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Garnet is one of the popular stones that are worn for fashion. People who do not know about garnets may think that this is just an ordinary stone or gemstone, but it's actually  a special stone. I would like to introduce the benefits of garnets  and also discuss  how to choose a garnet pendant.

Garnets are categorized as one of the semi-precious stones, but it has a 'V' shape color deep inside. The  name of this stone is derived from the Latin word 'granatum',  which means 'grain'. This stone was used by many cultures in many forms, for example, as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. Also, it is said that the stone drives away serpents and protects from poison.

Because of its very beautiful red color, this stone was also a sign of love among many cultures. In addition, this stone is given as a present to express deep affection and friendship among lovers. Many women who love garnets as a gemstone often give this stone to their loved ones as a gift.

Also, the color of the red garnet is said to have a similar color to blood and it also resembles  the deep red of an apple, so it was considered that it would expel evil influences from within one's body. This is why  many people who believe in such things wear garnets as a talisman.

The characteristic of this stone is strong and deep red and it is also said that the beauty of the color of this stone cannot be expressed by pictures, so you need to see directly to feel its real beauty. If you wear or use garnets as a talisman, it is said to have a good effect on your health. 

In addition, this stone is also effective in warding off evil from the home. In Japanese culture, many people who believe in such things will wear garnets as a charm at their homes so that they can avoid various types of bad luck and misfortune.