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Scarab Sun Amulet Necklace

  • Work with this Egyptian inspired Necklace made with a Scarab Amulet, designed by intentional jeweler Tiff, to tap into your limitless potential in the now. 

    "Inspiration for this necklace was drawn from the sacred scarab beetle and its sandy desert home. The scarab is a symbol of rebirth and is associated with the rising of the sun. With the dawning of a new day we are reminded of our ability to evolve past the constraints of the previous day and to make choices which reflect the person we strive to become." Tiff 

    Made with Apatite, Citrine and Gold Rutilated Quartz.

    Apatite is a stone of inspiration that promotes a humanitarian attitude. It's attuned to the future and also connects to past lives. Work with it to better understand where you came from for the purpose of visualizing where you'd like to go.

    Apatite aids in the development of psychic gifts and increases spiritual attunement. It also increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. Work with it to access information to be used for personal and the collective good, and also to stimulate creativity and intellect in the pursuit of those goals. 

    Apatite works with the base chakra to clear away dense energies like frustration, anger and sorrow. Work with it to overcome emotional exhaustion and for drawing healing energy up through the earth.

    Citrine is an abundance stone that carries and activates the powers of the Sun within you. It’s a clearing stone that absorbs, transmutes and dissipates negative energy, cleanses the chakras and protects the environment. Work with it to amplify joy, will power and creativity

    Citrine is a warming and happy stone that encourages sharing and self-expression, and promotes enjoyment of new experiences. It removes destructive tendencies and raises your self-esteem and confidence. Work with it to awaken your higher mind and enhance your mental faculty.

    Gold Rutilated Quartz is a powerful integrator stone that works to infuse your energy with the perfect balance of cosmic light. It draws off negative energy and breaks down your barriers to spiritual growth. Work with it to release the past, illuminate the soul, and to cleanse and energize your aura.

    Gold Rutilated Quartz is the ideal stone to work with on your healing journey, and is particularly powerful at supporting you with shadow work and past life regression. Work with it to encourage divine insight while shifting old and out-dated perspectives.

      • BEADS: AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

        BEAD SIZE: 8mm FACETED FACETED Apatite, 8mm ROUND Citrine, 7mm ROUND Gold Rutilated Quartz 

        LENGTH: Comes in 20 and 28 inches.

        Choose from three Egyptian Silver pendants.

        All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping. 

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