Restore Your Organic DNA

August 11, 2021

Why do we consent to all of these different bullshit stories we hear about our “reality” - like what happens when we get age? We make up excuses of why we feel bad in our bodies and don’t do certain things anymore and expect that our bodies won’t function the way they used to.

What we must fully become conscious of is that we are eternal. Our society has programmed us on a deeper spiritual level and our DNA has been tampered with. This has caused the aging process. But I am calling out all of these inorganic narratives about who we are.

I believe we can go through bioregenesis through raising our consciousness and activating our DNA and by restoring our organic Divine Blueprint.

What is DNA?

DNA is multidimensional, quantum and connected to Source.​ 

We have 12 strands of DNA and we have been told that 98% of our DNA is junk but really the 10 inactive strands of DNA hold our highest potential and can be activated as our frequency raises.​ These inactive strands of DNA are also deeply connected to Source and all that is.​

DNA is an antenna, a receiver that receives information from all around it. DNA is not linear, it is multi-dimensional and the multidimensional field around DNA can change matter. This means that it’s constantly being rewritten, to align with our thoughts, feelings and intentions. 

Your DNA holds your memory and spiritual record, interfacing with your Higher Self and Galactic history. You can call forth this knowledge that is stored in your DNA.

When we intend it to consciously participate in our creation, we call them forth to activate and shape our reality. As we do this we begin to connect to our Higher capabilities. 

How to activate your DNA

You can talk to your DNA and consciously tell it to activate. This will call forth higher levels of consciousness. This changes the codes that are sent to your DNA and activates more strands. 

Commanding out loud what you intend, you are able to clear and shift energie and activate your energy fields and DNA. Here are some commands you can use:

  • I cancel all contracts and agreements, that I have made with any being—in this  timeline or in any reality—that was not in my highest alignment and expression of  my light source.​
  • I terminate all false matrices, I terminate all illusions, I terminate all inorganic  programs—that might have obscured my highest purpose and soul mission—from  past, present and future.​
  • I declare the cancelation of such contracts irrevocable in all timelines and realities.  I choose my perfection to stand in the light.​
  • I choose my Highest Timeline.​
  • I choose to embody my full sovereignty.  ​
  • I choose freedom for myself.

Crystals to activate your DNA

Andara: Master Crystals with powerful healing properties that increase your vibration and awareness of universal truths. True and genuine Andaras have been around since the times of the crystal temples in Atlantis and Lemuria, and are thought to be the Highest Vibrational Crystals on the planet at this time. Work with these magical Crystals to open up your psychic gifts, activate your DNA, and accelerate your process of spiritual development. Each Andara vibrates at it’s own frequency, offering you something unique but always magical and transformative.

Cacoxenite: Clear your DNA and reset your Chakras with Cacoxenite. Cacoxenite is a spiritual stone that heightens spiritual awareness. It takes you to the core soul memories that require healing or integration before present-day spiritual evolution can occur. Work with this powerful stone to overcome stress and fear, and to harmonize your personal will with your Higher Self. Allow it to show you all the good that you have to offer. 


It is up to us to wake up and begin consciously commanding and activating our DNA or else our subconscious mind will rule the process and the usage of it.​