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The Initiation of New Beginnings

April 15, 2020

Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented destruction and dissolving of old systems and structures, a purging and death of old ways that will lead us into a new world. 

As a collective, we are all going through a Rite of Passage.  An Initiation that will change us forever.

In Shamanism, an initiation is when we go through an experience that brings us out of our comfort zone and into an unknown realm. It is the process of shaking up our reality, ripping apart our beliefs and then putting them back together again anew. 

Initiation causes us to spiritually die to our old ways of being in the world, in order to experience a rebirth through total transformation.

Since childhood, I have experienced Shamanic Initiation many many times. Each initiation took me on a profound healing journey—a dissolving of ego, a death of my old self, a transformation and a rebirth into a more authentic version of myself.

An example of an Initiation that I went through was when my brother Adam died.

I came into this life with a lot of fear. Fear of speaking my truth, fear of success, fear of being in my power, and fear of being seen, to name just a few. It was through the loss of my brother Adam that I was able to move past many of those fears.  

When Adam passed, I experienced a much deeper connection to the spirit realms and unseen world. I had a spiritual awakening that resulted in the decision that I didn’t want to live my entire life in fear and never realize my dreams. 

I channeled my heartache into empowerment, and pushed through my fears - that’s when I started Shaman Sisters.

Even though it was a heart-breaking experience to have gone through, looking back with new eyes and from a different perspective I can see how this devastation impacted my life path for the better.  That initiation gave me the strength to step into my Higher Purpose and helped me connect to what my soul desired, something that fear could no longer stop me from doing.

Initiation can come in the form of some of the most challenging events that we’ve ever had to face.  Those challenges are amplified by our resistance, the more that we cling to our old ways of being, the more we resist change, the harder it becomes to see the light through the shade.

A key to getting through this process of initiation is SURRENDER.  Even for those of us with access to a huge spiritual tool-box of practices, surrender can still be extremely challenging.  That’s because through initiation the very fabric of our lives is being ripped out from under us.

Another key to navigating initiation is TRUST.   We have to trust that at the soul-level, we chose to have this experience. 

When we are going through a painful or discomforting experience, the-end-result is never known. This can make it very difficult to surrender to and trust in the process. 

In the midst of suffering and trauma though, we have to learn to be with what is; to sit with the discomfort, feel whatever emotions arise and let them pass through us.

Initiation is a catalyst for us to go deep within, into the parts of ourselves that have been repressed so that we can cleanse and release them.

Through initiation, we become deeply connected to ourselves, our spirit and our inner guidance. This connection gives way to a strength that most of us don’t even know we have, the strength to withstand the unimaginable — which simultaneously brings us the gift of soul growth. 

The global events that are occurring right now are triggering our deepest wounds and traumas, as individuals and a collective, so that we may heal them.

They are forcing us to face our shadow aspects, the darker unconscious aspects of ourselves that we deny and push away. 

Many people are experiencing fears around finances, security, safety, and the worst of it all, the death of loved ones. 

For the health and safety of ourselves and others, we are being forced to physically distance ourselves from friends, lovers and family members that we’re accustomed to spending time and sharing intimacy with.

Another huge key to getting through an initiation is being able to look at events from another perspective.  We will often run to distractions to hide our emotions because we don’t want to feel the discomfort of facing them, but what if this quarantine is serving us in an unexpected and unthought of way?

What if this quarantine was giving us an opportunity to really BE with ourselves and our emotions? To heal, to slow down, and to go within? To wake up to our multi-dimensional existence, the truth of who we really are?

This doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to feel whatever you’re feeling right now.  Where-ever you are in your personal process it is perfectly OK.

It’s normal to be shifting from fear to courage, from feeling agitated to peaceful, from being tired to energized.  That’s why self-care practices are so important right now. Honour your body and emotions. Hold space for yourself and if you’re feeling strong, for others by helping to guide them through their fears and into higher levels of awareness.

We don’t know what our world will look like when this is over, we only know that our lives will not be the same. In order to evolve, we must change.

We will get through this and we will become more resilient, compassionate, connected and loving human beings as a result of that process.

Remember, at the soul level, each and every one of us chose to be here at this time, so that we could rise together into a new level of consciousness, into a new state of being.


With love,



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