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Eudialyte Teardrop Pendant

  • This Polished Eudialyte and Sterling Silver pendant was hand picked for its high vibration, quality craftsmanship and resonating beauty.

    Eudialyte is a heart chakra chakra stone, that opens and links it to the base and earth chakras, thereby aligning the flow of energy for connecting spirit and mind with the emotional body. Work with it to strengthen life force and give rise to kundalini energy.

    Eudialyte brings about profound re-orientation, teaches spiritual growth and supports you in ending things with grace.  It also amplifies joy and encourages the embrace of the fullness of life. Work with it to step into the life you desire.

    Eudialyte facilitates journeying to past lives, promotes self-forgiveness and expedites profound change.  It aligns you to your true purpose, instills confidence and helps you step into your personal power. Work with it to amplify gratitude for your gifts and for support in finding an outlet for your creativity.

  • Made with AAA Grade Genuine Natural Gemstones

    SIZE: Approx. 3cm x 2cm

    Stone color may vary based on lighting.

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