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Use an Amethyst Crystal to Connect with Your Highest Self

November 18, 2019

Amethyst is a dazzling violet gemstone whose beauty is rivaled only by its healing potential.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to improve your life, but just can’t seem to figure out how, or where to even begin? It can be tough gaging which steps to take towards being the best version of YOU. What would that even look like, and what changes do you need to make to get there? These are all questions that working with an amethyst crystal can help you answer, and we will show you exactly how.

Amethyst is a dazzling violet gemstone whose beauty is rivaled only by its healing potential. Amethyst is an extraordinary crystal to work with if you are ready to align with your highest self. What do we mean by highest self? This is the version of you who lives authentically, respects yourself and others, leads a balanced lifestyle, and is both humble, and proud of who they are. So how exactly does one work with amethyst to achieve this?

One certain way to align with your highest self is by living a balanced life and boosting your connection to S P I R I T, and that is exactly the type of healing that amethyst’s properties can facilitate.

Working with the vibrations of an amethyst crystal gently brings your awareness to the thoughts and behaviour patterns that are holding you back, enabling you to understand how to make the necessary shifts to change for the better. When we are living in accordance with our highest self, we are able to release icky feelings of guilt and unworthiness, replacing them with peace and calm in who we are and where we’re going.

Use Amethyst to help you:

  • Alleviate stress
  • Encourage your spiritual growth and daily spiritual practices
  • Enhance your memory
  • Promote clear thinking
  • Aid your focus and ability to meditate
  • Induce calm and relaxation
  • Experience lucid dreaming, and dream recall
  • Temper overindulgence
  • Keep your vibrations high
  • Align with the divine
  • Boost your intuition
  • Awaken psychic gifts
  • Inspire your imagination
  • Balance emotions
  • Relieve insomnia and nightmares
  • Purify and transmute negative attachments

Amethyst is associated with the crown and third eye chakras, which guide you to see clearly and to connect with spirit. It is the perfect stone for someone who is searching for self-awareness and a connection to something bigger than themselves.

How to Program Your Amethyst Crystal

  • To program your amethyst crystal, first you have to think of a specific intention that you would like your crystal to help you with. Once you have your intention in mind, it’s time to create sacred space.
  • You can create sacred space by bringing your crystal to a quiet spot, where you will be undisturbed. We recommend smudging yourself, your crystal, and the area you will be programming in with a cleansing herb such as sage, pine, cedar etc. Make sure that you smudge with the intention to cleanse, purify, and remove unwanted energies. Open the window and let them be gone.
  • Next you will hold your amethyst stone either in your hands, or near the chakra which you will be working with. Let’s say your intention is to boost your intuition, because your intuition is associated with your third eye chakra, you may hold the crystal to your third eye. Once you have your crystal in place, take three deep breaths and empty your mind of chatter. If you feel comfortable, you can also picture a white bubble of light around you and your space for further protection.
  • Now ask your amethyst stone to help you with your specific intention, reciting it with feeling. Simultaneously visualize your intention in your mind, and really connect with your stone, showing the crystal what you would like it to help you with. You can say, it is my intention that you help to support me with ______________, thank you, thank you, thank you.

You don’t have to have an amethyst birthstone to work with an amethyst crystal either, this stone’s healing properties are available to everyone! Let us know in the comments what intention you will be working towards with your amethyst crystal.

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