Smudging Feather

  • These Turkey feathers may be used for smudging. 

  • USE: Using the feather, spread the smoke from burning herbs such as Palo Santo and Sage all around yourself and then over what or who you're cleansing.

    Next, walk about the area, person or object you are smudging, fanning the smoke as you move. This clears negativity and cleanses, focuses and purifies that which is being smudged.

    Quick short movements with the feather breaks up blocked or stagnant energy, while long flowing movements smooth out energy and create a calm, balanced and harmonious flow.

    One per order. 

    Each piece is unique, just like you. We pick yours with intention. 

    All of our Crystals, Gemstones, Energy Tools and Ascension Jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping.

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