and direct energy from its tip.

Crystal wands are especially great for amplifying energy.

If you want to use a wand, grab it with your hand and imagine how the energy flows from your heart, through your arms and hands, and how it finally reaches the wand.

Then, project that energy to the place that you want.

Healers use it to detach negativity from the body. You can use it to detach negativity from your space too. Black tourmaline helps to rebalance the energy of a space.

Draw a protective circle around your house. Grab your black tourmaline wand, imagine the energy moving, and direct it around your house, creating a circle. It will protect you against any negativity.

What is selenite?

Selenite is a beautiful, translucent, generally white crystal. It has a very pure energy, and it is easy to find. Selenite works wonders to cleanse your space.

Selenite has amazing healing and spiritual properties. It is a unique ally in your spiritual practice.

This crystal can help you to communicate with angelic realms and to connect with your light body.

How to protect your space energetically with selenite

Selenite has a very soft, feminine energy. It works great for cleansing.

Create a protective grid with selenite or place it around your house

Similar to black tourmaline, you can create a protective grid with selenite.

To create it, put different selenite crystals in the corners of your house.

You can also use a large piece of selenite and place it in the center of your house. This ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite wands

Crystal healers use selenite wands to detach entities from the aura. They also use it to prevent the influence of negative energy.

You can use selenite wands to amplify and direct energy. Use it to radiate positive energy to the places of your home that need cleansing.

Similar to black tourmaline, you can use it to draw a protective circle around your house.

Place selenite under your pillow

Before going to bed, place a selenite crystal or a selenite wand under your pillow. This practice will protect you and your bedroom during your sleep from any negativity.

Combine black tourmaline and selenite to protect your space energetically

Have you ever heard about crystal pairings?

Some crystals work great with others. And black tourmaline and selenite are a great pair!

Together, they work to protect and cleanse the space from negativity. Since black tourmaline absorbs negativity to transmute it, it needs regular cleansing. But selenite can cleanse other crystals when you place them close to it.

As a result, these two crystals amplify their energy and help you to cleanse the atmosphere of your space. Put them together in a strategic place of your space and your home will feel peaceful and lighter!

Final thoughts | Protecting your space energetically with black tourmaline and selenite

Crystals are friends. They help you heal physically and energetically, they are great allies in your spiritual practice, and what is more, they protect you from any external negativity.

Crystals have a very high vibration. When you surround yourself with crystals, they help you to align yourself with that frequency. They help you to heal and to feel calm.

Black tourmaline and selenite are particularly good at cleansing and protecting a living space. You can use them in your room, your house, or your apartment.

Keep them around your space, and it will feel like a temple!

That’s it for today! Now you know how to cleanse and protect your space with black tourmaline and selenite.

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!

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