Fire and Ice Quartz Sphere with Tachyon

  • Polished Fire and Ice Quartz Sphere with Tachyon.

    Crystal Spheres are designed to radiate the vibration of the stone it's made from, in all directions.

    Fire and Ice Quartz has an influence on all physical energy fields, through opening, balancing, and cleansing these fields while increasing vibrational force and restoring the flow of energy. Fire and Ice Quartz expands the consciousness into higher dimensions which allows us to more easily follow the guidance and wisdom of the higher self.

    The countless rainbow inclusions inside these spheres raise the vibrations of the Quartz and facilitate its work multi-dimensionally. Fire and Ice Quartz uplifts the energy of the etheric body allowing us to maintain higher vibrations in our physical bodies.

    When the properties of Fire and Ice Quartz are combined with the powerful frequencies of Tachyon, a whole new level of healing and illumination occurs. The Tachyon will amplify the Fire and Ice Quartz properties as well as magnify any intention you have.

    Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyon products harmonize imbalanced energy, and profoundly promote spiritual development.

    Tachyon energy will amplify your intentions and can be used during meditation, manifestation, or healing sessions. Tachyon heightens spiritual and psychic awareness, and helps to access emotional memory blocks for mental and emotional release.

  • Made with AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

    Comes in a set of two.

    SIZE: Approx. 2", 166g

    All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping.

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