5 Steps to Manifesting Your New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2015

We all make New Year’s resolutions each year, some we fulfill and most we don’t. A large part of this is because it takes at least 30 days to break an old habit and replace it with a new one. Many of us lose interest and give up before 30 days, in other words we are just plain lazy. Sticking to a New Year’s resolution involves a combination of will and attraction (because the energies need to be in alignment in order for anything to manifest).

Are you ready to make 2016 a Magical year?

Here are my 5 steps to sticking to your resolutions and supercharging your manifesting abilities:

1) Write down your goals and revisit them at least once a week. Always write down an intention, like it has already occurred, and be as specific as possible for example: instead of writing, “I will lose weight,” write; “I have lost 10 lbs of fat and I am in the best shape of my life.” By stating in the "I am" you are setting a vibration as if it has already occurred. 

2) Discipline – It’s always easier said than done; now it is time to do the work. Check in with yourself on a constant basis and ask yourself this question: “is what I am about to do, going to get me closer to my goal, or further away.” If the answer is further away, DON’T DO IT! It is really that simple.

3) Visualization is a powerful tool to speed up the process because your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is being imagined and what occurring. What this means is if you imagine and visualize yourself as already having what you want, your mind thinks you have it already, and will align everything within its power to make it happen. Just watch how fast it shows up.

4) Think, act, and feel like you have it already - what would you think like if you already had what you want? How would you act? How would you feel when you wake up in the morning? Think, Feel and Act that way now! When you master this step your whole world will change rapidly. If you are not getting what you want, you haven’t mastered this step yet.

5) Feel good and have fun - leave the details to the universe. You don’t want to worry about the exact steps that will get your desired goal. Check in with your emotions and make sure that you feel good. Your emotions are a guidance system showing you that you are on track. When you feel bad, you know that you are off track to creating what you want.

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Make 2016 the year that you step into your Highest Potential and Life Purpose!

Much Love and Many Blessings!

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