Rose Quartz and The Power of Love

April 09, 2020

If we could sum up Rose Quartz in one word, that word would be Love!


Rose Quartz is without a doubt, the stone of unconditional Love.  It attracts Love to us by way of opening our Heart Chakra.

Love is the most powerful force in the world, and it exists abundantly within us all.  In fact, we are Love!

When we open our Heart Chakra and remember this, we remember also how to Love ourselves, how to Love others, and how to receive their Love in return.

Love begets Love, and it also conquers hate.

Over this lifetime, and many others, most of us have forgotten our connection with Love - it’s become diluted and hazy.  Often times we seek it externally - only - and we settle for less than what it truly has to offer.

It’s never too late to wake up to ourselves though.  To our magical abilities to self-validate, self-sooth and self-Love.  And in doing so, to offer the same degrees of compassion to others.

It is through the remembrance that we are Loved, always and unconditionally, that we open ourselves to a greater life, deeper connections and true fulfillment.

This may be a hard sentiment to relate to right now, or it may come easily for you.  Either way, we can never have enough Love in the world, and that’s why Rose Quartz is one of our favourite crystals.

Working with Rose Quartz, also known as The Heart Stone, can amplify our intentions and efforts in reconnecting to our Heart Centre, and to Love!

Rose Quartz is a mothering stone.  Its energies calm the mind, cleanse the aura and support the health of the heart.

As a result, this beautiful translucent pink stone helps us release our anxieties and clear away negative emotions so that we may invoke our power to Love.

Love can show up in many ways for us; as the ability to self-forgive and move forward with self-compassion, as the willpower to forgive others and restore trust in our relationships, and as the capacity to see our worth and to set healthy boundaries according to it.

If we’re experiencing grief, which a lot of us are right now, Rose Quartz can offer us the support we need to self-soothe and/or invite and accept it from others.

Through Love, we not only heal our energetic body thereby nurturing our emotional and spiritual selves, but we also heal our physical body which exists in relation to the energetics we offer it.

Some of the physical benefits of this newfound joy in our life include slowing down the aging process, increasing fertility and improving sleep.  Remember, everything is born of the electromagnetic frequencies in our mind!

Because of its nurturing nature, Rose Quartz is a great stone to use in meditation, and also a wonderful gift to share with others.

Whether you’re wearing it on your body in a beautiful piece of jewelry, or you’re placing it on your nightstand or Alter, Rose Quartz is a must-have in every crystal collection!


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