More Than Jewelry: How Your Home Can Benefit From Select Stones

February 24, 2018

For thousands of years humans have adorned themselves with precious stones. Rings, armbands, necklaces, earrings, and head garlands are just some of the beautiful accoutrements worn by the elite of bygone centuries.

Today, many enjoy the use of precious stones for their equally invaluable properties, such as love, protection, positivity boosting, and spiritual calm. Some carry them in their pockets or bags, while others continue to wear them in eye-catching jewelry pieces. However, the healing and fortifying qualities of precious stones can also extend to your very home.

A few carefully placed stones in certain areas of the house can instantly work their magic, improving the surroundings and wellbeing of the inhabitants within. You can place your stone(s) in creative arrangements, beneath candles, or as stand-alone pieces on tables, shelves, and counters. (Just make sure to keep them regularly cleansed and charged to keep them going strong.)

Here are some suggested stones for each room in your home, as well as their time honored benefits:

1. Front Entrance

The main entrance or doorway of one's home is a powerful point of admittance. Here is where you and your guests bring separate energies into meeting, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

It is important to protect your home's entryway from unwanted entities and toxic energy, as well as instill a sense of peace and calm in those who cross the threshold. You can place a number of stones directly over the doorway and hidden from view, or in a hall table arrangement.

Selenite is among the most popular stones, as it acts as a kind of a "all-in-one" protector, banishing harmful influences, encouraging mental clarity, and promoting a balanced atmosphere free from conflict and drama.
Carnelian similarly invokes protection, and welcomes abundance of all kinds into your home.

Black tourmaline and black obsidian are both potent protectants against particularly nasty "debris" that might be left behind by potentially unpleasant--or unwelcome--guests, and will sweep the negative--however unintentional--out of your home following visits from unstable souls.

2. Living Room

Our lounge spaces are where we relax and recharge our minds and bodies, as well as entertain company. This is an environment that should feel safe and inviting, with stones that not only reflect your home's style and elegance, but the joy and tranquility you wish to instill.

Jasper is not only striking in appearance, but is perfect for absorbing any residual negative energy that may have made it past your front door. Amethyst, with its gorgeous purple and violet hues, promotes friendship and stability, and heightens intuitive strength.

Lapis Lazuli and turquoise are mentally calming, offering much-needed relief after a chaotic day, and work to keep your energy stores running smoothly.

3. Kitchen & Dining Room

The places we prepare our food, dine, and nourish ourselves and loved ones naturally benefit from the addition of equally nurturing stones. Lavender, white, or yellow jadeite encourages balance and understanding among groups of people (especially helpful during those holiday gatherings), while howlite is often referred to as the "tranquility stone," and helps keep the atmosphere light and cheerful.

You can even place certain stones in your drinking water for additional health and vitality boosting. Shungite not only kills any residual bacteria that may still reside in your drinking glass, but fights allergies, fatigue, asthma, and the common cold.

Amethyst, citrine, and fluorite are also beneficial, and make for lovely water jug décor.

4. Bathroom

The perfect stones to compliment your bathroom act with a similar purpose: to cleanse and rejuvenate. Bright citrine will not only get you moving in those early hours, but reinforce you with a sense of purpose and optimism as you start your day.

Red coral, a notably lovely nautical accent, not only alleviates depression, but connects one more deeply with the harmonious energies of the universe. An abalone shell, while not technically a stone, is perfect for holding your jewelry while you bathe, as it is a natural purifier and recharger.

5. Bedroom

Your bedroom is no doubt a sacred and intimate space, occupied either solo or with a partner, and here is where energy is at its most delicate. Stones that radiate with nurturing calm are crucial, and rose quartz is the inarguable leader of the "love stones."

Perfect for inviting new romance into your realm and keeping them sweet, rose quartz also encourages self love and harmony in all relationships. Similarly, jade is a fidelity stone, promoting balance and security within longstanding partnerships.

The appropriately named moonstone will guide you through your dreams and rid your body of harmful rhythms acquired from outside stressors.

For those wanting to turn up the heat in the bedroom, garnet has long been regarded as a powerful sexual aid, igniting passion and emotional courage.

6. Children's Room

Children have vibrant but fragile psyches, requiring love and support as they grow and develop. Rose quartz is a mothering stone that keeps those nurturing vibrations high when you're not there, while sodalite and chrysoprase have been historically used to promote a restful night's sleep in the nursery.

Amethyst will ensure that your child's life is filled with healthy friendships and mentors, while smoky quartz strengthens their resolve against bullies. Due to their bright-and-shiny kid appeal, your little one will no doubt want to handle and play with these stones -- let them! This will only enhance the stones' benefits.

7. Office

Stones that keep us focused, energized, and clear-headed are vital in the workspace. Hematite, a stone of mental mastery, improves memory and concentration, while fossil stones support new methods of learning and retaining information.

The ever-discerning fluorite stone stabilizes the mind in times of confusion, and eases one through periods of transition. To relieve creative and inspirational blockage, place a bowl of brightly colored stones--amber, citrine, chalcedony--by your computer or place of writing.

Additional Tip: Clear quartz is a fantastic "booster" stone that enhances the properties of its companion stones. You can add clear quartz to any of your room arrangements as an attractive--and strengthening--supplement.


Written by Melissa Bailey, a number cruncher by day and a freelance writer by night, loves exploring and writing about interesting spirituality, astrology, tarot, and psychic related topics. In her free time, she can be found on a yoga mat, playing tennis or hiking with her two dogs and fiance. You can follow her on twitter or visit her website.



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