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Crystal Wands

  • Facilitate deep healing with our crystal wands. 

    Choose from: Black Obsidian, Red Tigers Eye, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Unakite, Labradorite/Galaxite

  • Made with AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

    One per order. 

    SIZE: Approx. 4.5" long

    Crystal Wands are used for focusing, balancing and channeling energy. 

    Black Obsidian is a psychic protection stone made from volcanic glass. It grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane. Work with it to gain an increased sense of self-control. 

    Black Obsidian takes you deep into the subconscious to bring imbalances and shadow qualities to the surface. Work with it to highlight and magnify negative energies so that they can be fully experienced and released.

    Polished Red Tiger's Eye Wand. 

    Red Tiger's Eye (Lower Chakras) is a stone of motivation and personal expression. Work with it to enhance confidence and self-esteem, and for a more active sex drive.

    Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that has been dyed a pale shade of pink by impurities such as titanium. In its rough form, it is the most common type of rose quartz. 

    Rose quartz wand is attributed with calming and soothing emotions, bringing peace, and alleviating depression. It can be used in meditations for this purpose.

    how do you make a rose quartz wand?

    It is possible to create a rose quartz wand by shaping a piece of rough rose quartz into the shape of a wand. If the process is done accurately, the wand will also have the same properties as natural rose quartz. 

    how do you use a rose quartz wand?

    It is said that carrying or holding the wand during meditation can release negative emotions and promote positive ones, but this practice has never been proven scientifically. It's probably safer to meditate with it in your hand than around your neck.

    Made with AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

    One per order. 

    SIZE: Approx. 4.5" long

    Each piece is unique, just like you. We pick yours with intention!

    All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping. 

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