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The Power of Prayer

July 04, 2020


I grew up in a religious family. Prayer has been a part of my life from a young age, even when I didn’t understand it.  

The church felt like a box to me. As I got older, I stopped going and I also stopped praying. 

It wasn’t until I embarked on my Shamanic journey that prayer re-entered my life. That was when I finally starting understanding it and the power that it possesses. 

Prayer is infused into every aspect of Shamanism. 

As I began to learn about Shamanism and started to live a more Shamanistic way of life, I began to witness prayer from a different perspective than the one I grew up with, and my relationship with it began to deepen. 

I learned that through prayer we could accomplish so much more than we can through control. I learned that we are surrounded by Divine Assistance and that all we need to do is ask for that assistance, and also that prayer was one of the most powerful ways to do that.

Asking in this manner, for Divine Guidance and Support, is the true purpose of prayer.

I have experienced countless miracles in my life through the sacredness of prayer. I have received guidance and been supported through the magic of prayer.

Prayer is a truly powerful process that can serve to benefit each and all of us, personally and as a collective.

Now more than ever, prayer can serve to unite and support us, as we move away from the old ways of being and into New Earth.

The power of our prayers can shift our conscious reality at a molecular level.

Whether you're praying to a Higher Power, Creator, Universe or God, or to your Higher Self, Great Spirit, Mother Gaia or Father Sky, your prayers are needed.

Maybe your form of prayer is a meditative process in which you’re simply entering a state of presence and peace. Your prayers are also needed.

Perhaps your form of prayer is to a specific deity, or your practice is that of insightful devotion from which you draw a way of being. Your prayers too, are needed.

Regardless of who or what you’re praying to, the most important aspect of prayer is the intention behind it and the faith that you have in it.

When I was younger, prayer seemed robotic, or was used in a manner that served the ego of those I witnessed performing it. Used in this manner, it’s easy to understand why so many of us have turned our backs on it.

Without intention, the essence of prayer cannot be present in our lives, no matter the postures or words that we express. And without gratitude, we cannot receive what we are inviting through prayer.

When we pray from a place of need, it is an expression of lack. When we pray, knowing that our prayers will be heard and answered, it is an expression of abundance. Praying from a space of abundance is where the miracle begins.

Having faith that our prayers are also our will, we move into a state of gratitude and our call is heard.

Be in your heart when you pray. Feel the joy of having received the answer to the question you’re asking, of having received the outcome you're seeking. This is gratitude.

Today, I’m inviting you to join me in prayer. To set your intentions on collapsing lower vibrational timelines, separation programs, limiting thoughts, emotions and traumas that no longer serve you or us. Today, I’m inviting you to pray for the best possible outcome for the Highest Good of all.

Pray with me, for purification of the collective grief, shame and guilt that has plagued us for thousands of years. Pray for us to rise up.

Pray with me, for those who are fighting and perpetuating old and outdated paradigms. Pray for them to join in.

Pray and we shall receive.

I pray for the ascension of humanity. I pray for the abolishment of all separation programs, and for the unity of all beings. I ask for the dark forces to be exposed and I pray for all who are exposing them, for their protection and their safety. I send them love and strength.


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