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This is an age-old debate. The fact that it slips easily on the fingers of many beautiful women doesn't help to clarify the situation at all! Some argue this stone gives power, others say it strengthens the female sex drive and makes conception easier.

Of course, there are also some old wives' tales about pregnancy tests with garnets and how the stones "steal" male energy from men they come in contact with (although this last was never proven).

The first and foremost benefit of garnet bracelet is its beauty: the color of blood, shiny and deep at once. It's a captivating sight! Also, some say it helps you to see clearly through illusions and misconceptions, making the wearer more perceptive.

The benefits of garnet bracelet don't end here! There are many different kinds of garnets and thus many different uses for them. For example, green garnet is used for money spells, while red quartz is used to cleanse negativity. But what about black zirconium?

It turns out this type of garnet is recommended to people who want to break free from their past and start a new life. This is the only mineral on Earth with such properties! 

So what about you? Will you say yes to this bracelet or not? Perhaps we should ask an expert – our resident ghost hunter, Mr Bagulinski, has already made his decision! He's been wearing it since last week. Said he hasn't felt better in years!

While garnets are traditionally associated with fertility, there is no evidence that they actually aid conception. The stones do appear to strengthen the female sex drive, though. 

According to folklore, garnets are magical stones that can absorb the energy of other stones when in contact with them. The gemstone is also believed to have ties to Satan and was used by witches to cast spells in medieval times. However, this has never been proven. 

Some people believe wearing a garnet bracelet can help them see through illusions and misconceptions. Others say the stones are useful for money spells, while some believe black zirconium garnet enhances their ability to break free from the past.